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Thats News!!!

Sometimes, when I feel that news channels don’t have anything new to report and will dish out any trash for the viewers, they come back and sock me in the face with another piece and say,”There!! We went one step lower!!! Beat that!!”

I felt the same this morning when I saw this news on the ndtv website :-

“Bangalore techie divorces husband, dumped by lover”




What possible news could they print next ?

“Techie couple elopes and gets married” ?

“H’bad Techie couples divorce over companies” ?

“Pune Techie commits suicide after failed affair.” ?

“Gurgaon Techie delivers a baby” ?

In a way I should be glad we techies are in the news…for whatever reasons.

Our lives are interesting enough to be splattered on the front page. What else could we possibly want?!!

Except , maybe a new Sony Vaio . Or the new iPad….. or maybe just unlimited free internet usage 😀 .


NDTV, you could then print this news , the one which goes ,

“Married techie demands free surfing, gets sacked”.


“I’m a jo-aking”.


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While returning with the kids from a drive :-

Me : I’ll take SS upstairs. He’s falling asleep. Why don’t you buy a packet of salt in the meanwhile. We’ve run out of salt.

BF :  (lifting RS) How much?

Me : One packet of salt. Buy Tata salt.

BF : Yeah…but how much??

Me : Huh?? ONE packet.

BF : For God’s sake, will you at least say how much?? Half a kilo, one kilo??

Me : (staring blankly) 😐

BF :  Hello!! What happened??

Me : I’m trying real hard to recollect why exactly I married you.

BF : Huh?!!


This morning :-

Me :  (yelling from the kitchen) Shall I get you breakfast?

BF : (from inside the bedroom) Yup. Sure.

(I go to the bedroom and hand him a plate of Maggi and return. After some time)

Me : (yelling) Want tea?

BF : (yelling back) Yup. Sure.

(I go and hand him a cup of tea and some biscuits).

BF : What about water?? Why didn’t you get me water? You know what? You ALWAYS forget to serve water. I have to remind you each time !!

Me : Serving water is not a part of my job profile 😀 !!

BF : (to self) Sahi hai beta!!! Sabne kaha tha love ke chakkar mein mat padh. Lekin nahin!! Bete ko to love marriage karni thi. Ab khud bharo pani aur piyo!!

Me :  😐


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