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How did he DO it??

Saw a movie on DVD over the last few days.

Its called Hairspray(2007) (there’s the original which was released in 1988). I was skeptical about it until I found that it was set in America of the 60’s and the movie was a kitschy musical (I LOVE musicals. The last one which I adored was Chicago. Gosh!! That movie rocked BIG time 😀 . Back in those college days, I’d saved it on my PC and would play it again and again and again 🙂 ).

Hairspray is directed by Adam Shankman and boasts of a pretty impressive star cast comprising Queen Latifah, Michelle Pfeiffer, Christopher Walken, Zac Efron , and……… her :-

Edna Turnblad from "Hairspray"

She  is one astounding dancer. Do check out her moves in this video :-

At the first look, I thought it was Jennifer Coolidge in a fat-suit.

But I was wrong. It turned out to be John Travolta in a fat suit!!

Yup , people!!

That is our man from “Broken Arrow” and “Face-off”!!

I had no idea he could prance like that…. in heels!!  Now tell me, when was the last time you saw a guy (carrying excess weight ) dancing in heels as though he was born doing it?!!

This guy is terribly convincing in his role as Edna Turnblad , totally mimicking the nuances of a woman, that too, a mother (our Bollywood heroes need to take a leaf or so out of his book ).  Awfully commendable!! I’ve notched up my respect for this guy by a zillion degrees. The BF couldn’t believe it himself and it took some googling AND waiting for the credits to roll to convince him 😀 !!

Watch this movie if you ever get a chance 🙂

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I thought I did. Until I came across this rather wierd quiz where we have to select a word from the set of options which best describes a given phrase.

Sample this :-

Any gummy, sticky substance: syrup, gravy, soup, etc.

1. Popinjay
2. Perspicacious
3. Goozlum
4. Handsel

Goozlum?? You kidding me?? Is that even a word? And what about Handsel? Popinjay?

I thought it must have been some kind of a joke, a trick question with unreal words inserted to confound the reader.

Alas, these words exist. Goozlum exists ( Egads!! Why??)

Here’s another one :-

Blindly expecting a favorable outcome or naively dwelling on hopeful aspects.

1. Simpatico
2. Panglossian
3. Smirch
4. Caitiff

Yikes !! I swear before GOD I’ve NEVER seen (much less heard) these words before!!

MBA-ites, people-preparing-for-MBA/IIMs, its confession time. Tell me, did you guys mug up these words for your entrance exams??

Is there anyone out there who can give me the right answer to the above question (Hey!! No Googling!! Seriously guys! I could’ve done that myself, couldn’t I? Why would I ask you? Hunh?? 😐  )

If anyone of you confesses to actually being aware of the above words, I would have only one option left to do!!

Rush off and burrow my head under a pillow!!

And swear off blogging forever!!

Naaah!! Just kidding .

Or make that , Just Cozening You 😀

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No time for blogging :(

Its been a wee bit hectic lately (yaawwwnnnnn!! Nothing new in that, is there?!!) I have a zillion thoughts running in my head and no time to put them down. I haven’t mentioned the books I’ve read recently, or the movies I’ve watched or the places I’ve visited. An entire week goes by and I’m still to chronicle the activities of self and the twins. So not done, I tell you (errr….am I using the ‘so not done’  term too often these days?).

Anyhow, here’s a quick snapshot of the latest.

* The BF has ticked off certain close friends. He claims they ticked him off first  . I’m not the one to take sides so I’ll wait for them to sort out their differences. Good luck to them all 🙂

* Saw the movie A-Team……….in Hindi!! Aaarrgghhh!! What a killer!! To have a regular cuss word like “a**hole” being translated into “Sade huye kele ke chhilke” is so, so Hmmphh. I don’t even have a word for it!! But the movie was fun. See it if you like your two hours of witty dialogues and oodles of action. Total masala mix. Go for it (I’d personally suggest :D)

* The twin’s vocabulary has an exceptional new word. Its called “Nai” or NO. Wow!! To hear them go “Nai” for everything we suggest is nothing short of lighting a fuse. I go ballistic everytime they say that and it tickles them pink to see me react. So they start chanting “Nai, nai” , just in case I didn’t get the message the first time. Aah! Whoever said motherhood is easy, must have been the father.

