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10 Happy Updates….

…..from the Deadly Duo, who else 😀 ?!!

Life is pretty good, we all go about our regular routines and all this while, the twins are catching up with new things even as we blink. They’ve both transformed into sponge-blobs, absorbing every good, bad and ugly stuff we do.

I’ve been meaning to write posts on the many new things they’ve learnt, but then its a new thing everyday and I’m finding it rather difficult to keep count or track of it.

So now, I’ve decided to list down the 10 things the twins do that makes me a happy Mamma (albeit a sleep deprived one 😀 . And NO, the kids haven’t yet learnt to sleep through the night, though I WISH!! Thanks for asking 🙂 )

Without much ado, here goes :-


1) Jhappi-Pappi :- How do you resist when a tiny pair of arms encircles you for an impromptu hug, when you least expect it?? How does it feel when you get back home after a tiring day and the kids fling themselves at you, smothering you with kisses??

Its bliss 🙂 .

Till now, the twins were at the receiving end of our kisses. It’s good to see them now giving it right back !! Yes, SS included 🙂 . And the best part is when they are playing with their toys and suddenly, RS gets up, walks up to her brother and envelops him in a bear hug. SS then brings his arms around her and hugs her back!! They stay like that for a few seconds before separating and carrying on with their toys. And it’s not only RS, even SS takes the initiative to hug his sister when she least expects it.

Its fun to watch, seriously 🙂

2) Nach-Baliye:- OK!! What do we have here??

Two sets of twinkle-toes, no less 🙂

So each time me or the BF or the MIL or FIL come back from work, we are greeted with the index-finger-raised-hopping-on-both-legs dance. And that’s not all. The dance is accompanied by chanting the name of the person who has come. So if its me, I am greeted with a dance of “Mamma, mamma,mamma….”.

It’s so heart-warming, seeing them express their glee on seeing a loved one!!

Apart from this, there is the dance which takes place when they hear music, or the drum beats of any procession on the road, or the sound of  off-key trumpets from someone’s baraat. There’s just one step. Fingers extended, pointing upwards, hop, hop, hop 😀

3) Khana-Khazana :- Hmmm…little progress from SS on this one. But RS more or less covers up for him! So we can now feed her anything under the sun and she’s game. Be it rice, chapatis, spicy curries or vegetables. She’ll at least try that first morsel before deciding whether she likes it or not. Must have her mother’s genes 😀 . SS, in the meanwhile, refuses to open his mouth for stuff he cannot identify or stuff which is new (that’s his father’s genes) .

SS is still a little finicky and refuses to eat anything himself (that’s the royal streak in him. More on that in the next point). At least he has taken an immense liking towards bananas , which he can polish off at a go :).

RS is now addicted to cheese and anything sweet. I’m not liking the sweet-tooth part, but since she adores cheese, I think that more or less balances things !

4) Ji-Huzoor :-  I mentioned above that SS has a royal streak in him. Hmmm. Let me prove it to you.

What do you say about a kid, who, on finding the slightest sign of smut on his fingers, rushes to the nearest adult and signals them to get rid of it?

What do you say about a kid, who, when bitten by a mosquito, extends his leg to be scratched, while he reclines and enjoys the scratching?

What do you say about a kid, who clambers in your arms and points his tiny fingers in the direction where he wishes to go? The directions keep varying, depending on his mood levels!

What do you say about a kid, who, when faced with a plate of food and spoon, patiently waits till you are free to feed him? Try keeping a plate and spoon in front of any other kid. Then you’ll know what I mean.

RS is no better at times. So she gets a little smut on her fingers. The little miss looks around and then cooly wipes her hand on her dada’s uniform, or her dadi’s sari or her mom’s new suit. It doesn’t matter whose dress it is, as long as it isn’t her’s!! The same goes for wiping her runny nose. Mummy’s dupatta is the best thing around for such tasks!!

5) Chaddi-Buddy :- There was a time when the twins used to kick and howl at the mere suggestion of changing diapers or undies. But not any more.

So after they’ve done their big jobs in their diapers in the morning, I just have to tell them that we need to change, and they happily oblige by lying down on the changing mat . While I get busy with the diapers, they hand me the wet-tissues or the box of talcum powder or their undies, as the case may be :).

The twins can now use the powder-puff to powder their *ahem* parts. Thankfully, that’s one task off my lists now 😀

6) Nhao-Nhao :- Aaahh….bath times. The twins have loved their baths as long as I can remember. They still do and with much more vigour than before. It’s tough to get them to quit and come out.

