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For a while there, I thought my weekend posts would be filled with rants and recriminations.

Maybe that’s why, though this particular weekend wasn’t all hunky-dory, it was at least interesting. Got a few insights about myself and others. Many things upset me to an extent, but I was shocked that they didn’t upset me enough!! Unexpected people made me upset, the ones I never expected would! And that’s what made this weekend worthwhile. The experience, me laddies….its the experience that counts!!

Anyhow. On  to the weekend updates.

1) SIL was visiting over the last few days with her super naughty kids (read, BOYS). Now, two , over-charged, over-active kids are enough to drive one mad(read, the twins) , but add to them a dose of two more super brats and we have the most explosive combination ever!! Suffice to say,the house is in shambles and we are still picking up the pieces. Furniture has been moved around, toys played with, broken, thrown around, utensils found in every corner of the house, food stuff strewn around.  Clothes thrown around in every room.Its been a back-breaking task cleaning up the mess!! But the FUN!! It was wonderful!! For once, instead of getting irritated with bratty kids, I was enjoying their presence 🙂 .And that’s what surprised me. To tell the truth, I was glad to know that the twins were getting on with their cousins pretty well. It’s the bonding that counts, isn’t it 🙂 .

2) The kids had a haircut. Err…not exactly. It was a buzz cut that the FIL fancied. So they now look as if they were bald till last week. And the hair is just popping out of their scalp. Hmm…the GMIL is mighty ticked off. The rest of us are liking it. There is something awfully cute about bald babies. They look a lot like when they are first-born 😀 . Though SS had pretty decent hair, I was worried about RS. I would have preferred her to go bald properly, right till the scalp, but apparently, the ‘nai’ was new at his job and apprehensive of using the knife on the kids. Just as well. I’d rather have the machine cut than his trembling fingers on the kids.

The twins now look as similar to each other as they possibly could 🙂 .They make a cute set. I just need to get them a couple of maroon robes and they’d be mistaken for Tibetan monks 😀 .

 3) I was upset with a friend very badly. For the first time, I tasted the faint bitter taste in my mouth….of being taken for granted. It had happened many times before in the past, but I’d paid it no heed, the friendship being more important to me. But I guess, in a way, this time it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I’ve had it up to the gills and though I should have confronted the said friend about it, I didn’t. I chicken out on such matters 😦 . The BF has the opinion that if you really can’t confront your friend and clear out differences, then that friendship is hollow. For once, I see his point. And it just made the bitter taste all that vile 😦 .

4) Finally visited a dermatologist for the awful itching I was suffering for the last 2 months. What?? I haven’t mentioned it yet?? (*rushing off to check the archives*)

Whew!! I surprise myself!!

I can’t believe I didn’t mention my awful ailment even once!! I guess I’m losing my touch about speak about myself. The twins are ruining me, I say!!

Anyhow, I developed an awful itch a couple of months back (before I left for BFC’s wedding) and in the rush of packing and leaving, I never bothered to get it checked. And by last week, I was the scratch monster, clawing my nails through every inch of my skin, leaving large ugly red welts across. But it felt sooo goood to scratch!! The BF shuddered involuntarily at my sight and ordered me to visit a dermatologist ASAP! So I moved my sorry butt to the hospital near my place, where they told me that the consulting skin specialist visits only on Wednesday mornings. So Wednesday morning found me at the hospitals waiting room at exactly 9 AM sharp. 9:30 AM, I was told that the doctor would not be visiting the hospital that day and I could report to her own clinic if it was urgent. So I took down her address and telephone number and proceeded to her clinic (which was thankfully on the way to work. Talk about small mercies!). Since I was already late, I thought of dropping in to her clinic in the evening . Sadly, I had to attend a couple of client calls in the evening and was tied up at work till 8PM. So no chance of seeing the doctor.

The next morning, a Thursday, I promptly reached her clinic at 10:00 AM sharp. Only to be told that the doctor comes in not before 11AM. Aarghh!! Drat it!! It would have to be evening again! So I rushed through work and made sure to leave office by 6:30PM. Rapidly driving through the traffic, I made it to the clinic in record time, where , after waiting for 15 minutes, the receptionist informed that the doctor is busy elsewhere and wouldn’t be coming to the clinic at all.

DAMN!! I was this close to yanking my hair (and I would have too, if I didn’t already suffer from the anxiety of hair loss!!). To top it,the doctor was on leave the next day, i.e Friday and would be available only on Saturday . What option did I have?? I resigned to my fate and booked an appointment for 11 AM.

11AM sharp on Saturday, I faced the doctor and broke down from the sheer relief of finally letting someone treat me for my ailment. I sobbed with delight when she told me it was a ‘mild’ case of eczema (what would a serious case be like, then?) and easily treatable. Moreover, it was an allergic reaction to some food stuff, but I couldn’t care to remember what exactly I had 2 months back which brought this onslaught. So we left it at that. Her prescription seems to be working just fine. The itching hasn’t stopped, yet, but it has reduced considerably to allow me some reprieve. The broken skin is healing and I’m yet to scratch myself raw like before.

Things look good for now. I have another check-up next Friday. Till then, Ameen.

