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…….the NRI’s protested with non-violence and made TIME magazine apologise for the supposed ‘satire’ on dot-heads!!

Isn’t Joel Stein pleased? Isn’t that what he expected when he expressed surprise that Indians found his article racist and venomous?

And oh, in case you ask, “Who’s Joel Stein”, I’d like to let you know. But it doesn’t matter. I might just be sending more traffic his way …..which translates to more hits and ( 🙄 ) more popularity. Google him , if you want. But he’s not worth it. Believe me !!

There’s a lot of Joel-bashing going on on the web, but the two best reads I’ve come across are the ones by GreatBong and TheMadMomma. Do check out their outburst here and here.

Albeit late, TIME has apologized for the gaffe, though I wonder what kind of editor found that article funny enough to publish in the first place. The racist kind, I guess. The world’s full of them these days 😦 .

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The actual tag reads something different. It says , “My Sins against Gender Stereotypes”. 

But then, since Sins seems so negative and I find my ‘Sins’ so positive, I decided to rename it as Victories. 

There. That is half the battle won already, isn’t it  😀 

I was tagged for this post by Shail , DI and Momo’s Ma. Thanks guys 🙂 

Back to the tag. I’m supposed to list ten things which I have done, or wanted to do, which would have been deemed going against my gender’s stereotype. 

I have a lot to say on what I think about the gender stereotype, but lets just save it for another post. This one is for listing my victories, right?? So here goes :- 


Vic 1: The guy gangs. 

There was a time, when I was around 11 years old, when my dad discretely enquired of my mom if I had any girls as friends!! Mom was least perturbed. She was used to seeing me hanging around with guys as long as she could remember (flashback, since standard 1 ). Surprisingly, for every year of my life in school, I had at least one ‘Amit’ as a friend 🙂 . Though I had guys as friends, I used to have lunch with the girls, since guys had a nasty habit of grabbing your lunch box and stuffing the food down their throats before you could even take your first morsel. I might love my friends, but I loved my food more 😐 . Rest of the time, like walking back home, going out to play or visiting the local swimming pool, all happened with the guys 🙂 . 

Even at work, the guy gangs ruled 🙂 (that’s me in the center and some of my really good friends around). For the record, this picture was taken somewhere in 2005…..that’s five years back. Alas, I’m no longer as slim as I used to be 😦 

One of the BEST groups ever 🙂


Vic 2: The Center row, last bench 

There is some unwritten rule in co-ed schools, where one row, usually on one side of the classroom was reserved for girls. The rest of the rows were reserved for guys. Rather galling , I must say. So one day, I just picked my bag and moved to the center row, last bench where my best friend ‘Amit’ used to sit. There were gasps of surprise and the teacher didn’t take to it kindly. I was asked to move back to my seat. But the next day, I was back again. I was punished and made to stand on the bench. I didn’t mind it 🙂 The view from up there was rather different 😀 . What worked in my favour was the fact that I was among the top three (second, actually) in class. The first was , of course, Amit. And since we didn’t create any ruckus in class, we were forgiven 😀 . That made me rather unpopular among the girls …..but not for long 🙂 


Vic 3 : Taking that initiative 

You know that phase in life when you wonder why it is that girls wait for someone else to take that step? Like , you are in no mood to submit the mounds of homework on a given day. Everyone bickers, but no one dares to stand up and talk to the teacher directly about it. Well, I used to take that step, not always with favourable results, but a step nevertheless. That made me the wall between the students and the teachers. Similarly, if any girl likes a guy, I was the go between. Because I didn’t flinch in letting a guy know he was admired by someone else. Something , that helped me when I met the BF. I didn’t bother hiding the fact that I found him attractive. I told him upright that he had a killer smile.  Things after that were rather smooth 😀 


Vic 4 : Giving it back 

Okie….now this is a VERY wrong thing to do, but I once slapped a good friend , a guy, for something rude he said and for which I couldn’t think of an apt reply. My hand did the talking then. I’m not sure who was more stunned. Him or me. After that I slapped a few more guys (I’m NOT going to mention whom 😀 ). Also, during college when I used to travel by bus and a couple of hands strayed my way, I made sure they made their way back to where they belong, along with a few signs to show for it. 


Vic 5 : All by myself 

Somehow, my parents were never really worried about me. I mean, they trusted that I’d be able to look after myself, no matter what. And maybe that’s why, I got a chance of living by myself (yes, all alone) for more than two years. That means, working, cooking, cleaning, washing and all other stuff to be done by me and me alone. I SO miss that time.  I could spend hours alone at home, mostly reading novels (since I didn’t have a TV or a music system and I’m not the type to have the radio glued to my ears).  I didn’t mind spending weekends at home with NOTHING to do, when none of my friends were available to spend the time with. I’d simply snuggle in bed with my most popular “The Fountainhead” and munch on some snacks. Bliss. Sometimes, I think I’m my own best friend 😀 . 


