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Regular readers to the blog would be aware that I suck big time at clicking snaps. I’m so bad that I can make a Metro line look like Pune Railway Station 😦

And I’ve done worse with my kids!

Such pretty, angelic babies and I click the worst snaps ever!! Friends who’ve seen the babies howl at the pics I upload. In fact, I’ve even requested good friend Srividya (you listening, dear??) to come down to Pune, just to click the babies (and also catch up on the years past…how many did you say? Eighteen years?? Thats a LOT of catching up we gotta do there girl 😐 !! ). Sri, being the darling she always was, readily agreed and we just have to decide on a date and time :).

Anyhow, the reason for this post is………its time the BF learnt to pack his own bags!!

I know, I know, things don’t make sense right now. Do give me a patient hearing, will you 🙂

The first weekend after our Delhi trip, the BF had a weekend outing with his colleagues. It was an overnight stay and I was busy packing his stuff. At the last minute, I thought of packing the camera, since he would have liked to click some snaps . I remember telling him that the camera was in the bag along with the rest of the stuff. And as usual, he just murmured something, totally oblivious to what I said!!

Anyhow, the BF returned from his trip. I was busy with two babies who were busy falling ill alternately and keeping me on my toes day and night. Thoughts of the camera totally skipped my mind. Until last week, when finally, me and the BIL hunted the house down for it. Thats when, BIL suggested that maybe the BF had misplaced it during his trip.

Thats it.

The tube light blinked bright and I reminded the BF that I had indeed packed the camera in his bag. The BF was quite shocked!! Because apparently, he expected the camera to be there and when he had reached the venue and looked in his bag he couldn’t find it. He naturally assumed that since he hadn’t told me to pack it specifically, I hadn’t (the cheek of this guy!! After all that I do for him, this is the vote of confidence I get!!).

Fact of the matter is, the camera was in the bag when he left the house.

The camera was not in the bag when he reached the venue.

So somewhere along the way, we lost it.

I’m deeply dismayed, because even though I wasn’t good at it, at least it gave me a chance to do some clicking of my kid’s activities.

The worst part is that the twins are up to so many pranks these days, just narrating them here won’t do their act justice. I wish I could capture those images, but alas , I cannot (at least until we get hold of a new camera 😦  ) .

So dear folks, when I do mention anything about the kids, just close your eyes and imagine it yourself….I won’t be able to help you with the visual aids 😦

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