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Good Morning Folks 🙂 

Hope you all had a good weekend ! 

I know, I did. After a long time, I had a weekend that was full of pure joy 🙂 . The kids made me feel like this 

Much loved 🙂


Needless to say, I’m feeling all warm and gooey inside :)….and again, needless to say, I felt a  tad blue coming to office this morning. We had such a fun weekend, with the twins gambolling (yes, I guess that’s the right word) all over me, I felt like the mamma dog pictured above 🙂 . 

It’s always hard to leave the babies after a lovely weekend. And before you get me wrong, let me clarify that its harder after a bad weekend. But lets not get into that now. The day is just too good to waste over negativity 🙂 

So back to weekend updates. 

1) Got awfully delayed at work on Friday evening. I found out that I’ve been a careless professional (which is a first) who missed out on something vital. Though the client assured me that the repercussions weren’t serious, I’m not convinced. I’m seriously doubting myself now. I’m just not able to gather exactly how I missed out!! It took me a while to do some investigations into the matter and that’s what took time. The BF had reached home early (thankfully) and that removed the burden of rushing back . I could spend some more time at work. 

2) Got back home to find that the old granny upstairs (who was extremely ill for a long time) had expired. The funeral preparations were underway and all the neighbours had collected downstairs. I felt bad for the old lady. She was a sweet looking woman. But the pain she was suffering for the last few months was horrible and in a way, it was a welcome respite to her.Death took away her suffering. We also had a few house-guests who had come visiting and MIL couldn’t decide whether to stay home for the guests or go down for the funeral. I asked her to go down (because in Islam, attending a funeral is of paramount importance than attending other functions, like weddings!) and assured her that I will look after the guests. The ‘guests’ were cousin sisters of the BF, who had come visiting with their children. Now, the two sisters were busy chatting with the GMIL and I was left to attend to  five kids. The twins, when in company of other kids, become more boisterous and ill-mannered than their usual self…and I had an awful time handling them all. I was still fuming over self on the issue mentioned in 1) and the bratty set of kids did not help my cause a bit. Believe me , it took immense patience and self-control to not lash out at the twins. Luckily for the twins, they had their dinner on time, without much fuss. I called out to the cousins to come for dinner (in the kitchen) or at least feed their kids. The cousins didn’t bother (I have no idea why!!) and then we had a load of left-over and the children were even hungry when their mothers hustled them out while going. The GMIL was annoyed that I hadn’t fed the guests and I had to keep a cool head and count to 100. I just told the MIL that feeding my kids takes up enough of my time. I don’t really have the time and patience to hand-feed three other kids whose mothers had nothing better to do than gossip. There. I’ve vented it out. Feel much better already 😀 . 

3) Woke up early on Saturday morning. We had volunteered to send the lunch for the family upstairs and had a load of cooking to do. But first, I had to shop for the stuff. Went and bought all the veggies, rice and dal. Helped MIL do the chopping and cutting. Then got the kids ready. My friends at work had decided to get together at one friend’s place and we had all decided to get our kids along. And yeah, I took the maid along (I asked my friend if she was ok with it and she was 🙂 Another friend had also brought her maid along and thankfully, I didn’t feel like the odd one out.) . The BF, in one of his rare good moods, volunteered to drop me at the friend’s house. Its only when we sat in the car that he asked me where we had to go and when I told him that it was near my office, he almost blew his fuse 😀 . He was under the impression that we were going someplace close by. His fault. He didn’t ask for the location earlier 😀 .  

I was the first to reach the place and the twins, finding themselves in a new place, were all inquisitive. Trying to hold them back only resulted in a lot of screaming and my friend’s MIL, who was visiting her, closed her bedroom door not so silently. I was regretting getting the twins along, but I knew that the GMIL needed a break for at least one day and the MIL would be at the upstairs neighbours place the whole day. I gave them their milk and hoped that would make them sleepy. I was wrong. They were further charged up. SS even took hold of the TV remote and banged the flat screen TV for all he was worth. My poor friend practically leaped out of the sofa and grabbed the remote before he could do more damage 🙂 . I had no option but to take SS inside and make sure he slept. 15 minutes for strong thumping-on-back and he was soon into dreamland. I returned for RS and then thumped her into sleep. Whew. Now I could enjoy the party 🙂 

4) The rest of the friends trickled in by 1, by which time, we were hungry enough. We had ordered the lunch and were waiting for it. Meanwhile, my friends had ordered two pizzas for the other children.One friend has a daughter who is seven years old.The host has a five-year old daughter and another friend has a 2-year-old daughter. So we were an all-women gathering, with SS being the ONLY male in the room . He, of course, was totally bowled over to see so many girls 😀 . Last seen, he was hugging and kissing them for all he was worth !! (His father would have been sooo proud of him 😀 ) . 

