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Not flying high enough!

Was quite keen on watching Kites…but the reviews don’t seem to good.

If anyone’s seeing this movie this weekend, could you please let me know if it is worth the effort?

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Poop Tales

I reached home a little early yesterday and as expected, the twins launched themselves at me . I quickly changed and took the liberty of playing around with them.

We had a lot of fun, grappling, chasing, swinging, doing everything that makes the twins squeal in delight 🙂 .

Maybe around 45 minutes later, while the kids were playing with talcum powder (their latest obsession is to spread talcum powder on anyone and anything, including self!) , SS squatted down and spread the powder on the floor with his palms. Now, my boy generally sits like this when he’s busy with the big job and that’s why the antennae sprung up and I asked him mildly if he was busy with his ‘sheee” (short for shit. I know you know it. Just saying 🙂 ). He didn’t reply, just gave me a look and went back to spreading the talc.

RS, meanwhile, went belly down on the floor and looked under SS’s bum. Then she gets up, walks around and peers down from another angle. She repeats this act from the front. Confident that she sees no droppings between his legs, she comes up to me and says, “nai-ay’.

Errr…..Your reporting capabilities are impeccable sweetheart, but the investigations can wait. How about just trusting your nose, for a change 😀 !!

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