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Drat that Bag!!!



Dear Miss I-wont-Let-Go-Of-My-Bag,

There are a few things I’d like to bring to your attention first –

1) Its been raining here for the last few days. Note that. Its going to rain here everyday. They call it the Monsoon.

2) There is something called as a ‘dicky’ or storage space in your scooterette.

3) There is also a possibility of something called as a goods-hook under your seat (above the footrest) or maybe under the bike’s dashboard.

4) Read the newspapers. There are cases of bag-snatching incidents practically everyday.

And now, to the real purpose of  this message –

1) It’s not funny when you are driving at high-speed and your bag’s strap slips down your shoulder. I know you manage to put it back, but not without much zigzagging at high-speed and enough to scare  the wits off the riders behind you.

2) If the bag is so precious that you pull it towards the front and then hunker down over it to prevent it from getting wet, in the bargain, making sure that you pay very little attention to the people driving in front and around you, I suggest you make use of the area under you. Of course I mean the dicky and NOT the expanse of your posterior!!

3) If the bag is bigger than you (which seems to be the normal case these days. Whats it with treating oneself as menial labourers!! I’ve seen awfully petite women lugging the biggest, ugliest monstrosities!!) and you have difficulty in maintaining your balance, do a favour. Put down the bag on the footrest. Believe me, your designer bag is not more expensive than your life!!

4) If you are busy driving on a lonely road, and someone snatches at your handbag, what exactly do you intend to do? Do you intend to die saving your bag or maybe get jerked badly enough to crash anyway and lose your bag? Either way, how would you benefit?? I’m rather curious to know!!

I seriously hope that this slinging-bag-on-shoulder-while-driving is just a trend and wouldn’t last long!! I mean, your  fashion-street bag may be as precious to you as diamonds…but definitely not when it threatens my life, which you do when you apply sudden brakes or swerve suddenly, just so that your bag doesn’t slip off your non-existent shoulder!!

On that note, I hope you and I are on the same bag. I mean, page. Of course!!

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