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…….to make your child’s evening worthwhile??

Apparently, a length of old,torn bedsheet is enough to do the trick 🙂

All smiles 🙂

RS was whiny and irritable when I reached home on Monday night. The minute I entered the house, she howled to be carried around. Well, I was tired after ‘walking’ through traffic for the last two hours (did I mention before I was stuck in an awful traffic jam?!) and wanted a minute to rest my back. Our little miss would have none of it and refused to get down. The BIL took her away forcibly to give me some respite. The last I saw, she was howling and kicking at the BIL for all she was worth. I rushed to my room to change. Surprisingly, I didn’t hear her howling as before and went to the MIL’s room to check on her. And that’s where I found her head wrapped up in a ‘pagdi’ made of an old piece of bed sheet.

You can see how delighted she was!!

All the whines and rants were over 🙂 .

By the way, the pagdi was the FIL’s idea.

In case you are wondering why I haven’t put up a snap of SS, then it is because my boy hates facing the camera. The minute we pointed the camera at him, he ripped off his pagdi 😦 . After a couple of tries, we gave up. But believe me, he looked adorable 🙂

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