* Reading up on Arvind Adiga’s “The White Tiger”. Just started the book, so no review now. But yes, it is quite gripping in its narrative and I kind of like the flow a lot. Eager to finish it as soon as possible 🙂 .

* G is back!! So looking forward to meeting up with her 🙂 and catching up on her recent trekking experience!! On that note, found out another mommy blogger who’s from Pune. Its  NewMumOnTheBlock 🙂 . Looking forward to catching up with her too (NMOTB, just give me some time to wrap up the work here. I promise I’ll try to fix up a meeting as soon as I can .God knows I have a lot of ticked off friends for whom I’m still trying to make some time 😦 . Apologies BFS/G/C 😀 ).

* Found a few hilarious sites (which I’d been hunting since I read this post by Meira ). These are by a group called Cheezburger Network which hosts several channels like PoorlyDressed, EpicFail, Wedinator, ActingLikeAnimals, Babysaur, etc. which are nothing but collections of whacky pictures with whackier commentary. A word of caution though, the PoorlyDressed channel is definitely NSFW! Beware!!

* Saina Nehwal scored a hat-trick !! How cool is that?!! And to think she has the conviction to say she will be Number One!! Super cool!! We do need more women like her in our midst. Go Girl, GO!!!! 😀 (that’s me grinning like an oaf….seeing as I have no achievements of my own to gloat about . Drat!!)

* Got the salary increment letters . Roughly, it is spelt as P-E-A-N-U-T-S. Possibly the only thing I can buy with the given raise. Luckily, the twins are too young to munch on them. At least this way, I get to keep them . the peanuts, I mean 😀  (now this was one difficult smiley to type, seeing that I can’t depict the anger simmering under that grin!!)

* Blogging is uber-addictive!! Worse is, reading blogs!! I’m so trapped that it’s getting difficult to focus on work. Must so NOT access account during work hours. Maybe from tomorrow 😀 (this one’s a genuine grin 🙂 ).

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…..yet, it’s awfully difficult for me to confront it all and write it down here!!

Wondering what I’m talking about?

Well, I came across a post on mother’s wallowing in guilt related to their children at  The Women’s Web ‘Mommy Guilt’ Contest. And though initially I jumped up and down at the opportunity of penning (rather , typing) my sorry state of affairs as a mother, better sense prevailed and I realized that what I have to say would take up more than a regular blog post. In fact, it would take up and entire blog itself (that, is a very depressing thought indeed 😦 ) .

I went through a few posts by other mothers who had shared their experiences and  realized that they weren’t any different from mine. What I had to say is no different from what they’ve said. The only difference being, maybe, the magnitude of guilt. For I cannot simply just state that I feel guilty. I FEEL guilty. ALL the time. Period.

Even then, I tried to give it a shot. I sat down and listed the areas where I’ve felt worst as a mother. The shocker came when I realized that the list far exceeded my expectations. Where do I begin? From the time they were born premature ,couldn’t be breast-fed, had to be home while I was at work, suffered severe motions with every new food item introduced, every nick, cut ,bruise on their body, to the time yesterday when my daughter was almost run over by a tempo on the road (where was I?? Attending to guests inside a relative’s house, where there was an engagement ceremony in progress). There are no excuses for the lapses and the “we’re human” argument just doesn’t cut it. The guilt here is that my priority was to make the aunt’s guests comfortable, rather than minding my own kids (but that calls for another post altogether!!).

The work-around is to deal with the guilt in a positive manner. Sometimes I’m able to. Sometimes, I give in to tiredness and take the easy way out. I yell at them,sometimes even spank their bottoms. Even while disciplining them, I fret whether I’m being too harsh or whether they are old enough to even understand what I’m trying to do here!! The only thing I’ve controlled doing , is staying angry or annoyed with them. So even if I let them howl for a minute, I give in and console them. It kills me to see them cry (even though these days, they cry just for effect and not because they feel like crying. The monsters!!).

