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Hiya Folks.

A VERY Good Morning to ya all 🙂

As you can see, I’m back to regular blogging now. So all of you who’d abandoned me last week, do come back. There’s lots to share , lots to talk about 🙂

Without much ado, here’s the weekend update :-

1) Its been pouring cats and dogs . No, make that Elephants and Hippos and all things large and heavy. Firstly, it didn’t rain for ages and put the municipal people in a tizzy. We were threatened with water cuts and what not. Mid-July, still no rain. And then, just when the water cuts came into effect, the rain gods blessed us with their bounty. And How?!! So we face a rather funny dilemma here. There’s water EVERYWHERE , except in the taps. The tanks are dry. We ration our drinking water. All the while, everything outside is wet,Wet,WET!!! The clothes are wet, the floors are wet, the windows are wet and that which is not wet, is cold. Brrr…!!

2) P sent me an invite for a book read (I’ve ALWAYS wanted to attend a book read) by Dr. Mohan Agashe for Gouri Dange’s book, “The Counsel of Strangers”. My first reaction was excitement. But then, reality struck and I realized I needed to make some arrangement for the kids to be looked after in the evening in my absence. The kid’s maid leaves by 6:30 to 7 pm these days. The book reading was at 6 pm. I could have made it, if the MIL or the BF were home in the evening. But alas, both weren’t. I had to regretfully cancel my attendance. Some other time P …. 🙂

But yeah, I had a fun time with the twins, who are turning naughtier and peskier by the day!!  More on that later 🙂

3) The BF is once again down with his throat infection. Once, a long time back, when I had just begun taking an interest in him, I turned to the best friend and guide for such circumstances: Linda Goodman’s sun signs (I read the Love-signs book much later In fact, much , much later : after my marriage. Just to check if it really works. Am still on the fence on that one 😀 ).

While checking out the health issues of Taureans, I was struck by how the throat infection part was emphasized on. I’d known the BF for only a few years by then and yet, I remember him forever popping some or the other medication for that throat of his.

At that time, I hadn’t paid much attention to it. But now, I’m not sure whether to leave alone  the infections as one of his traits and let him suffer them or to get him checked properly for any underlying infection which has taken root in his throat  (the BF has already done some tests for it, but there is no serious infection, the reports say). Even the local family doctor was surprised at the BF’s regular visits. It’s at least one trip a month to her clinic, for that throat. Even my kids don’t visit the doctor that frequently!!

Is there any home remedy that helps cure sore throats? Or at least ease them? The poor guy can barely swallow water when it’s at its worst!!!

4) I’m reading a book called “The Memory Keeper’s daughter” by Kim Edwards. The book has touched me deeply, because like me, the protagonist’s (a doctor) wife also had twins, a boy and a girl. The girl had Down’s Syndrome, so the father hands over the child to his nurse and asks her to admit the child in an institution for the mentally feeble. He tells his wife that their daughter was born dead. The nurse carries out the request ,but backs out when she see’s the run-down condition of the institute. She runs away with the child to bring up as her own. Meanwhile, the doctor’s wife cannot adjust to the fact that her child is no more. Though she holds a memorial service for her daughter, there is some connection which makes her feel as though her child is somewhere around, somewhere close by. The same connect is felt by the son, but he never expresses his feelings to his parents, who over the time, have drifted apart. The doctor, consumed by his own guilt and the mother, by her dis-satisfaction with life.

I’m at an interesting turn in the story now. Will post my thoughts on it once I finish 🙂 .

5) I made Paav-Bhaji yesterday. And no, I didn’t take any snaps. It’s not possible, you see, when you are busy chopping veggies, then leaving it to run after the twins who have stolen a knife from under your nose, returning to resume chopping , then hear the GMIL holler something. Leave the veggies and attend to the GMIL, return to chopping, and so on and so forth. Nowhere in this scheme of things would it ever strike anyone to go to the bed room, grab the camera, and click snaps. Specially when lunch is delayed (had to visit the Ped in the morning) and the men in the family are howling their hunger at the kitchen door !!

