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I thought I did. Until I came across this rather wierd quiz where we have to select a word from the set of options which best describes a given phrase.

Sample this :-

Any gummy, sticky substance: syrup, gravy, soup, etc.

1. Popinjay
2. Perspicacious
3. Goozlum
4. Handsel

Goozlum?? You kidding me?? Is that even a word? And what about Handsel? Popinjay?

I thought it must have been some kind of a joke, a trick question with unreal words inserted to confound the reader.

Alas, these words exist. Goozlum exists ( Egads!! Why??)

Here’s another one :-

Blindly expecting a favorable outcome or naively dwelling on hopeful aspects.

1. Simpatico
2. Panglossian
3. Smirch
4. Caitiff

Yikes !! I swear before GOD I’ve NEVER seen (much less heard) these words before!!

MBA-ites, people-preparing-for-MBA/IIMs, its confession time. Tell me, did you guys mug up these words for your entrance exams??

Is there anyone out there who can give me the right answer to the above question (Hey!! No Googling!! Seriously guys! I could’ve done that myself, couldn’t I? Why would I ask you? Hunh?? 😐  )

If anyone of you confesses to actually being aware of the above words, I would have only one option left to do!!

Rush off and burrow my head under a pillow!!

And swear off blogging forever!!

Naaah!! Just kidding .

Or make that , Just Cozening You 😀

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No time for blogging :(

Its been a wee bit hectic lately (yaawwwnnnnn!! Nothing new in that, is there?!!) I have a zillion thoughts running in my head and no time to put them down. I haven’t mentioned the books I’ve read recently, or the movies I’ve watched or the places I’ve visited. An entire week goes by and I’m still to chronicle the activities of self and the twins. So not done, I tell you (errr….am I using the ‘so not done’  term too often these days?).

Anyhow, here’s a quick snapshot of the latest.

* The BF has ticked off certain close friends. He claims they ticked him off first  . I’m not the one to take sides so I’ll wait for them to sort out their differences. Good luck to them all 🙂

* Saw the movie A-Team……….in Hindi!! Aaarrgghhh!! What a killer!! To have a regular cuss word like “a**hole” being translated into “Sade huye kele ke chhilke” is so, so Hmmphh. I don’t even have a word for it!! But the movie was fun. See it if you like your two hours of witty dialogues and oodles of action. Total masala mix. Go for it (I’d personally suggest :D)

* The twin’s vocabulary has an exceptional new word. Its called “Nai” or NO. Wow!! To hear them go “Nai” for everything we suggest is nothing short of lighting a fuse. I go ballistic everytime they say that and it tickles them pink to see me react. So they start chanting “Nai, nai” , just in case I didn’t get the message the first time. Aah! Whoever said motherhood is easy, must have been the father.

* Reading up on Arvind Adiga’s “The White Tiger”. Just started the book, so no review now. But yes, it is quite gripping in its narrative and I kind of like the flow a lot. Eager to finish it as soon as possible 🙂 .

* G is back!! So looking forward to meeting up with her 🙂 and catching up on her recent trekking experience!! On that note, found out another mommy blogger who’s from Pune. Its  NewMumOnTheBlock 🙂 . Looking forward to catching up with her too (NMOTB, just give me some time to wrap up the work here. I promise I’ll try to fix up a meeting as soon as I can .God knows I have a lot of ticked off friends for whom I’m still trying to make some time 😦 . Apologies BFS/G/C 😀 ).

* Found a few hilarious sites (which I’d been hunting since I read this post by Meira ). These are by a group called Cheezburger Network which hosts several channels like PoorlyDressed, EpicFail, Wedinator, ActingLikeAnimals, Babysaur, etc. which are nothing but collections of whacky pictures with whackier commentary. A word of caution though, the PoorlyDressed channel is definitely NSFW! Beware!!

* Saina Nehwal scored a hat-trick !! How cool is that?!! And to think she has the conviction to say she will be Number One!! Super cool!! We do need more women like her in our midst. Go Girl, GO!!!! 😀 (that’s me grinning like an oaf….seeing as I have no achievements of my own to gloat about . Drat!!)

* Got the salary increment letters . Roughly, it is spelt as P-E-A-N-U-T-S. Possibly the only thing I can buy with the given raise. Luckily, the twins are too young to munch on them. At least this way, I get to keep them . the peanuts, I mean 😀  (now this was one difficult smiley to type, seeing that I can’t depict the anger simmering under that grin!!)

* Blogging is uber-addictive!! Worse is, reading blogs!! I’m so trapped that it’s getting difficult to focus on work. Must so NOT access account during work hours. Maybe from tomorrow 😀 (this one’s a genuine grin 🙂 ).

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