I know I have a HUGE blessing in the form of these kids. And that’s where the guilt stems from. The feeling of being unworthy of this blessing. As if the twins are too good for me (which is true). The only way out is to treat it, is like we do with all other blessings. Accept them with open palms and then enfold them, so that the blessing remains within that cup of two palms, to save, nurture and cherish.

I’m by no means a perfect mother. Heck, far from it. I’ve been careless, negligent and irresponsible, sometimes, all of them at the same time!! It’s a wonder the twins still respond to my calls and shower me with kisses. So not deserved, I tell you!! But I’m learning the hang of it….its a tough climb with no end in sight, but yeah, I’m making some progress on the way up there 🙂 .

The guilt , by no means reduces, it just stays in the shadows, to leap out at the wrong time 😀 . And though I refuse to mention all those instances of guilt, I let out a bit of steam now and then (like this very post).

In fact, I feel better already 🙂

Thanks for lending me your time  to read through my grouse 🙂 .

Much love to you all !!!

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Dear Shital,

This isn’t a farewell mail. Not even a regular good-bye one.

This is just a reminder mail, one to let you know that you’ll be sorely missed by all of us here, especially me.

Because you see, with you, I clicked. There are some friendships which are just meant to be. Like when you meet the person the first time and instantly realize that you have so much in common (or maybe you are just so different from each other) that you immediately gel towards each other. I felt it with you.

That brings me to the first time I saw you. Frankly, I thought you were uptight and snooty (Ouch!! Stop throwing those slippers. At least let me finish 😀 !! ). Like I said before, “I thought” so. But you proved me wrong. Once I came to know you better, you morphed into this soft, warm person, so full of love and kindness that I could kick myself for thinking otherwise!!

My initial opinion could have been because I was jealous(There!! I’ve confessed!!). You are so beautiful, no , make that breathtakingly gorgeous, that I was initially quite envious. In fact, I feel there are many other people who harbour the same impression . But they couldn’t be more wrong (like me 😀 ). I found a person who is not only beautiful externally, but also at heart 🙂 .

All the times we’ve discussed our hubbies, our jobs, our kids, our families, our careers, I’ve felt that you understand my predicament more than the others. And maybe , at some level, I understand yours too. Like I said before, we do have a lot in common.

And I’m going to miss you like crazy 😦 . Simply because you are a good listener 😀 . You’ve given me a patient hearing in all my rants and always suggested options in your cool and sensible way. Love ya for that 🙂 . I know we can still get together on chat or sometimes even on the phone, but do you think it would be the same as walking towards the pantry , preparing our mugs of coffee and walking back to our desks? I guess not!!

We’ve known each other for hardly a year, and yet, I feel a strong bond with you. You get my jokes, laugh at the punch lines (though others keep wondering if they’ve missed out anything) and generally even predict my next line even before I say it . How cool is that?!! We’ve had our share of fun and also shared our troubles. And through it all, I’ve always been amazed at how you manage to keep smiling through it all…..like this time  :-

This is how I’d like to remember you always……as the woman who had the most charming smile, the one who could make heads turn without even trying, the one who is a doting mother to a five-year-old, a loving daughter to her parents and a wonderful sister. The one who manages her work and home so effortlessly, it makes me wonder where I went wrong 😐 !!

The pic below was taken on Traditional Day….for some reason, I feel we became much more closer after this day. Not sure why I felt so (and still do), but posting a snap of that day, because it keeps bringing back that memory :D.

I have no idea when we’ll meet again. I have no idea if I’ll be here in Pune when you next visit. But I do know that I cherish you as one of the best friends ever…and I’m glad that our paths crossed…albeit for a very short period, but still, it was totally worth it.

All of us here (Jo,Vi, Ch, Sn and me) will miss you awfully…… 😦

Have a safe journey sweetheart . And may your stay be fulfilling and trouble-free.

Much love to darling Riya 🙂

Your Friend.