While the twins were sleeping, we had a make-up session where I gave the friends tips on applying eye-make-up (which I think I suck at, but my friends feel otherwise). The best part was when I was applying night-time make-up to a friend and her daughter quipped,” night make-up?? Why would you apply make-up to go to sleep??” We all burst out laughing at that 🙂 . Anyhow, the kid did volunteer to get her eyes made up too..and she preferred the colour blue (my favourite :D). 

Once we had lunch, I woke up RS to feed her. It was nearly three hours since they had gone to sleep and I didn’t want them to stay hungry any longer. I’d already made them nice hot khichdi and luckily, RS loved it. She had more than her usual portion and I was mighty glad . Once she was done, I woke up SS and fed him too. He was a little cranky initially, given the new surroundings and people. But once his tummy was full, my was kid literally full of beans 😀 . Both of them had a rollicking time and made sure that my friends got to enjoy their antics too. Here are snaps from the day 

Bald SS


Bald RS


Kiddie Party 🙂


Somewhere around 4:30 PM, the kids finally started getting a little irritable. I took leave of my friend and took an autorickshaw home. 

5) Once back, the kids were delighted to see their family and were kicked up once more. SS was in an extremely sprightly mood and wouldn’t stay put in one place for more than a couple of seconds 🙂 . It was a nice evening, with the family and the kids. We sat around chatting over cups of tea, while RS attempted to dip biscuits in our tea and feed us. It was pretty cute. Since the evening was cool and breezy, we took the kids on the balcony and stayed there for some time. The breeze was beautiful…cool and peppy with the promise of rain 🙂 . The kids played around some more and then started yawning. Cue for me to prepare their dinner, which I did rather fast. Surprisingly, the twins gulped down their meal equally fast and by 9pm, both were out like lamps!! 

The front-door neighbour’s kid came in at this time and asked me if I could apply Mehendi on her hands (for a wedding). Since the kids were asleep, I agreed and we sat down to the mehendi session. Now, I tend to hold a mehendi cone as I would hold a pen, and since the cone in my hand was very big, I had a tough time handling it. The design came out awful, but the girl was rather sweet and appreciated it for all its wonkiness. I really must get back to drawing mehendi more often, seeing that my hand is not as steady now as it used to be!! 

6) Once the kid left, I had my dinner and then sat down to watch a movie which I was planning on for quite some time. I saw Juno. It was a beautiful film…a must watch. Ellen Page as the all-knowing teenager breathes amazing freshness into her role. I couldn’t help but rue over how teenage pregnancy, rather teenagers were dealt with in an Hindi movie (Teree Sang. Yup, that’s how its spelt, apparently for good luck, but going by the box office records, it was a HUGE flop! I for one, am not surprised!). Where the teenagers in the Hindi movie acted like 12 year olds, all bouncy pony-tails and frilly frocks, the teenager in Juno is depicted as a sharp tongued individual who knows what she wants. Though she doesn’t initially realize the repercussions of her actions , she is suitably repentant later. Her innocence lay not in her attire or speech (don’t even get me started on the conversations between the lead pair in the hindi movie.) , but in the way she moves, the way her eyes depict the pain, the understanding. Spell-binding. It truly deserves all its Oscars. 

By the way, for people who’ve seen the movie, how cute is the title song!! I was blown away by the super,SUPER sweet lyrics  (song is All I Want Is You by Barry Louis Polisar ):- 

If I was a flower growing wild and free
All I’d want is you to be my sweet honey bee.
And if I was a tree growing tall and green
All I’d want is you to shade me and be my leaves

If I was a flower growing wild and free
All I’d want is you to be my sweet honey bee.
And if I was a tree growing tall and green
All I’d want is you to shade me and be my leaves

All I want is you, will you be my bride
Take me by the hand and stand by my side
All I want is you, will you stay with me?
Hold me in your arms and sway me like the sea.

If you were a river in the mountains tall,
The rumble of your water would be my call.
If you were the winter, I know I’d be the snow
Just as long as you were with me, when the cold winds blow.

All I want is you, will you be my bride
Take me by the hand and stand by my side
All I want is you, will you stay with me?
Hold me in your arms and sway me like the sea.

If you were a wink, I’d be a nod
If you were a seed, well I’d be a pod.
If you were the floor, I’d wanna be the rug
And if you were a kiss, I know I’d be a hug

All I want is you, will you be my bride
Take me by the hand and stand by my side
All I want is you, will you stay with me?
Hold me in your arms and sway me like the sea.

If you were the wood, I’d be the fire.
If you were the love, I’d be the desire.
If you were a castle, I’d be your moat,
And if you were an ocean, I’d learn to float.

