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To my Two Angels

Dear Twins,

You two have grown up (mentally) real fast. And by fast, I mean, that you two now understand everything we say. You can fetch things if we ask you to. You can keep things in their place if your arms reach till there. You know you have to wear shoes if you want to go out and can run to fetch them by yourself. You know how to let us know when you are hungry/thirsty.

All this pleases me to no limit 🙂

I LOVE the fact that my kids are growing into two strong , independent individuals.

And now that we’ve got the pleasantries out of the way, its time for me to get nasty and down to business.

Look here you two, I’ve had it up till here with  your antics.

It’s high time I laid the rules on what you two should NOT be doing, ok?

1) You shall NOT pour water on the floor. Yes, copy that sharp. It’s no longer the peak of summer. Spilled water on the floor is NOT funny. For ANYONE. Least of all, for you two, since you both tend to slip and fall the most. And definitely NOT for your mother, who had major ankle sprains with all that skidding!!

2) You shall NOT eat moisturizing lotion. It is to be applied on the face. And arms. NOT teeth or tongue. SS, next time I find you licking that gooey stuff, I swear I’m going to shove my finger down your throat and make sure you throw up!! And RS, the same goes for you too…you are sly , my darling, but don’t think I didn’t see you sneakily taking a few licks!!

3) You shall NOT rub rice on the floor. Read that, you both!! It isn’t funny when I come home to find that my first task is to mop and swab the floor where my brats have smeared their dinner.EVERYDAY!! Not funny at all.

4) You shall NOT wipe dirty hands and mouth on other people’s clothes. There are napkins for that. You have your bibs, those things tied around your neck. See it? Yeah, use that. Your father’s formal shirts and mother’s silk dupattas are NOT to be used!!

5) Kissing is fine. Just learn the where part now, please !! RS, feet are NOT to be kissed. Specially when someone just enters the house and removes their shoes. Ugghhh!!! And SS, grinding your teeth is not kissing. How about using your lips for a change? There now, it isn’t as difficult. And hey, NO BITING. What did I just say about using your teeth?!

6) The kitchen is off-limits. And I say this specifically for you SS. I love the fact that you are interested in cooking. BUT, attempting to stir the pot is a strict no-no. The same goes for knives and scissors. I’ve suffered the worst cardiac arrests after finding either one of you with those sharp things. And RS, I don’t ever want to see you eating off the knife!! (Shudder).

7) Throwing out clothes is ,err…fine. So is toys. We can get them back. Throwing out calculators, mobiles, etcs is just NOT done!!  The shopkeepers down below don’t find it amusing anymore! Neither do we!!

8) Climbing up on tables is good, ONLY if you know how to get back down. Climbing up and then howling to be let down should NOT be done. Especially 20 times in a minute.Can’t get down, then don’t go up!! Simple!

9) Tantrums will lead to nowhere. So both of you can stop that hopping-on-one-leg act you seem to have perfected these days. We will only smile in mild amusement at your ‘dance’. Howling will worsen your case further.

10) You shall NOT attempt to cuddle up to mamma when she is angry. No puppy-dog looks from you SS, and don’t you snuggle up like a wet chicken, RS. Its hard for your mamma to stay angry with you two and you guys have to do your bit to let it stay that way. Pampering mamma with kisses is just NOT done. Ok, maybe once in a while…

Aww…forget it. Who am I kidding here!! Your kisses are always welcome!! But just don’t think you’ll have it easier because I melt. Because I do.

The house rules will be implemented with much more stringency once you are 2 years old.

(But something tells me that list is going to be much longer 😦 )

Till then, enjoy your second year. But no damage, ok??

Love ya both to bits 🙂


Forever Yours,


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