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I did so much in the last 48 hours that I have trouble figuring out how I managed all of it 🙂

It was wonderful, it was tiring, it was exciting , it was irritating, it was anything and everything!!

Setting aside the suspense, here’s the weekend update :-

1) On Saturday afternoon, I met *hold your breath* blog friend SimplyPallu !! It was such a WOW!! experience. I felt as if I’ve known her forever! She’s so easy to talk to and we had such a fun time catching up on each other’s life that I totally regretted the fact that I had to get back soon 😦 . Oh P, if you’re reading this, let me tell you, I had a grand time 🙂 . Love ya sweetheart, you are SUCH a munchkin!!! (yeah, yeah, I’m ignoring that bike comment you made on me here  😀 . At least you did mention that I was ‘good’ which in turn means I didn’t crash us into anyone 🙂 ) . And yeah, I’d LOVE to get together again and like you said, we’ll wait for G to get back. Gosh!! Am so excited right now, I can barely stay still as I type this 😀 .

I just have to let you all know that you shouldn’t be deceived by that tiny profile pic of her’s on her blog. P has the MOST gorgeous hair ever. Long , lustrous and oh-so-shiny!! I could barely keep my eyes away from her hair, that is, when I could distract myself enough from her eyes 😀 . For the record, she has honey brown eyes which express the world!! I seriously regret not spending enough time with her !!

2) After the lunch with P, I went back home and made my awesome fruit-custard pudding. I call it awesome, because the people who had it here, rarely, if ever make custard. So they found my dish yummilicious. As for me, ask ANY army-kid and they’ll let you know they detest Custards from the core of their heart, simply because they’ve had it by the kilos during their Pop’s tenure. We practically grew up with a spoon of custard in our mouth, possibly our first ‘solid’ meal!! We wouldn’t touch custard with a barge-pole now!!

But the ‘civilians’ are a different matter altogether. For people who’ve been brought up on ‘halwas’ ,’gulab-jamoons’ and ‘rabdis’ all their life, custard is a welcome change. Specially, when its riddled with fruits, cake,chocolate and two different kinds of jellies. I was sincerely complimented for making something that I could do with my left hand and one eye closed 🙂 . But it feels great to bask in all those compliments. Bliss 😀

3) Me and the BF had planned on meeting up the other BFs (namely, BFS,BFC and BFG) for dinner. Alas, the MIL had invited a few close relatives for a get-together at home. So we had to cancel our plan. The guest list finally rose from 6 people to, 21 people. AND 5 kids!! Luckily, the BIL refused to let his mother and bhabhi slog in the kitchen and ordered the food from a caterer. God bless this guy. Seriously 😀 !! Once people started trooping in, it was a constant trip from one room to another, checking up on all of them, making sure they were well attended to, cooked separate food for the kids and then generally spent time making sure no damage was done to anything.

The twins had a blast, since they LOVE being around other children. Both of them were big show-offs and displayed their newly learnt tricks to anyone who bothered to look at them, even for an instance.

Anyway, it was quite a gala evening, much fun, much food,much laughter. And then everybody(barring a few) left. Wrapping up took some more time and then we all crashed out.

4) Woke up on Sunday and realized that we still had guests. The GMIL was pretty annoyed because the breakfast wasn’t ready yet (even though the guests were still asleep!!). Rushed around with the morning chores, made breakfast, served everyone, made tea, served everyone once again and then got back to the kitchen since I’d invited aapa and cousin sister L to spend the day with me.

The plan was to make Chinese Chilli Chicken . The MIL took over making the mutton curry and rice. My CCC rocked big time, with everyone falling head over heels complimenting it (except, of course, the BF. He didn’t understand what the fuss was about!! Loser!).

