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Our regular maid (the one for utensils) came home yesterday, only to inform us that she has to rush to the hospital where her nephew was admitted and couldn’t do the work that day. The MIL enquired about the nephew and the maid had this to say –

Apparently, the young lad was refueling his bike with petrol from a bottle and his friend, in a moment of fun , or rather, his idea of it, threw a burning match into the tank.

It would require a  fool to not realize what happened next.

The tank exploded in the nephew’s face. The young lad, barely out of his teens , had his face scarred beyond recognition.

As for the friend, I have no idea what happened to him. Frankly, I don’t even know whether I should care.

Just the other day, the SIL narrated an incident where her uncle’s neighbour lost their young son in a gruesome accident. The father had sent out the young guy to buy some stuff .On the way to the market  place, the guy met some of his friends who challenged him to a race on his bike . The boy accepted the challenge.

While racing, the friends cut across a truck carrying iron bars used in construction. The driver of the truck braked hard to avoid a collision. In the bargain, the rods skidded out from the back and plunged right into the young boy’s throat, who unfortunately, was right behind the truck.

The victims here were the young boy and the truck driver. One lost his life, and the other most probably lost his license and his job, not to mention, was even possibly arrested. FOR NO FAULT OF HIS!!!

Another such incident was narrated to me by my senior in a previous company. In a fit of brashness, my senior once took his bike and sped down the road, only to collide badly with a truck. Result: He lost the use of one of his legs and now has to wear a prosthetic one. At least, he survived, unlike the case mentioned above, where a young life was lost for NO BLOODY REASON!!!

Who benefits from these ideas of fun?

Why do young boys have to display their manliness in such silly, ignorant, senseless ways?

Why do we see so many young boys handed bikes and even car keys at the onset of their teens ?

My grouse is not just against the young lads who know no better than to throw burning matches into a petrol tank. He could be an uneducated ,unemployed youngster full of inner angst for reasons best known to him. There are many well-educated parents who swell with pride when they hand over car keys to a 15-year-old, content that they’ve gained the ‘cool-parents’ tag from their child’s peers, but not aware that they themselves lead their child towards self-destruction. And what happens when these very youngsters cause accidents? Cause crashes that may or may not take their own life, but definitely put some other innocent’s life at risk? Who is responsible then??

Speeding and over taking on a highway, taking up drugs or smoking, ganging up and raping a woman, when did all these things become a sport? Don’t young boys have anything better to do these days? How could they even believe that such activities could give them the thrills and chills they crave.

Is this fun??

Guys reading this post, has anyone of you faced similar challenges from your friends? Did you accept that challenge(not that I expect you to confess, but just asking).

Is there any such incident in your life that you regret doing?

I’m rather curious here, because I have NO idea why the male mind works in such a destructive manner!!

Help me understand!!

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Laughed out REAL loud at this piece of news.

This woman cracks me up totally. EVERYTIME 🙂 .

At some level, I really admire her for having the chutzpah that so many of her peers lack!!  The guts to come up with a comment so earthy, so rustic, so crude, that you are left in no doubt as to her origins. Pretensions can go take a hike for all she cares.  Her soundbites are the dream content of gossip columns and boy, does she do them justice!!

And maybe that’s why, I feel sorry for her.

Because she is all alone, in her quest for fame and fortune, by whatever means.

Supposing you take her out of the context she is currently in. Say, give her a happy childhood, well-off family, good education. Let her pursue her love for dance and do ‘item numbers’. Let her ‘enhance’ her self. What would we have then?

A Sherlyn Chopra, maybe!!

Undoubtedly, Sherlyn exists on the same level as a Rakhi, but where one claims she has enhanced her assets artificially, she is called cheap. But when the other says the same, she is called ‘ brutally honest’.

Where one is invited to parties for cheap thrills, the other is escorted by leading men.

Where one claimed she slept with a man to get money, she was called publicity-hungry, when the other said she had to ‘struggle’, she was called hard working.

Where one uses her mouth to do all the talking, the other uses her blog.

And therein, lies the problem.

One isn’t educated, the other is.

Sherlyn had a secure background, good education and freedom to choose what she did with her body.

Ralhi Sawant had an impoverished background, next to nil education and family responsibilities to shoulder. She too had a choice on how exactly to use her body and in these circumstances, I can’t demean her choice. She did what she had to do.

She is a motor mouth, no doubt and maybe life has taught her that its the only way to attract attention, unlike Sherlyn, who can write as many scandalous posts as she likes and yet garner praise and loyalty from readers.

What then really differentiates the two?

I guess it’s the education part.

Sherlyn has the privilege of expressing her thoughts in English, which immediately elevate her to the ‘elite’ category. And though Rakhi says the same things, albeit in Hindi, she is relegated to the lower classes of celebrityhood.

This is just an example of how good education can change the way people look at you.

I just wish it wasn’t.

For the record, I found a decent snap of Rakhi Sawant on the very first google images page, where as it took at least 3-4 pages to find one of Sherlyn which could be put up on a family blog!!

A reasonably clothed Rakhi 🙂

A reasonably clothed Sherlyn

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