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Hiya folks, it’s already Tuesday and I’m yet to start with the weekend updates. Somehow, I’m just not in the mood…you see, after all the rollicking fun I had last weekend, this one’s back to the routine !! So we had the same rigmarole of maid not reporting,irritable twins and a not-so-serious-altercation with the GMIL.

Anyhow, since I’ve started , might as well sum up the weekend.

1) The monsoons are officially here and so, we have our daily dose of nightly downpour and some intermittent showers during the day. Which means, the clothes just don’t dry. The regular maid is still on unscheduled leave and we have no idea when she plans to return, that is, IF she plans to return!

On Saturday, I dug into the trunks for my raincoat and windcheaters.And a good thing too, because yesterday, while going home from work, it started pouring. The roads were clogged within minutes and there was a massive traffic jam. I was stuck somewhere at the base of a flyover where I had no option but to switch off the bike, put it on side stand, get off and do a couple of stretches. Ok, maybe not so much last part 🙂 . I didn’t get off the bike, but I did do a few stretches.

2) Awful lot of work. I had mounds of clothes to be washed, and another mound of utensils awaited me in the sink. The MIL gave the dishes a rueful look and then just rolled back her sleeves and got to work. In the meanwhile, I tried to wrap up the cooking part. Made breakfast (sabudana khichdi), and lunch. This task wouldn’t have taken more than an hour(max) under any other circumstance. But when I’m home with the kids, they refuse to leave me alone even for a moment. So I chop the onion, then pick up SS, who’s hanging on to my dress for all he’s worth. I show him what I’m doing  and then take him to the drawing-room. Hand him over to the BF and return and chop some tomatoes. Meanwhile, RS sidled up to me and demands water. I give her some water in a glass. She takes a sip and pours the rest on the floor. I leave the chopping and mop up the floor lest someone skids on on. Back to chopping.RS then howls for something to eat (something=cheese). I open the fridge and hand her a piece of the cheese slice. She ambles off to another room. I return to cooking. SS comes bounding into the kitchen demanding to see what I’m doing at the gas. And so it goes on ……… 🙂 .

3) Planned to visit the tailor for the MIL’s dresses. But wasn’t really in the mood. The kids were being put to sleep by the GMIL and the nanny. So I thought of catching a movie on the comp. I saw “The Nanny Diaries” starring Scarlett Johansson. It was a nice movie…..but it made me feel rather guilty 😦 .

The movie showed how the upper class mother had no time for her son who was left to be brought up by the nanny.Towards the end, the nanny questions the mother’s priorities and points out exactly how important the child actually is. There is one statement which totally caught me.”The is your child. He wasn’t ordered from a catalog”.

Everyday , when I leave for work, I face the same conflict. Many a times I’ve fought the dilemma of giving up my job and staying home with the kids. But I know that I’m the type who needs the space and time for myself, doing what I feel good doing. Working in the field that I do is not only for the money. It also brings out my individuality and I want it that way. Maybe, it stems from the regret of seeing my mother drown herself in our family and now become totally oblivious to her own needs and wants. I don’t want to be that. I know that I regret my mother gave up everything to look after me and my siblings, but I also fear that my kids will grow up wanting their mother to be the types who’s home when they come back from school , feed them hot meals and then play with them. I know that my work timings will not permit me these luxuries 😦

The only silver lining in this cloud is that I have some consolation of having a big family. At least, my kids are not handled solely by strangers. They have their Big-dadi, dadi, dada and chachu to fuss over them. At least till I come back.

So much for having a good time watching a movie!!

4) Took the kids shopping, for the very first time. Went to a supermarket near our place, just so that the MIL gets the feel of the place. She had never even visited BigBazaar before and the BF thought it was high time we initiated her to the pleasures of aisle shopping 🙂 . The twins were seated in one trolley each and they LOVED the moving about (as expected). For the record, I don’t intend to take the kids shopping once they grow old enough to demand toys!! I don’t think I’d ever want to put myself in the position of giving in to the demands of two loud, boisterous,stubborn and bratty kids!!

The MIL enjoyed selecting stuff and dumping it in the trolley.I think she had a pretty good time 🙂 . And we also overheard this conversation between a group of girls who were supposed to mind the counters, but left the customers to help themselves-

Girl1: Mujhe itna gussa aata hai…khud toh kuchh kaam nahin karti, doosroen ko naam rakhti hai. Mujhe kaam se aane mein late hota hai, to uske baap ka kya jaata hai?

Girl2 : Meri neighbour bhi aisi hi hai. Mummy ke kaan bharti rehti hai. Ek to main itna kaam karke thak-kar ghar jaati hoon, phir bhi mummy ko lagta hai mera yahan affair chal raha hai!

