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The BF wants to get the twin’s passport made. Which is a good thing.

What is NOT good , is that they are now bald and I refuse to let them be clicked on an official document in their current egg-head appearance! A point which the BF vehemently refutes. He says it doesn’t really matter and anyway,since kids change appearances a zillion times in their first 5 years, it just doesn’t matter how they look on their passport. I’m not convinced, but we dropped the topic for the present.

Last night, while the BF was hunting for the twin’s birth certificates, guess what he found??

Yes, yes, the CAMERA!!! It was lying there all this while. Right under his load of files. And just while I was gloating with happiness at the discovery, I realized that I’d been giving the BF hell over the loss. I accused him of losing it on his weekend trip.

The BF just gave me ONE.LONG.LOOK.

(Married women (correction, women having partners) might just understand the look I’m talking about here).

Ok, so my memory isn’t really serving me all that well these days….it happens…you know…we age ! But the CAMERA!!! I would’ve kissed it right then and there. Hell, I would’ve even kissed the BF right then and there, except for the tiny matter of the BIL being in the room. Oh well, I set a mental reminder to favour the BF later and then promptly forgot about it 😀 (what did I just say about ageing!!).

I’ve kept the battery for charging and pretty soon, I’ll be going clickity-click once more!! I have a maroon shalwar kameez and am planning to drape the shalwar around one kid and the kurta around the other and just show you guys how uncannily my twins look like Tibetan Monks (this one’s for you, G 🙂 , just give me some time though!!).

Good friend Sheets reminded me that the Delhi Diaries edition wasn’t complete and I’m yet to post the rest of the itinerary. Thats the BEST example I could’ve given about my procrastination habit. And though I’ve tried to over come it, I leave the efforts for tomorrow. There. I procrastinated again!! It’s a virus , you know. It is deeply manifested in my blood stream. See, I can even produce excuses on a whim 😀 .

Anyhow, I need some help. I have a situation wherein a good friend at work is leaving for the US of A  shortly. She wants to have a get-together at her place this Saturday, preferably, just us girls. Worst case scenario, we could get our kids along, though that would require a lot of time management on our part. Plus, all our time would be spent in minding the kids and we wont really get a chance to let our hair down. For the record, the rest of the girls are leaving their kids behind. But I can’t.

Firstly, the MIL wants to spend this weekend with her relatives and I don’t want to stop her. Secondly, the GMIL frowns real hard at me if I leave the kids behind on weekends and go out, even if it means an hour’s time away from home to buy groceries. Thirdly, the BF would once again be caught up at work and so I can’t rely on him to stay back home for the kids.

Now, my only option is to take the kids, along with the maid, to my friend’s place. That way, I can stay there as long as I want and plus, I won’t be compromising on spending time with the twins.

My dilemma is, is it proper to take your maid along to someone else’s place? Is it acceptable? The girl I have right now is a simple soul and good at minding the twins. But I’m not sure I have the right to infringe on someone’s hospitality by tagging along the kids AND the maid. For the record, IF I get my kids along, the rest of the girls have agreed to get their kids too. And my friend, though is a genial kind of a person and has readily agreed to keep a room ready for the children to play in, I’m skeptical.

My dilemma remains. It’s only my kids who are a cause for concern. Should I then just refuse the invitation? Can’t really do that, since my friend is rather a dear and we are pretty close buddies now. So what do I do??

Any ideas, good folks who are reading this now??

I still have a day in which to give my final answer…so help me please .

(Pretty please with Cherry on top :D)

NO idea what the cherry’s doing on top…..!!!

But still.

You get the drift 😉

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