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………but a Tuesday, I take the liberty of excusing myself the weekend post. 

The weekend (and an extended one at that) was nothing to write home about. ALL my plans were squashed because of one reason or the other and the only silver lining was the exclusive time with the twins. Which obviously meant that they gave their Big-Dadi’s strict regimen the boot and behaved like total brats since their mom was around to defend them. This, obviously , has put me in the GMIL’s people-to-be-always-annoyed-with list. Sigh……the twins!! They just don’t help my cause in any way!!


I was watching TV (yeah, a few minutes of news doesn’t hurt anyone, does it :D) when an advertisement appeared. I usually keep the TV on mute when ads come on and this time was no different. So I saw the Big B miming the goodness of Dabur chyavanprash. For some reason, seeing him on the screen, in silent mode made me observe him closer than what I’d been doing before. And one thought flashed in my mind. Am I the only one who thinks its time the Big B coordinated the colour of his beard and hair? I mean, see this :- 


If he is vain enough to dye his hair, then why not the beard? 

And if the beard exists to portray wisdom/age, then why spare the hair? 

The black and white clash doesn’t work sir. Don’t take it personally,I mean I feel you are a very dashing (uh…young (?)) man, but you’ve totally lost me on the image here. You would look so much more convincing with either a black beard OR white hair (err..not both at the same time…that’ll just be reversing the current set-up, and no, I don’t mean to imply you look like a skunk! I wouldn’t dare, if you know what I mean !! Not with your hoard of followers and fans…..mob mentality will surely work against me 😀 )  ). 



There’s a new level of low in the fashion world these days. And by low, I mean, literally low!! Apparently quite popular with the youth brigade (who we know, don’t know any better), it is the new style statement in colleges, parties, hang-outs, whatever. 

I’m referring to something called as the “Drop-Crotch Pants”.  

The first time I heard it, I almost did a double-take. “What was it again”??, I went, ” Drop-crotch!! Why? why would I like to drop my crotch??”. Seeing it made some sense, but not completely. Like I said before, WHY???

Must be renamed the "Ugh Pants"

There!! Its called drop-crotch because the pant’s crotch falls somewhere between your thighs. 

I seriously wonder how it would feel to have that bunch of fabric chafing against the skin! Must be an inferno in there! 

Then, there are the extreme ones, the lower than low ones :- 

Lower than low!!

The fork ends up somewhere around the knees and gives the impression of wearing a skirt, that is, until you put one foot forward. But beware! Don’t put too much distance between your steps…..that thing you wear, might just split up anywhere!! And there is also the added burden of looking like a elephant suffering from hernia when you walk like that!! 

Which bring me once again to the issue at hand….Who allowed this monstrosity to be designed, AND displayed in public? 

Who thought it was a fashion statement to wear outfits which would best be suited to people suffering from severe (and I mean, mammoth) genital deformities?!! 

Fashion indeed! Sick  😐 

Edited to add :-

Never in my wildest dream did I expect that I’ll get to see the real thing in person!! Saw it yesterday on a young girl. The pants are as awful from the front as I’ve said above. But what I didn’t realize was how they looked from the back!! It looked as if her butts were competeing for space next to her knees!!

My eyes!! My eyes!! They still hurt when I think of that apparition !!

Its Palkhi time in Pune folks , which means, the city is host to thousands of pilgrims who make their way from Dehu to the Pandharpur Vithoba Temple with the Shri Tukaram Maharaj Palkhi(which carries symbols of the god’s footprints on a silver chariot). So for the next couple of days we can see the chanting and singing of devotees who walk on zealously to their destination. It amazes me to see the men and women undertake this journey, their sparse belongings packed in small bags and balanced on their heads. Most of them walk barefoot , totally unfazed by either the hot blazing sun, or the consistent downpour. Their devotion is truly amazing!! 

The one thing (actually, the ONLY thing)that irks me to no end at this time, is the attack of the fly brigade!! So we have flies all over the place. Inside the house, outside the house, in hotels, restaurants and even hospitals. It’s as if there is an air raid taking place and the weapons are these flies. Those irritating, hand-rubbing, buzzing mini-monsters!! 

This monsoon has brought a new infestation to my home (apart from the flies).  This weekend, I noticed the presence of (gasp) bed-bugs!! Yes!! Those ugly, vicious, blood-sucking parasites who had the gall to sting my babies!!  They have NO idea whom they’ve taken panga against this time. Its me, the dragon momma and I’m so gonna give them hell. The process of complete elimination is underway and as we speak, those bugs are dying a slow death!!

All hail Pest-Control 😀

The Bharat-Bandh on Monday was useless. It didn’t benefit anyone!! Least of all , us, for whom it was planned and executed. 

Burning of buses and autos was totally uncalled for and parties which rejoice in such activities in the name of protest surely don’t get my vote. Not now, not ever. I can live with the price hike, I can’t live with hooligans. 

Bharat bandh doesn’t mean pregnant women can’t deliver, hospitals can’t take in patients, honest, hard-working people cannot report to work, daily wage earners have forego their day’s earnings. If you stop all kinds of transport (public transport is the easiest target ), pelt private buses with stones, chase ambulances and  beat-up workers who report to work, how exactly are you ensuring that your party will do a better job when they come in power.

Sorry buddies, but you don’t paint a very comforting picture right now!!

As a footer to this post, how often do you get to see your babies cuddling up to their Abba on his either side, snuggling up under his blanket? 

Not often, I tell you, not often…and this morning it was heart warming to see them together…..two tiny beings and the man who gave them to me. Precious is the only word I can think of   🙂

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