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To Rub It In!!!

I’m having a perfectly rotten day today.

The kids were driving me up the wall with their constant wailing. As usual, the woman in me was torn¬†between being a mother and a professional. None won ūüė¶

The woman didn’t know whether to stay at¬†home and look after the brats or report to work where¬†she had to submit some urgent critical tasks.

To top it,¬†she got delayed because like a DUMB oaf,¬†she thought of making dosas¬†for breakfast. Now she usually doesn’t spend too much time preparing breakfast. In most cases, it’s the¬†easy upma¬†or maggi¬†for the BF and the BIL¬† (the GMIL¬†preferring her tea and toast).¬†She ¬†usually doesn’t do breakfast items like dosas, uttapas¬†or parathas, where it requires time to make at least¬†2 per head. But like a buffoon, she picked a packet of ¬†ready to use dosa batter. And was stuck in the kitchen for the better part of an hour making it for everyone at home. Needless to say, she got late. VERY late.

And then, she realized that she’s suffering a dull ache all over . Must be the warning signs of an incoming flu. She hasn’t got a fever yet. Just feeling lethargic and wanting to curl up and get some shut-eye. But whom¬†is she kidding. Gotta wrap up much work here first!

And then, just when¬†she’s ¬†feeling her lowest, she reads a¬†news article like this!


Kill me people!

Just don’t torture me with such information which is akin to rubbing salt on my wounds.

Arrghh…I’m miserable today. Definitely not a good person to be around with.

Avoid me for the day ūüėź !!

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