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Raising a Stink!!

Women make mistakes all the time. Heck, even men do. But we love flogging ourselves over the lightest deviation from the norm. So if RS rolls over from the mattress to the floor and I see her in that state when I get up, I’ll mentally scream at myself for not checking up on her before. I’ll happily indulge in a guilt-trip on how I failed my daughter and made her suffer (never mind that she rolled off just a few minutes before I woke up!!)

Some of you may argue that it is not my fault. At some level, even I know so. So I try and rein in my impulses to sob at every such inadequacy which is a part of me. I can, at most be forgiven. I’m a woman, and a mother at that ūüėÄ

But some women really can’t be forgiven. Not only for what they do to others, but also what they do to themselves!!

Like this woman (call her a demon, actually) who confessed to murdering her offsprings! And how many did she brutally murder away?? One? Two??


All EIGHT of them!

Whew!! Thats one hard-hearted-b**** out there!!

Any excuse , and by that¬†I mean any damn excuse that goes by the words ‘post-natal-depression’ or ‘post natal trauma’ or ‘post-natal-denial’ doesn’t cut the cake. Such high falutin’¬†terms do nothing to disguise the fact that a woman who can brutally bury her newborns alive, is not human. She is pure evil.

Closer home, we have women like Dimpy¬†Ganguly, who, for her 15 minutes of fame, gladly wooed Rahul Mahajan¬†to be¬†his bride. What hits hard is the fact that¬†the girl is educated. And apparently from a normal middle-class family.¬† What’s worse is the fact that her parents supported her decision to take part in the show(I’m sure Nikunj Malik ¬†and Harpreet Chhabra must be counting their lucky stars right now!).

I’d like to belive that NONE of them was aware of the circumstances under which RM got divorced from his first wife. A wife, who was also called as his ‘child-hood sweetheart’. A woman who knew him for years before he came of age and got married. A woman, who left him because she could not tolerate his physical abuse any more .

I believe Shweta¬†Singh had married this guy out of true love, unlike the public tamasha¬†that was Dimpy’s¬†marriage. Yet, did Dimpy¬†or her family stop and reflect¬†on the guy who had accusations piled high on him like bouffant??

And now, she cries of physical abuse. Of being punched, kicked and dragged. Only to forgive him hours later and move back.

Make up your mind woman!! Just when I think you are dumb to the limit, you prove me wrong and go one step higher.

I find it difficult to sympathise with such women.  And forgiving them is not my area of concern.

I just feel mighty ticked off that such women exist and give the rest a bad name!!

Cruelty and stupidity don’t have boundaries, do they?!!

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Remember my earlier post on child leash? The one where I¬†felt offended with the device called “Child Harness” ?!!

Well, a few days back, a good friend from office sent me a mail containing a set of snaps of the same child harness. Just looking at the snaps strengthened my belief that this device is seriously loathsome.

Check this out :-

See?? No difference !!

And then, two days back , MySoul forwarded me this link.

Now, frankly, I have serious doubts on the parenting skills of people who come up with such ‘inventions’. Though, in all fairness, the author of that post had the sense to use the word ‘Idiotic’ as part of the title . Some consolation, that ūüėź

The inventions speak of sheer laziness and shirking of responsibilities. But the last item on that list totally got to me. I tried mentioning what it is but I’m having a tough time pushing down the ball of bile that rises up my throat every time I think about it!! It even makes that harness look good!!

Check out the inventions here .

On another offshoot, I just found that the last item on the list is also cooked and eaten¬† ūüė° ¬†.

GAG ūüėź !!!!

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