Vic 6 : Jack of all trades 

Living alone helped me learn new skills.  I can handle my own bills, make the rounds of government offices to get work done and run around the city using nothing but public conveyance (which is  at all convenient 😀 ).I can now successfully repair an iron box, bathroom geyser, sandwich maker and similar electrical stuff. I know the difference between a Phillips driver and a slotted driver . I can shop all house-hold stuff, get hold of repairmen for bigger jobs and make sure it is carried out properly. Given a chance , I’d like to do some of those things myself (one of my dreams is to tile a floor. Ok, go ahead and laugh it out. I’ll wait for you to return 🙂 ) 


Vic 7 : The unknown path 

I don’t like taking the same route each day. Even when I used to go for a morning walk, I’d make sure to chart a new path, take a new route, find out new alleys. In all, just keep discovering new ways of making the walk interesting. This same habit transferred to the bikes. I LOVE looking for new ways to reach a destination. I try to find out atleast 3 new ways to reach any one place. I like to tell the BF that this helps me from being kidnapped ( 🙄 ) since the kidnappers wouldn’t know which route I’d be taking that day.Clever, isn’t it? Not to mention, exciting 😀 . 


Vic 8 : Tech that! 

I’d like to belive that I’m more technically gifted than the BF. And that it’s not just limited to my knowledge of the computer and its peripherals. I LOVE reading the tiny/big manuals that come with any electrical/electronic equipment. So basically, I know the workings of a washing machine, refrigerator, vacuum cleaner and other stuff by heart 🙂 . I simply adore stuff which comes in a set of multiple pieces that have to be put together before they are functional. And yeah, did I mention I’m a gadget freak ?? 


Vic 9 : Dream On… 

Now, this is rather personal, but in my dreams, I’m usually a man. A brave guy who gets to bash up the baddies. Maybe it stems from my personal bad experiences as a girl. Maybe not. Or maybe, it’s just an intrinsic desire to beat up the men. Who knows.  Who cares :D. It’s just a dream. But one that takes me far away from the reality of being a woman 🙂 . 


Vic 10: Never decked up 

Except , maybe for my wedding. And maybe other people’s weddings. Because that is the only time I bother to don the gold necklaces and ear-rings and bangles. Rest of the time, the only thing I adorn may be a pair of ear-rings. Today, I don’t even have those. So I don’t wear the ‘mangalsutra’, no toe-rings, no finger-rings, no chains, no bangles, no wristwatch , no nailpolish and no anklets. I don’t like to advertise that I’m married (those who know me, know my marital status and those who don’t know me, why would I even care what they think?!!). 


And all I wanna do now…. 

…..is to take off time to visit a theatre and watch a movie all by myself. Seriously. I so WANT to do this…..

Most of the stuff above goes against the stereotypes we have set for women. But I was lucky to have parents who never differentiated between their son and daughters. So if brother would be allowed to do something, we would be given an equal chance at it. I  love roller coaster rides, can swim for hours, can trek for miles, love kabaddi (was even a good player once) and even appeared for SSB (Services Selection Board for the Armed Forces). I got rejected for different reasons, but it gave me an all new confidence as to what all I can do.  What all I can endure!

All this doesn’t mean that I want to be like men. No way!! Like I mentioned in point 1, there are some habits only guys are good at. I wouldn’t even want to get into those!! I’m no dainty damsel, not with my loud boisterous manner, a walk which is more like a march (must be the years of Scouts & Guides training!!) and a tendency to call a spade a spade.

But I know I’m a woman through and through because I love my kids , husband and family the way no man ever could. I care for them in a way that cannot be defined. 

 Motherhood has given me a feminity I didn’t know existed and I cherish each moment of it. I don’t think I’d ever want to be anything other than a woman. A mother. Ever.

Since everyone in the blog world I know has already taken up this tag, I have no one left to forward it to. So if you are reading this and are interested, do take it up. I keep it open for all of you 🙂


Edited to add :-

There seems to exist a slight confusion regarding my victories . Like I said before, these are my victories against gender stereotypes. Which means, the way I oppose the stereotypes set for women (like in Vic 10. The general norm is that a married woman should display her status, show that she is ‘booked’ and no longer ‘available’). Going against the norms set for women doesn’t necessarily translate to going in favour of norms set for men.  Hence Vic 3 and Vic 5.  Vic 3 doesn’t imply that men don’t take initiative. I’ve known boys to be more vocal with their opposition than girls. I wasn’t as boisterous as the guys , but yeah, I was vocal enough to draw the ire of my professors 😀 .

My victories are against the stereotypes set for women , which may or may not apply to men.

Hope I’ve made my case clear 🙂

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