Girl3 : Meri mummy bhi gussa karti hai. Usko achha nahin lagta der se aana. Par kya karoon. Bus milne mein der ho jaati hai! Mere paas gaadi hoti to itna late nahin hota.

Girl2 : Jab meri mummy daant-ti hai , toh mujhe lagta hai, mujhe affair karna hi chahiye!! Phir maza aayega!!

Girl1 : Sahi mein yaar….mujhe bhi lagta hai, mera koi yaar hota ya boyfriend hota toh kitna maza aata!

The MIL looked shocked at this conversation. Me and the BF just giggled 😀 .

5) Sunday was another hectic day at home. The BF had to work that day and left for office. For the first time since summer ,we had water shortage. There was no water and I couldn’t take a bath. We couldn’t load the washing machine or even wash the dishes. Luckily, we had enough water to drink and were quite content with that. The BIL wanted to have biryani, but I wasn’t in the mood to stay in the kitchen for that long. But since he really craved it, we asked him to volunteer, which he did gladly. So we had him chop up the onions . The MIL then fried it golden. We decided to have the biryani for dinner and hence, just kept all the ingredients ready.

Luckily, the tanks filled with water once again and we got back to our washing. After that, I made that all important trip to the tailor’s. The ‘master’ was out for his tea break and it was nearly 20 minutes before he came back. I was nearing the end of my patience and was about to give up and return. Thankfully, he turned up and I handed him MIL’s clothes for stitching. While picking up my purse, I noticed a photograph stuck on the wall ( the kind of photograph which comes along with a dress material, showing a model wearing a dress stitched of the same material, usually holding the dupatta behind her so that you can get the full impact of how the dress looks ). The brand name said , “Bun Fool”. I kid you not!! I stared at it for a couple of seconds before breaking into a laugh!! I mean, they may have meant a “flower of the forest”  or “wildflower”, but they surely spelt it all wrong!!

Anyhow, I returned in time to help MIL with the biryani. The twins were very curious about what we were upto and kept coming into the kitchen. We had a tough time keeping them away. I called the BF and invited him home for dinner. Yup, that’s right. I ‘invited’ him, else he would have gone ahead and had dinner with his friends from work!!

6) I tried a small change in the kid’s routine. Like you all know, they still wake up twice or thrice in the night for their feed. I thought of making sure that they had a heavy dinner before they went off to sleep and hence, I omitted their evening 7 pm milk so that they were sufficiently hungry by 8:30pm. And as I’d surmised, the kids had more than their usual share of dinner and were off like lights by 10pm. RS woke up only once in the night (Yay!!) but SS woke up thrice!! Ah well….it might take some time before the twins stop getting up in the night altogether!!

Since the kids were sleeping, me and the BF caught up on another movie at home, “Quantum of Solace”. Yeah, I got to watch it now!! I liked Daniel Craig as the new Mr.Bond, but seriously, is it only me who thinks that Pierce Brosnan was the ONLY one who did the character any justice?!! The BF, who’s not a Bond fan, couldn’t care either way and I had no one to discuss the issue with!!

7) The Sunday papers carried a local news item that had me beaming with happiness 🙂 . There was a “Vada-paav” contest in the city and not surprisingly, my favourite vada-paav joint won the honour as having the BEST vada-paav in the city 🙂 .I immediately called up my brother, who’s a HUGE fan of the same vada-paav joint and gave him the good news. He was as delighted as I expected and he yelled this good news to Bhabhi. Unfortunately, she couldn’t understand what the fuss was about …..how could she?!! She’s hardly been to Pune and even then, rarely for more than 4 days. I doubt she’s had the pleasure of gorging on the fabulous JJ Garden vada-paav joint (famously called “Hungama Vada-paav” and rightly so!!).

8) Me and SimplyPallu were planning to meet up some day and Pallu suggested we meet on Saturday, but I had guests coming over and cancelled the plan. And what do you know, the guests cancelled their visit. The worst part? The guests who were arriving on Sunday, also cancelled their visit. I was seriously hopping mad. I mean, if you are not coming, you should at least have the courtesy to inform, rather than wait for your hosts to wonder why you haven’t turned up at their doorstep yet!! If the MIL was annoyed, she did a good job of hiding it. No point in ALL of us ranting and raving over it, is there ?! One DIL doing the ranting was enough 😀

Anyhow, that’s what my weekend was like.

I forgot to add, in a way I love the weekends, because I get to bathe the twins and feed them and sing them to sleep.

And then I spend the rest 5 days away from them, the guilt riding heavy in my heart.

Yeah, that “Nanny diaries” has added some more to my already damaged psych 😦

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