All I want is you, will you be my bride
Take me by the hand and stand by my side
All I want is you, will you stay with me?
Hold me in your arms and sway me like the sea.

Totally LOVED it 🙂 

6) I was watching the movie sitting on the floor, with my back resting against the bed. The BF was dangling his legs off the bed reading the paper. When he thought it was time to sleep, he tried to swing his legs on the bed and ‘tried’ to avoid me. Looks like his judgement failed big time. Because I ended with his heel knocking me hard on my right cheekbones, practically driving the air out of my lungs!! Luckily, my tough skin doesn’t bruise easily and so you can’t see the wound.But believe  me, the jaw and cheekbones still hurt like hell. For the record, the BF weighs nearly 20kgs more than me. The impact, was tremendous!!! 

I would have given him a piece of my mind, if only I could speak!! The BF, meanwhile wasn’t sure whether to burst out laughing or apologise for all he was mirth (yes, that’s intentional!). He tried doing both together. 

It wasn’t funny. AT ALL!!! 

7) Sunday morning, I woke up late (if you can call 8AM as late). Made Sabudana khichdi for breakfast, woke up the twins and went about the regular weekly work. We had an invite for lunch, but since the BIL didn’t want to go , I made lunch for him. The BF had to visit a friend who was hospitalized and was out for most part of the day. The kids were super naughty and playful. We had a great time playing catch and just running around the house. Much fun 😀 . I left the kids in the afternoon to go down for lunch. But I came back soon and once more, we had fun playing . Sometime around 4:30 pm, the kids were handed over to the GMIL and the maid and I made my way to the room, to catch some sleep. The regular maid had bunked (as usual) and there were heaps of dishes to do. I told the MIL that I’d take care of them in the evening, and I promptly went off to sleep. 

8 ) The BF woke me up at 6pm and asked me if I was game for a drive in the car. I was pleasantly surprised and said yes immediately. But before that, the dishes. Went into the kitchen to find that MIL had already started with the dishes and was almost done.I quickly loaded the washing machine with the clothes and got the twins ready for the drive. We left home somewhere around 7:30 pm. We didn’t have any specific plan in mind.So the BF just drove around. The weather was beautiful and the kids were well behaved. I was sitting at the back with the twins and SS was on my lap. Suddenly, we started playing the typical bollywood “dishum-dishum” game where we make mock noises of hitting each other. The twins LOVE this game and laugh uproariously each time I say “dishummm” 🙂 . SS laughed so hard that within a few minutes, he threw up his milk. All over me. Right till the inners. Oh well. I looked at him. He looked at me. And burst out laughing!! I did mention to the BF about the motion sickness thing with SS (he invariably ALWAYS throws up in the car), but the BF argued that he threw up because of all that laughing!! 

Anyhow, we had to cut short the drive because by now,both me and the car were smelling awfully foul. The kids didn’t seem to mind, but the BF could be found sticking his neck out of the window the entire way 🙂 

9) Came home to find that the tap in one of the balconies was left open. Since the GMIL was alone at home, she hadn’t ventured out to the balcony . In fact, she hadn’t even heard the tap. So we now had a balcony ankle-deep in water. The twins were delighted at the sight and immediately started splashing about. The BF quickly rolled up his jeans and joined in. And of course, with the loves of my life splashing about, how could I stay away 😀 !! So the neighbours (or anyone bothering to look up at the balcony) could see two adults splashing water with their feet, the twins being too tiny to be seen! We had a gala time. The GMIL wasn’t very pleased and was yelling at us to get the kids inside. But we were having too much fun to stop. Check out SS’s expression in this snap. It says it all 😀 

Splashing about!!

Once the water had receded considerably, we all trooped in, where the twins had a short bath and then dressed in dry cottons. I quickly prepared their meal and then we had fun feeding the twins. The BF was showing the kids how to turn on the TV (yeah, we are late learners here 🙂 ) and they had fun switching it on and off. BTW, our TV needs to be set to channel mode for even DD and hence, the only thing coming on screen was black and white static, which somehow amused the twins to bits!! I strengthened my resolution to avoid TV for kids further. If static could made them so happy, what would be the outcome of Cartoon network?!! I dared not think. 

The kids once again were pretty sleepy and were out by 10:30 pm. I did think of catching up on another movie DVD (Vicky Christina Barcelona), but the BF reminded me that it was a Sunday night and I had to report to work the next morning. Alas. I quickly uploaded the snaps of the weekend to the blog and then logged out for the night. 

Thats all folks…..the weekend , as usual, was packed with loads of activities and for once , I was pretty pepped up while coming to work. 

No blues for this Monday 🙂 

And oh, today was also one of those days when the signals turned green just as I approached them. ALL of them. 

Is this the sign of good times or what!?! 


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