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Feel like yanking the hair off my head.Or maybe HER head!!


You know, I’ve been raving and ranting over bad manners since the time I was old enough to understand what categorizes as bad manners. I’ve seen plenty of grown-ups behaving in an atrocious manner and I just cluck my tongue in pity for their offsprings. In many cases, cultural difference accounts for a lot of differences and such instances may be excused.

But not what I saw on Friday afternoon.And Oh, that reminds me, I started writing this post on Friday itself , but then let it sit in the drafts till I cooled down. Because I was sure that in my anger, I might lose out on the objectivity of the situation and may write something that I would regret later.

I’m sufficiently cool now. But I’m still MAD!! Every time I recollect that scene, I feel I should have done something about it, but didn’t.

Anyhow, here is what happened :-

We , the people of my company who are deployed on the client side along with me, went out for a team lunch on Friday afternoon. Our managers were joining us at the venue , so we all left accordingly. Of the 16 people there, four were women and the rest were men. One of the girls, lets call her X, was pregnant and in her 7th month. This woman, though a “Hi-Bye” colleague, is quite brash. I’ve never had any altercations with her before and had no reason to believe that one day I’d love to knock some senses into her!!

Anyway, while waiting for the managers to arrive, we went ahead and ordered the starters. Since she’s pregnant, I asked her to name her choice and we ordered all that she wanted. If that wasn’t privilege enough, we even asked the waiters to serve her first . This lady started eating as soon as the starters arrived. We didn’t mind. The waiters served the rest of the people and we started eating when the managers joined us. By now, she was on her second round. We still didn’t mind. Shortly, while we were all in our first round, she asked the waiters to empty ALL the starters on her plate!!  A couple of guys shot her shocked looks, but didn’t say anything. And being considerate towards a pregnant woman, even I thought of overlooking her gaffe.

BUT, it took all my effort to NOT get angry, when after a couple of bites, this woman realizes she wasn’t liking those starters after all (maybe her taste buds didn’t kick in till after the second round!) and asked the waiters to clear her plate.

So ,not only did she have the gall to pile her plate without bothering to politely ask if anyone else was keen on seconds (which many were), she also had the audacity to throw away her heaped up food!!

I don’t know what ticked me off more!!

The sheer blatant impunity of being uncourteous or the horrific wastage of food!!

On hindsight,I really feel I should have given her a piece of my mind, but seriously wonder if it would have mattered!!  One might gain education and secure a job in the best of companies…..but basic etiquettes are not a part of their education or job profile , so such instances are pretty common. If they haven’t learnt such simple, trivial manners of how to behave when in a crowd in spite of being in a ‘professional’ , what hope is there of me instilling it in them now?!

I really don’t know if pregnant women lose their senses !! I mean, when I was pregnant, I was hungry ALL the time, but I was home on a long leave and rarely , if ever , went out anywhere.

So , giving the lady the benefit of doubt, tell me folks, do pregnant women behave like this? Have you known anyone else who does queer things like this? Or is it just plain BAD Manners and not pregnancy related??

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