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Dear Twins,

A very Good Morning to you both.

Now, you may notice that I’m emphasizing the “Good” part. I know that you haven’t furrowed your brows over the slight change in tone of that ‘Good’. Nevertheless, I really must update you on the reason I’m ticked off today.

You, SS, are off to sleep by 10 pm every night and then get up every morning with the first call of the rooster.

You, RS, take your own sweet time to welcome the night fairy and it is usually 12 before you allow your mother to hit the sack. But then, you wake up late, not before 8AM on any given day.

Between the two of you, I get a time span of 6-6.5 hours of sleep. Between which, again, you both insist on getting up at least 2 times.


Aren’t you two old enough to sleep through the night ?

Aren’t I feeding you enough dinner to keep your bellies full?

Aren’t I further fueling you up when I give you your last bottle of milk for the night?

Then why exactly do you, RS, kick your mamma in the face and cry blue murder ??

Why do you, SS, howl like a banshee and make sure the entire households gets up wondering what the evil-mamma is up to now?!!

Do I have to remind you guys that you are my offsprings. C’mon guys, I deserve a little loyalty here!! I’ve stayed up nights not only since you were born, but even much before that. My huge belly didn’t allow me comfort in any way (stuffing pillows in every crevice of the body doesn’t really help you know!).

I’ve tried every trick in the book to make sure you get your 8 hours of straight ZZZZZZ’s. Oh , ok, so I was actually trying to make sure I got my 8 hours of snooze time. So, sue me!! I’m just human ,aren’t I?? I feel sleepy. I need sleep. You get your afternoon naps, don’t you?  What about me then??

Cut me some slack, will you…..its just a matter of time before the boss at work finds me dribbling over my keyboard, oblivious to the world. I’m this close to dropping off the cliff of senility.

I’m edgy, grumpy, sore and foul-mouthed. At my worst, even your father avoids crossing my path. I’ve become unsociable, hostile and wonky. I start statements which I don’t intend completing. I say something which has no prior premise. I walk off in the midst of a conversation, I jump into one when I’m not invited. I end up buying the same stuff three days in a row. And I forget to buy stuff for which I have at least three reminders set on my phone. I’m late for work, I’m late getting back home. Everything hurts, including the split ends of my hair. I need a break. And I need it HOW!!

Remember guys, at the end of the day, I’m still your mamma. I’ll still stay up as long as you need. I’ll still be there when you get up in the nights. I’ll be there to change your loaded diapers and to feed you. See ? I’m being magnanimous, aren’t I ?? Now how about inheriting some of this magnanimity? Prove that blood is thicker than water and that Gregor Mendel knew what he was talking about 😀

Snooze well Sweethearts. God knows we you need it :D.

Your Ranting-Coz-Of-Sleep-Deprivation


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