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Hiya Peeps,

I’ll be away for a couple of days. Naah….not from work. I’ll be away from blogging. I’ve crossed my internet usage limit (Duh ūüôĄ !!) and need to keep myself away from coming into the management’s notice. I tell you guys, this blogging bug has bitten me real hard! If I’m not busy blogging, I use up every free minute to read up on all the other bloggers. The BF has banned me from sitting at the computer at home and now I can’t even access internet from work. Life sucks!!


Like I said above,the BF has banned me from sitting at the computer. What is a girl supposed to do then?? Well, the girl just has to buy a new laptop ūüėÄ . So now I’m the proud owner of a brand new Dell I3 (more details here). It’s a beauty. I LOVE it!!

So, now that I have my own laptop¬†, I can get back to blogging when the kids are asleep ūüėÄ .

Life ain’t all that bad after all ūüėÄ


I’m this close to bursting with indignation at the news of the Burqa ban and the people supporting it. But it calls for a separate post and I’ll be doing that today (maybe by the end of the day or tonight)


How exactly does one deal with people who have the constant¬†habit of dispensing unwanted free advise¬†EVERY effing¬†time?!! It’s not¬†funny when the so called¬†gyan¬†guru thinks I’m an imbecile and hence needs to be¬†guided every step of the way. Worst part?? The said person belongs to the BF’s side of the family. Aarghh!!


I had a session¬†with the MIL on Sunday. Issue being, I was really ticked off at the BF for not keeping his stuff away (like putting his clothes back¬†in the cupboard). I was asking the MIL why she hadn’t instilled¬†these common practises in her kids. The poor woman was at a loss of words. Frankly because, her MIL wouldn’t let the kids do it. So either the MIL had to put away her children’s stuff, or the GMIL did it. The BF NEVER had to keep his stuff back, so he never learnt to do it.

And now he expects his wife to do the same, only difference being, the wife doesn’t take too kindly to running meagre errands when she herself is burdened¬†with a hundred different tasks at home and work.

So the MIL , in order to¬†placate a very annoyed DIL, says,”Ok, let’s do one thing. Lets keep a maid who will do these tasks of keeping things in place”.


“Thats¬†NOT the point!!!”, I screamed,” thats¬†EXACTLY what you are NOT supposed to do. You are supposed to ask him to pull up his socks and do his own work!! Better to make him learn now than never!!”.

The MIL just shook her head in pity. Her poor son chose a dragon-lady¬†as ¬†his wife. Fate couldn’t have dealt him a worse blow!

As for me, I spent the rest of the day fuming and ranting at anyone who dared cross my path. The BIL steered clear the whole day. The BF is still avoidings  me.


You know these blog-stat thingies in WordPress which shows a graph of the number of hits one gets ? Well, once in a while I check it out and its usually the same. 50-100 hits on a weekday and dips to 20-40 on weekends. But last week saw the stat counter hitting 450 on a single day.  This appears to be an anomaly in the regular scheme of things. Veteran WordPress users, does this appear to be a possible virus attack?

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