5) Had an encounter of the rude kind when I was visiting Big Bazaar on Saturday (after the doc visit). I’d gone there to collect a couple of toys for the SIL’s kids, when I saw there was an offer on the diapers I buy for the twins. I just had to pick up two packs of 30 diapers each. And then, picked a litre of Frooti for the kids and a bottle of grape squash, just like that. And that’s when I saw those carpets (chatai) .We’ve been planning to buy a couple of them (the MIL and me) for some time now and since the ones I saw were reasonably priced, I quickly made the purchase in the floor I picked them from. A second too late, I guess. Because just after the purchase, I realized , I had to walk down 2 floors. I hadn’t come in a car with the BF. I had come on my tiny Scooty Pep. Carrying not one, but two slippery plastic mats with two large bags of diapers (which take up the entire space at the foot rest) and the drinks was going to be a tricky task!!

I was at the cash counter paying for the juices, when I felt a cart nudging me a bit, I moved a little aside and was pulling out my card for payment, when I felt the nudge(no, make that ‘shove’) again. Apparently,the lady besides me was in some tearing hurry and was trying her best to push me away and unload her trolley. No mention of “excuse me” or even the polite, ‘are you done?’ . Simple straightforward nudge and push!! Ticked me off real bad. I did what most people in my place would have done. I gave a curt, “wait a minute!!” and luckily, the woman had the grace to say,”oh sorry”. Since I avoid confrontations, I didn’t look up at her. In fact, I didn’t look her in the eye throughout. Which makes me think I’m the greatest coward alive! I did no wrong. Hell, I was the victim here, yet I was too apprehensive to look the perpetrator in the eye and take my stand. Didn’t bode too well with me 😦 .Was gloomy and irritated all the way back home. The dumb slippery carpets didn’t help my cause either. I looked like a total jerk, making sure that the circle of my arms and legs were sufficient to contain the parcels and the carpets. Never again, I tell you, never again!!!

6) Went out shopping with BFS yesterday. At 12:oo Noon. When the sun was at its merciless best. We two wandered aimlessly at first, struggling to remember what exactly we wanted to buy. Finally bought some trivial stuff (hand-gloves for driving, sipper bottles for the twins, water bottles for home use, etc) and then wandered some more, looking for places where we could buy hand-bags. Found a new shop called Just -Bags in the heart of the city. It was a pretty good place. Loads of varieties and some really decent prices. I picked myself a bag which my dear friend detested at sight. BUT, all my colleagues here at work loved it. Reason being, all my colleagues have kids, where as BFS doesn’t have them yet. She just cannot understand the need of a large sized hand-bag, whose dual purpose is to have ample space for those two sets of clothes, diapers, bottles, etc. apart from carrying my regular office paraphernalia. Ahh…poor girl. Her time, shall come.  She too will learn that the two purses she bought yesterday would have no place in her house once she has a set of tiny toes running her down 😀

We guzzled down jumbo glasses of “oosacha-ras” (sugarcane juice) while shopping. Nothing beats the heat like a nice tall glass of the frothy green drink, I tell you!! Smackalicious 😀 !!

7) After a long long time, I cooked like crazy!! The SIL’s husband was coming down on sunday night to take her and the kids back. I didn’t know he was coming, else I’d made something better. He’s a thorough gentleman and one extremely decent soul.A genuinely likeable person 🙂 . Anyhow, I asked the MIL and SIL to take all the four kids to the park and then busied myself with the cooking. The menu was a mess, comprising of South-Indian Sambhar-Rice with North-Indian Paneer Butter Masala Kerala Parothas and Maharashtrian kaanda-bhajia and store bought Shreekhand.  And for the record, I wasn’t the one to decide on it. The SIL wanted the paneer butter masala and kerala parothas. The MIL wanted Sambhar and for unknown reason, as the last item on the list, she added the kaanda-bhajias. I busied myself like crazy in the kitchen and was standing there from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM. It was worth the effort. The Paneer Butter Masala and kerala parothas were a hit! The rice went down smoothly with the Sambhar and most declared it to be a filling meal 🙂 .  Even the kids loved it , specially RS, who tried to eat a kerala parotha piece dipped in paneer butter masala , but just didn’t know that she was supposed to either bite into it or eat the whole thing. She just managed to lick the masala and then guzzled down water like crazy, not being used to spices yet 😀 .

I would have clicked the snaps if only I had the camera. Its disappearance is most disturbing and I never realized just how much I missed it. Alas, you’ll have to make do with the google images I’ve linked above!

8 ) We had a rocking time with the twins yesterday. The BF was playing with them after dinner and our games went up to mid night. The kids were just not sleepy and their infectious laughter was enough to ensure that we couldn’t sleep either. It was fun. Loads of it 😀 . Its surprising, you know, the way their father can play a stupid game of peek-a-boo zillion times and they laugh uproariously at it each time. But when their mamma repeats the same trick, they look at her with pity…if they are generous, they might even give me a small smile so that I don’t feel so bad after all!! So UNFAIR!! 

Thats for the updates this weekend.

Am back at work in full speed. Another two weeks and then I’ll have some reprieve .

Promise to blog more then 🙂

Till then,

Have a Great Week ahead People 🙂


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