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Just a few minutes back, I checked my dashboard.

And this is what I see :-

ALL the numbers on this page are multiples of 3 (including the spam count!!)

How’s that for co-incidence 😀

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Help me sleep!!

I’ve had it!!

Seriously 😡 .

Its been nearly TWO years since I slept through the night. The sleep deprivation is not doing me any good. I’m losing hair, piling on weight, the skin is lack-lustre, there are dark circles the size of craters under my eyes and I’m perennially in a nasty mood.

I LOVE my kids to bits, but I guess I’m reaching the end of my tether!!

So tell me, O-folks-who-have-kids.

HOW exactly do you make sure your kids sleep through the night??

For the record, this is the routine I follow these days :-

9-9:30 pm : dinner time, generally dal-rice mashed, or milk and rice mashed.

11 PM : Kids hopefully toddle off to sleep.

11:30 PM : Diaper change, with a last bottle of milk before they sleep. The twins can guzzle milk in their deepest slumber!! BUT, herein lies my problem. The twins refuse to drink over 120 ml. If I give them a full bottle, they have their 120ml and leave the rest. Exactly after 3 hours, somewhere around 2:30 to 3:00 AM, they start howling. Yes, I’ve used the word howling , because that is exactly how they both start yelling at the top of their voices in sync!! From my deep sleep, I practically spring out of bed and jump into action , fumbling for the lights, filling their bottles , shaking the mix and handing them over to the duo.  The BF , meanwhile, vainly tries to hush the kids with his eyes closed. Mean feat, that!!The twins eagerly grab for the bottles in their sleep and all is bliss in my life. If I’m extremely tired, I conk off as soon as I hand them the bottles. But usually, I stay up till they finish, wash their bottles and then go to sleep. To be rudely woken up around 5:00 or 5:30 AM. The same, fumbling activity ensues and once the feed is over, I hit the pillow, only to wake up in another hour for the regular morning chores!!

This is the routine on any regular night.

For the irregular nights, the twins wake up alternately EVERY hour, which effectively ensures that I don’t catch the requisite 40 winks 😯 !!

To overcome this problem, I’ve tried these techniques :-

1) Give the twins a bath and milk before they sleep.

2) Feed them their dinner earlier, so that they have their fill of milk by 11 pm.

3) Feed them late so that they are famished and have more food (enough to last them the night).

4) Give them water, instead of milk, when they get up in the night.

Alas, I’ve failed miserably on ALL fronts.

In spite of my BEST efforts, the kids just HAVE to get up for their nightly feeds!! And when I tried the water-instead-of-milk trick, they howled their protest so loud, that the neighbour came knocking on our door wondering if the kids were going through some trauma!! Little do they know, who exactly was going through the said trauma!!

We also tried a ‘dadima-ka-nuskha’ where we grind a wee bit of nutmeg and mix it with milk or honey and feed it to the kids. Nutmeg ensures that the kids snore through the night.

Once again, to my rude realization, I found that my kids are immune to nutmeg. Give them ANY measure, it makes no difference.

Their systems wake up on clockwork and demand just the same amount of feed every time!!

What am I to do??

Help me people!!

I really can’t go through another year without sleep. I am this close to admitting myself in the nearest asylum!!!

I need my sleep back 😥 .


Help !!

Edited to Add :-

I just realized that this is my 300th post!!

THREE.HUNDRED.POSTS. In a time span of NINE MONTHS!! Not even a year yet!!

It was almost like a blow to my solar plexus, with the air whooshing out of my lungs.

Now seriously folks, be honest.

Do ya all really really feel that I talk/post  a wee bit too much?!! C’mon, I beg you to be honest here.

Am I posting too frequently??

Or it isn’t frequent enough??

Being new to blogging, I really don’t know what the standards are!

Enlighten me, please 🙂


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