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The 88 Crore Fraud

Eighty Eight Crores.

That is 88,000,000.

A whopping figure, which roughly translated, means a growth rate of 1 crore or 1,000,000 per month!!

Thats a one zero too many in my opinion!!

A staggering figure which compelled me to pen this letter to the owner of this staggering wealth, Behenji M :-


Behenji Mayavati,

I’ve been keeping track of you lately and it never ceases to amaze me that your impunity knows no bounds. It takes a special kind of hide to receive so much flak and yet be totally oblivious to one’s own day-time thievery!!

In a way, you are a beacon of hope for all those indigent school teachers serving the government, a government which regularly fails to pay them for their services, yet dangles the carrot called pension in front of them. A government that promises to make them multi-millionaires, if they give up the mundane job of guiding young minds and instead, join politics. A government, that has no clue what to do with all the money it has in its coffers and hence delegates the responsibilities to citizens like you.

You set an example of how exactly one can take their impoverished roots, take up a dead cause, flog it till it is a dead horse and then make millions out of the flogging.

Exemplary, is the word that comes to my mind.


Well, because, look at the facts here –

1) You were just a primary school teacher.

2) You took up a cause for of ‘elevating the poor dalits’ in the eyes of society, in your own words, if I might add.

3) When your assets are exposed (am trying real hard to keep a straight face here) , your spokesperson declares that “the Dalit leader has said that her wealth has been donated by party supporters and activists.”

Tell me O-Most-Shrewd woman, who are these party supporters and activists who have so much money that they are ready to pay for your innumerable properties”?

Who are these people who spend crores on a Birthday garland for you??

Who are these people who lavish you and your now extended family with all the worldly luxuries?

Are these people Dalits?

If yes, do you really feel that they are faring badly and need to be uplifted? I guess they appear uplifted enough!! Don’t you think so too?

And if , by some fluke of nature, these people are indeed poor , and yet , scrimp and save so that they could donate to your party, is this how you repay them?? Is this how you utilize  their money as your own?

Weren’t the donations meant for the betterment of the people you support? Are they benefitting? Please tell me, do you intend to accomodate all the orphaned dalit children in your bungalows? Is that why, being unmarried, you felt the need to construct bungalows spreading over 1lakh square feet ?!

Or maybe, there is a chance that seeing your gigantic statues, the poor downtrodden souls would feel as if they are in the presence of someone divine. Do you sincerely believe that sanctioning 3000crores of tax payers money on installing statues of yourself and your party icons (read, Elephants) will ensure a better future for the people who voted you to power?

Three.Thousand.Crores!! Just think of the change you could have brought.

Think of the number of new schools you could have opened up and provided them with all necessary facilities.

Think of the salaries you could have given to school teachers like yourself.

Think of all the little well-equipped clinics you could have opened across the state.

Think of the number of villages you could have provided with water.

Think of the number of villages you could have provided with electricity.

Think of the number of scholarships you could have handed out.

Think of the number of cottages industries you could have started.

Think of the innumerable roadways and transport facilities you could have provided.

But I guess that the pink haze of your multi-million palatial bungalow has dimmed your sight a little. Or maybe, all that money has clogged your brain and left you incapable of sensible thoughts.

In a way, I don’t think you are to blame. You are clever with your words and you know it!! It’s all those poor folks who fall for those false promises who are to blame. It’s all those poor people with stars in their eyes for a better tomorrow , who are to blame. It’s all those thousands who stand in blinding heat to attend your bhashans who are to blame.

Meanwhile, you can load that tiara on your head and rule like the Queen you imagine yourself to be !!

Too small??

Ohh…how about something bigger then?

Not satisfied? Umm…how about this one then?

There!! Thats better, isn’t it? Your smile says it all!

Still want more? Then you can have this

or this

Or maybe, you prefer something bigger??

Something which has precious stones studded in it,maybe ?

Isn’t that a lot of money riding on your head? Money that comes from these people

and these…..Hundreds of people with no respite from the sun, nothing but their sorry handkerchiefs or pallus to cover their heads. Sometimes, a lucky one might even sport a cap.

Here’s a sincere hope and prayer that you do them some justice!!


A self-respecting citizen


Edited to add :

This post turned out longer than I’d anticipated. On proofreading, it appears quite disjointed. There is no semblance of flow. Maybe because I just jotted down all the points that came into my head in a rush.

Am severely strapped for time right now. Will try and update the post some time this weekend (or not!). Depends 🙂

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