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We woke up late on Friday morning (23rd April) to the sounds of warnings issued from the Police Station near the guest-house. A woman’s recorded voice kept warning people about being careful of pick-pockets and child-kidnappers. The voice was intermittently stopped to play a song on Delhi police. I swear to God, by the end of my trip there, I’d almost memorized the “dilli puleece, dilli puleeece” song!  

The agenda of the day was to take out at least and hour to do some shopping , now that I was here. BFS and BFG had already bought something the previous evening. I wanted to get some stuff too. At least the stuff I was asked to bring, like a shawl for GMIL and a nice warm sweater for MIL. I woke the kids up and had them run about a bit. The BF ordered tea for us (a delightful glass full!! I’d forgotten how I used to LOVE having tea in glasses and not cups 😀 .Something we get to see only in the North!! Except maybe the steel tumblers we get in the South, which again, have precedence over cups!!). BFS wanted to rest that day and agreed to babysit the twins while me and BFG went about our shopping. I gave the twins a quick  bath and some milk after that. The dark room was handy in making them feel drowsy. The BF took up the task of looking after the kids while me and BFG rushed out for the shopping.  

I swear to God I have never shopped as quick as this before!! In one hour’s time, I had bought  5 suit pieces, one shawl and 2 pairs of shoes! Any shopaholic would agree that its sinful to dedicate such less time for shopping 😦 .  BFG only bought one dress material and one pair of shoes. We did make enquiries for the sweater, but could not find any. Plus, I was also worrying about the twins. It was time for them to get up and I know they get rather cranky after their sleep. So we rushed back to our rooms : Where we found the BF lovingly cradling a bowl of curd in his hands. He had the most mischievous smile on his face and confessed that he had just finished one helping of it. The helping in question was close to a jar of mastani dahi that we get here!! He had bought some for us girls, but since he looked so happy having it, we asked him to finish the rest of it. The BF looked as if he’d just attained nirvana!! He was that pleased :D. The entire dahi was polished off in seconds!!  

And oh, the BF had also bought us packed lunch. Rice and black Chana curry, which was D.I.V.I.N.E !! Each morsel transported us to another level….yummmm….it was the most delicious meal I’d had since coming to Delhi. We had so many plans of gorging on Delhi food….but sadly, this was the first and last good food we had 😦 .  

Post lunch, we decided to take a trip on the Metro (yippeee!!). But before that, I had the most pleasant surprise ever!! A room-mate and VERY good friend from the past lives in Delhi. I’d spoken to her the previous day and she was quite happy that I was in town. The girl came to Chandni chowk, from Janakpuri, just to meet me!! How sweet is that?? Shinu, sweetheart, you are a gem!! You made my trip truly worthwhile 🙂  

Shinu , me and SS


It was Shinu, who suggested that we take the Metro from Chandni chowk to someplace close by, like say, Connaught Place (or CP, as it is locally called). BFG added that since another good Gurudwara, Bangla Sahib was in the vicinity of CP, it would be a good idea to drop in there.  

So we quickly rushed into getting ready, packed the kid’s stuff in the bags, made sure there was ample warm water for their feed (which was silly,actually, since RS couldn’t be given much milk anyway!!) and then, off we were!  

A short walk from our guesthouse led us right into the depths of the earth, which was the starting point of the underground metro, called the Yellow Line (the only line underground in Delhi. All the other lines go overhead). We bought tickets (to a place called Rajiv Chowk), Shinu had her commuter card. Once we reached our Station, Shinu had to take another line for her destination. We promised to get together for dinner and the BF took a snap of the four of us . Just as we were bidding goodbye to Shinu, a lady security guard came up and asked us to delete the snap. Apparently, taking pictures inside the metro isn’t allowed! Surprisingly, shooting movies is. I don’t know which one is a bigger threat!! Could have given that lady a piece of my mind…but didn’t bother. She was just following orders!! The BF deleted the snap (Sigh) and we made our way out of the subway (by the way, the escalators going up were really FAST!!  Very very fast!! It took some tricky manoeuvering to hop on with one of the kids and the bag!! BFG and BFS had it a little easier).  

Once we reached Gurudwara Bangla Sahib,we had the same experience as we had in Gurudwara Sis Ganj. The ambience is the same, the kirtans are the same, even the halwa was the same!! Dripping with pure ghee, like no-one’s business 😀 . Once again, RS gobbled the halwa like her life depended on it!!SS had a bit, but wasn’t much keen on it later.  

The Gurudwara had a nice sarovar behind it and we spent a pleasant time sitting there, watching the kids run about chasing pigeons 🙂  

Balancing the twins!


The sarovar in the background


After the Gurudwara, we took a rickshaw to Janpath (which Shinu suggested was a market place). Alas, we saw nothing new there….a few goods looked promising, but not enough to buy 😀 . I mean, it was more like “Chor-bazaar” but only , more exorbitant prices!!  

By this time, the twins had once again become cranky and we decided to head back to the guesthouse. Shinu had called up earlier and apologised for not making it for dinner. Her inlaws had come visiting and she had to rush back to her place. I totally understood her plight and thanked her for making the time to meet me. That was her sweetest gesture ever!!  

We asked directions and somehow made it to the subway. But this time, the subway was awfully crowded and we had to miss the first metro that came along. After waiting in a queue for the next one, we all barreled into the next one. It was crowded to the seams!! We all held hands so that we didn’t get lost. The twins became whiney and irritable and it took all that much control to hold on to them and also prevent ourselves from getting jostled around!! The worst part was when we reached our destination. The crowd surging in prevented us from going out. Much shoving and pushing ensued, with the BF crying out to the incoming crowd to let us get down at least. He was a much harried man that day, my BF. Three women and two kids to account for!! Luckily, BFS managed to hop out just as the doors were closing and we took a while just to get our breath back. It was fun, on hindsight, but back then, it was a plain awful experience 😀 . 

Another walk till the guesthouse and since we were all exhausted, the BF suggested getting us a dinner parcel. BFS wanted to exchange some of the Kurtas she had bought that day and so she and BFG went back tot he shop. That gave me some time alone with the twins, who had suddenly become all perky and active after reaching back. These snaps were taken then 

Twins on the headboard


RS in a happy mood


The BF returned with the food and shortly after that BFS and BFG returned too. I fed the twins their cerelac (which was consumed easily by SS and not-so-easily by RS). Once they were done, I left them to play by themselves and we all four sat down to eat. It wasn’t much, just some dal, rice, egg-bhurji and  chapatis, but I swear, it was a wonderful meal. I think it has to do with the fact that you are with your friends, all chilled out, tired after a long day, yet raring to talk, discuss all those things we didn’t get to discuss since the last time we met!! We chatted till pretty late, I guess 2 AM. In between, we were also wrapping up our luggage, making sure everything was ready for check-out the next morning. At the last count, we had 13 luggage bags and 3 hand bags. Whew!! The BF just shook head in dismay ….he looked so dejected at the sight of the luggage would have to supervise, along with  the count of women and children, that it broke my heart!! I mean, who’d want to be in his shoes right then?? Not me, surely 😀 

Anyhow, we just packed up good, set our alarms and finally chatted ourselves to sleep somewhere past 2AM. 

A day well spent, I guess 🙂 .

(To be Contd…….)


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