By the way, aapa had come with her kids, my nephew Bojo and the darling niece Simra who has the most amazing eye-lashes which curl all the way up and touch her brows. Beautiful!! The twins fell head-over-heels in love with her. Last seen, both were busy smothering the baby with kisses……almost as if they couldn’t get enough 😀

5) Post lunch, we sisters got together for a gossip marathon. I mean, its been ages since we got together and now that we did, it was such a fun time, I tell you !! We talked about clothes (OBVIOUSLY!!),jewellery, prospective grooms for cousin L and many more such trivial topics. I seriously regret not having such a get-together often!! We talked our heart out. It was getting late and though aapa has earlier mentioned that she would be leaving at 4 pm, it was 6 before she actually left the front door 🙂 . I handed cousin L some skirts that I’d bought for her and she loved them, which was a blessing, since she is awfully choosy and finicky about her clothes. At least my efforts didn’t go waste 😀

6) Once they left,  I was  busy in clearing up the room (the bed was piled with clothes from my wardrobe and had to be folded and kept back) . Then it was tea time for all and as we were sipping on it, the BF told me that he and the FIL were going on a visit to the FIL’s native village (where he was born and had spent time in his childhood). A second later he asked me if I wanted to come along too. Though I was initially reluctant (I mean, I was tired and just wanted to rest at home with the kids) the weather was just too perfect to ignore a nice drive up the hills. So we quickly got the twins ready, packed their milk and goodies and piled into the car.

It was a beautiful drive…..along the ghats, with a slight drizzle and yet , we could see the Sun burning on the horizon. Not surprisingly, we saw many rainbows on the way (I could kick myself for forgetting the camera. AGAIN!!) but the kids were so fidgety throughout , wanting to hop from the back seat to the front and then back again, that I doubt I’d have the chance to click anything. As it is, we were pretty delayed and it was dark by the time we reached the village.

I’ve never been to a proper village before and believe me, it was so quaint, so untouched , so fresh in its beauty, I was spellbound!! Maybe the rains had added to the charm of the place,but the greenery was stunning. Just traversing the narrow lanes itself felt like being transported to the past. There was no electricity, which the locals said was nothing new!! So there were little houses lit up with kerosene lamps and candles, people going about their business in the dark, totally used to it. The houses by themselves were pretty large from the outside, but given the fact that the walls were nearly 2 feet thick, most of them appeared rather cramped from the inside. The windows were the tiniest I’ve ever seen and I wondered if it was enough to let in sunlight during the day!! The BF explained that usually, around the year, it was very hot and the small windows and thick walls made sure that the room was much cooler inside (no fans, remember?!). Whatever the case, it was beautiful. I loved it. Even asked the FIL if there was a possibility of us making a nice little house for ourselves here, you know, something to get away from the city when we felt like it. Luckily, the MIL supported my thought eventually, while driving back, we ended up discussing on how and where we should invest in the village. I seriously hope things work out and we find something. I would LOVE to have my kids in touch with nature, where cows and buffaloes roam the roads, where there are fields as far as the eye could see, little hillocks to clamber over and lots and lots of trees everywhere.What fun that would be 😀 !!!

7) Came back home, and prepared dinner (rather , warmed up stuff we’d made earlier that day 🙂 ). Then while the MIL and FIL took the twins to their room to sleep, I sat down to write the Father’s day tribute that was clouding my head for the last few days. There was so much more to write, but I was feeling tired and sleepy and I could kick myself for not taking out the time to write it earlier (I’d be rather sore if I could actually kick myself each time I goofed up!!). Anyhow, once the post was published, I shut down and went to get the kids from the parent’s room. MIL accompanied me with SS while I carried RS back to my room. And for some unknown reason, we all got chatting again. I mean, the BF, me , MIL and BIL talked till 1 am in the night. And we broke up only when the FIL came in and enquired why we were all up and not in bed yet.

That was all folks. The weekend was hectic. Awfully so. But I don’t remember the last time it was hectic AND enjoyable!! The twins are on their good behavior these days (except SS who insists on throwing stuff out of the windows or terrace).

For now, life is good. Allah is being kind and I can’t thank him enough  .


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