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Dear RS,

Sweetheart, I swear to God you’ve never been subjected to an Emran Hashmi movie. Not even when you were inside mamma’s belly . I confess I did watch a movie of his once. But that was much before you were born. In fact, it was much before your mamma tied the knot with your abba!! It was a movie called Murder.It murdered all my chances of ever seeing his movies again.For which, I’m glad. Immensely.

But, I digress.

This is not about Emran Hashmi. And neither is it about your ammi or abba.

This is about you turning into a “Serial kisser”.

Did we tell you that you love kissing?? Well, apparently, it’s the only thing you love to do, other than eating cheese, that is 🙂

Just kissing someone on the cheeks when asked for, is  passé. Your latest trend now is to kiss people whenever possible. Better still, kiss wherever possible!!!

So giving in to your inner generous self, kisses are handed out on Abba’s head, mamma’s feet, big-dadi’s thigh, dada’s hand, dadi’s tummy,chachu’s nose and anywhere/everywhere on SS.

Its funny, yes, but at times it gets a wee bit embarrassing. Like,the time you know, mamma was busy talking to a few guests and you insisted on smacking her on the lips every time she opened her mouth to speak!! Or when your abba sat down for dinner with a few guests and you insisted on kissing his neck (where he’s insanely ticklish!!).

We no longer prod you to kiss anyone. You’ll kiss anyway. Is it any wonder then, that SS runs away from you every time you try drawing closer to him? I know it hurts you to see him scampering away like that, it shows in the way you draw your brows together in a delicate frown. But you cheer up instantly and give him a chase. After all, his kiss is pending with you 😀

I hate to say this darling, but other momma’s with babies younger than you, hesitate to leave their kids in your presence. Not because you are violent or bad.  It’s just because you love kissing their babies so much that taking them away from you results in you throwing the biggest tantrums ever!! And errr…ummm…the reason the kids have to be taken away is that , well, not ALL kids enjoy being smothered, if you know what I mean. Hate to be nasty here babes, but seriously, if you want to kiss them, a couple of times is fine. Clambering up on the babies and then smothering them with kisses is so not done!!

And oh, a word in from your abba. As much as he LOVES your kisses , could you refrain from kissing him in between your meals, specially when he’s leaving for work? Nothing personal, just that he usually has to change either his shirt or trousers, depending on where you’ve left food stains with your kisses. sometimes, he gets delayed. Awfully.But hey, if you do the same with mamma, its alright . She washes her own clothes anyway, plus, no one really expects mommies to be rin-ki-safedi-types all the time. We welcome stains 😀

Sweetheart, I don’t have words to describe how heart-warming your kisses are, specially when you wake your mamma from her sleep with a big smack 🙂 , or when you persistently kiss your abba’s head, hoping he’d wake up. I suspect he pretends to sleep just because he loves getting kissed by you 🙂  (I just wish you could teach your brother the technicalities of this activity, seeing that he still believes grinding his teeth and saying ‘Paah’ makes up a kiss!!). Your heart overflows with love and that is a wonderful thing. But like I said once before, could you please not kiss feet!!

Till then,

Pucker Up darling :).

From your much-kissed Mother 🙂

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…………….. am I the ONLY one who thinks Sonam Kapoor is all hype and no content?!!

…………….. am I the ONLY one who thinks that someone in the TOI office is a BIG fan of Megan Fox?!! (There must be SOME reason why she features in the papers EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!)

…………….. am I the ONLY one who thinks that Katrina Kaif sucks at acting? That too, BIG time!!

…………….. am I the ONLY one who feels  that all the brouhaha (by several politicians) for the compensation of Bhopal gas tragedy victims is a vaudeville act at its worst? There is some macabre humour in the way everyone is falling head-over-heels, demanding the money!!

…………….. am I the ONLY one who feels that it is insanely ridiculous to claim Nikki Haley as “Indian” (now that she has bagged the republican nomination for South Carolina)?Check out this headline!! Sounds desperate , AND lame!!

…………….. am I the ONLY one who feels that Saina Nehwal got a raw deal in the media, which relegated her latest victory (the Singapore Open Super Series) to a small column somewhere in the sports section?!

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