Couldn’t help but recollect the time when I was pregnant with the twins. I used to have severe cravings for paav-bhaji, to the extent that if I didn’t get it immediately, I broke out in cold sweat and had a bad headache!!

The MIL, totally understanding her DIL’s condition, cooked a HUGE vessel of paav-bhaji and set it before me. Eat to your fill, she said. And I did.  A normal 4-paav and bhaji eating woman was turned into a glutton when I consumed 8 paavs, slathered with a full pack of Amul butter and a large bowl of bhaaji in one go. The BF could only gape in shock. The BIL kept his comments to himself, the MIL indulged me by heaping my plate with more. Aaahhhh…..Bliss 😀

Coming back to present, I had the usual 4-paavs and bhaji. I’m normal now. Thanks for asking 😀

6) Took the kids to the pediatrician for their Hepatitis A vaccination. While waiting for the nurse to fill the syringes, the doc asked me if I’d put the twins in a playgroup yet. I said no, but I was planning on it once they turned two. The doc told us not to do so. She said, the twins should be put in a playgroup after they turn 3 years old. Because the play-group teachers forget they are supposed to let the kids play and end up trying to teach children how to read and write. Which the kids will anyway learn when they join kindergarten. No point in pressuring or pushing the kids into doing stuff before their time, she said.

And I see her point. Though I was earlier inclined towards putting them in a playgroup , I think I’ll just let them be the babies that they are 🙂 . And the twins are in no way slow learners (just slow speakers, seeing that they are yet to join two coherent words together!!). The doc said that some kids are slow to talk and we shouldn’t be needlessly worried about it.

Well, I’m not worried. Not anymore 🙂


A long time back, in 1994, to be precise, I was in Dehra Dun. One winter morning, it started raining hard. Rains in winter were common in DDun. Whenever it snowed in Mussourie, the residual water would pour down on the valley town in heavy sheets of chilled water. It was cold. It was wet. A terrible combination. So if we ever got our socks wet, we’d be sure to shiver our way through the day, with no amount of sweaters or blazers enough to keep us warm.

One such morning, it rained so hard that the school was shrouded in darkness. The lights were switched on and we all sat huddled in our benches, drawing our legs close together for heat. It was the time for our English class and as the teacher came in, we all released a collective groan. She was a strict teacher and most of us had missed doing our homework that day. She could make out our restlessness and asked casually if we were in the mood to study or not. The class, as a whole replied in the affirmative that we were NOT in the mood that day. The teacher just became grim, we could see her pursing her lips and without a word, she left the classroom.

Now, we were really worried. If she had gone to the Principal’s office and reported us, we would all be in trouble. We were the 10th standard students that year and like any unsaid rule in KV’s, the 10th and 12th standard results held the key to the schools reputation. We had a responsibility to shoulder and here we were, shirking our studies.

Anyhow, the teacher returned shortly, without the Principal. We breathed a sigh of relief. But what really made our day (and by that I mean, REALLY) was the fact that she had returned with a bag of steaming hot samosas from the cafeteria , for the whole class!!!

We all happily munched on our samosas, chattering happily, because the noise of the rain was enough to drown the noise from our classroom. The teacher just sat in her chair, correcting some notebooks.

Whenever I look back at that incident, I remember her fondly. Because never before, or after have I ever seen a teacher going out of her way to cater to the whims of her class in this way. She wasn’t even our class teacher!

And maybe that’s why, when it gets cold and wet, I sometimes come to office bearing a bag of samosas ….for my friends and colleagues at work. They don’t expect it, like we as students didn’t expect our teacher to get it, but yet, the pleasure of finding something hot to eat on a cold day is a welcome  change, and I can feel what the teacher must have felt then. The satisfaction of making a few people happy, albeit for a short period. The good vibes, though,  stay with us much longer.

Thank you Vohra ma’am, for one of life’s lessons which don’t necessarily come from a textbook.

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