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Dear Shital,

This isn’t a farewell mail. Not even a regular good-bye one.

This is just a reminder mail, one to let you know that you’ll be sorely missed by all of us here, especially me.

Because you see, with you, I clicked. There are some friendships which are just meant to be. Like when you meet the person the first time and instantly realize that you have so much in common (or maybe you are just so different from each other) that you immediately gel towards each other. I felt it with you.

That brings me to the first time I saw you. Frankly, I thought you were uptight and snooty (Ouch!! Stop throwing those slippers. At least let me finish 😀 !! ). Like I said before, “I thought” so. But you proved me wrong. Once I came to know you better, you morphed into this soft, warm person, so full of love and kindness that I could kick myself for thinking otherwise!!

My initial opinion could have been because I was jealous(There!! I’ve confessed!!). You are so beautiful, no , make that breathtakingly gorgeous, that I was initially quite envious. In fact, I feel there are many other people who harbour the same impression . But they couldn’t be more wrong (like me 😀 ). I found a person who is not only beautiful externally, but also at heart 🙂 .

All the times we’ve discussed our hubbies, our jobs, our kids, our families, our careers, I’ve felt that you understand my predicament more than the others. And maybe , at some level, I understand yours too. Like I said before, we do have a lot in common.

And I’m going to miss you like crazy 😦 . Simply because you are a good listener 😀 . You’ve given me a patient hearing in all my rants and always suggested options in your cool and sensible way. Love ya for that 🙂 . I know we can still get together on chat or sometimes even on the phone, but do you think it would be the same as walking towards the pantry , preparing our mugs of coffee and walking back to our desks? I guess not!!

We’ve known each other for hardly a year, and yet, I feel a strong bond with you. You get my jokes, laugh at the punch lines (though others keep wondering if they’ve missed out anything) and generally even predict my next line even before I say it . How cool is that?!! We’ve had our share of fun and also shared our troubles. And through it all, I’ve always been amazed at how you manage to keep smiling through it all…..like this time  :-

This is how I’d like to remember you always……as the woman who had the most charming smile, the one who could make heads turn without even trying, the one who is a doting mother to a five-year-old, a loving daughter to her parents and a wonderful sister. The one who manages her work and home so effortlessly, it makes me wonder where I went wrong 😐 !!

The pic below was taken on Traditional Day….for some reason, I feel we became much more closer after this day. Not sure why I felt so (and still do), but posting a snap of that day, because it keeps bringing back that memory :D.

I have no idea when we’ll meet again. I have no idea if I’ll be here in Pune when you next visit. But I do know that I cherish you as one of the best friends ever…and I’m glad that our paths crossed…albeit for a very short period, but still, it was totally worth it.

All of us here (Jo,Vi, Ch, Sn and me) will miss you awfully…… 😦

Have a safe journey sweetheart . And may your stay be fulfilling and trouble-free.

Much love to darling Riya 🙂

Your Friend.

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