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I’d like to believe I’m a liberal muslim.

But at times, news like this is enough to drive me up the wall!!

You know whats the WTHell part about this news item?? Well, it’s this line :-

We are an old nation united around a certain idea of human dignity, and in particular of a woman’s dignity, around a certain idea of how to live together. The full veil that hides the face completely harms those values, which are so fundamental to us, so essential to the republican compact“.

I’m at a total loss here! So help me please. Pray tell me, what ‘values’ does the President speak of?? Does the word ‘value’ have the same connotation in France as it does here?

If I’m not wrong, a woman’s dignity lies in her own hands and how she proposes to exercise her dignity is her own right. Not the Government’s!! Banning the veil is as good as banning a man from wearing, say a top hat! You never know what kind of bomb a guy might be carrying under that headgear! So ban men from wearing hats which rise more than 2 inches over his head.

Does this sound reasonable?? Not to me, at least. And similarly, this news items seems bigoted, to say the least!

When he says,  “The full veil that hides the face completely harms those values”, the President must surely be referring to the skin-ogling male populace used to watching nude models plastered on billboards. I don’t even want to get into the Carla argument here. I can make out what brought about this move in the first place. “If the First Lady can bare all, who are these minions to cover up?!!! “, they seem to mock.

And also, doesn’t the above statement reek of political motives? “Essential to the republican compact”. Errr…..What  the hell does that mean!!

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Busy as a Bee…..

….that is ME 🙂

Awfully caught up with work folks. Have a deadline of 4 pm, and though I had loads of bloggable thought swirling in my head, I have very little time to pay them heed.

Nevertheless, can’t leave you all without something, so just in case you wanna be kept busy, how about going through this grid and finding all the synonyms for the word “said”. Now it could be a word expressed in exclamation or question or surprise. You just have to find as many as you can.

For the record, there are 31 words here.

Hint : You can look horizontal, vertical, diagonal,left-to-right,right-to-left ,bottom-up and top-down.

PS: No cheating people. These kind of puzzles are easily available on the net. But I think it’ll help improve the vocabulary if you can find them all(or most of them) by yourself.

Good luck 🙂

d e b b o s d e l g g i g d m
e e s h r i e k e d t e g s u
p g l t a k r d y e r r m g m
s o u w u e e s g k e o h u b
a o e s o t t c h o j s w g l
g s h h a h t r d j o h a d e
s t k e d q u e s t i o n e d
g t s e w e m a r m c u h w e
r r u n d i r m p e e t u o k
u k s t a m m e r e d e s l a
m j o l t r r d p t b d c l o
b d c a m e l t e s d r e e r
l x n d d e r e p s i h w b c
e h g r o a n e d e s h d s h
d e l a u g h e d s w i w i e
d e l l e y d e n a o m h r e

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