The new thing is that the twins can now dry themselves with their towels. I just have to tell them which part to dry and they vigorously rub their towels on that part. Its fun to watch them. That’s mostly because their newly acquired independent streak doesn’t allow them to be bathed or rubbed down by adults 😐 !!

After the bath comes the powdering part. Which, like I said before is a greatly enjoyed sequence .They have fun dusting the powder on themselves and on each other 🙂

7) Maaf Karo :- Its been tough, but we’ve been able to get the children to understand what sorry means. So if they get naughty and break stuff, they immediately say sorry, by which I mean that they tug at their ears and pull a long face (since they still can’t say the word 🙂 ).

The only problem is, the kids need to be thoroughly convinced of their guilt, for them to apologise. So if I scold them, just for larks, and ask them to say sorry, they’ll give me a look which says I should go take a hike!! Oh well, you can’t win every time 😦

But there are also other fun instances which crop up .Like the time MIL was reprimanding the BF on something, and RS, who was sitting on her father’s lap, immediately got up and pulled at his ears, while calling out to her dadi. Well sweetheart, I’m sure your father was deeply apologetic (not to mention, tickled pink) when you pulled his ears. How about leaving him to do the needful next time 🙂 ?

 8 ) Jiska Maal Uska :- There are three men in the house .And three women. Amongst us, we have a total of 8 mobile phones.

Yet, the twins know exactly which mobile belongs to whom. So if the MIL’s mobile rings and I move to pick it up, RS comes running to me , yelling ,”Naaaaaaiiiiii”. She grabs the phone and runs to her dadi and hands her the phone. If the BIL’s phone rings and the GMIL picks up the call, the twins throw a fit, yelling, “Chacha, chacha…”!


SS can differentiate between all the trousers at home, easily distinguishing between the jeans belonging to his father and the ones belonging to his chachu. RS knows all my clothes by heart and can easily sort between mine and MIL’s suits.

Also, if something belongs to me, it has to be with me, ALLthe time!! So, while leaving for work, if I keep my purse in the hall and come to the kitchen for a drink of water, the twins lug my heavy bag to the kitchen, calling out to me and showing the purse, indicating that its mine and has to be with me 🙂

9) Nakal-khor :- Copycats. Thats what the twins are. They now copy everything we do . Or say.

So if I scold RS for dropping something, she’ll yell at her baby doll in the same way.

If I give SS a small tap on his cheek for throwing stuff, he’ll turn to his baby doll and whack it exactly as I had done.

Which also means, they treat their baby dolls like we treat them. So my two babies now look after their own two babies 🙂 . If I give SS his bottle of milk, he’ll try to feed his doll. Same is the case with RS. If I give them something to eat, they try and feed their babies. They ask us to dress their dolls in their dresses. So RS’s doll wears her frocks and SS’s doll wears his shorts.

Moreover, SS tries to put his doll to sleep on his lap exactly the way I do for him. And RS hugs her doll close and pats its head, walking around the house and humming her own tune. It surprises me to see them mimicking our actions so closely!!

10 ) Not without my father :- The one thing that pleases me to no end, is to see the bonding between the twins and their father. The BF works long hours and gets to spend very little time with the kids. But when he gets the chance, he plays around with them to their heart’s content.

RS calls him Abba and at times, Aabuuu (this is the surprising part. We never taught her that. Its something she picked up on her own!!). SS still stick s to calling him Baba 😀 .

The twins are used to their father’s absence. But the one time when they refuse to stay without him, is during their sleep hours. If their abba is not in the room, the twins will get up multiple times, asking for him. “Aaabuuuu….Aaabuuuuuu…..” is the chant RS carries on with until I ask her to go and check if her father’s back yet. she’ll promptly get up, run around the house checking for her father and not finding him home, come back tell me, “aaabuuu…nai“!!!

SS meanwhile, lies on his bed, looks up at the ceiling and yells “BABAAA…… ” in the loudest voice possible!!

I have no option, but to call up the BF and ask him to hurry home, before the neighbours start knocking on our doors to shut up!!


As I started writing this post, I realized that it isn’t just these 10 points which tickle my heart. There are many other smaller things the twins do, like handing me onions when I’m cooking in the kitchen, or waking up and cuddling up to me in the morning, or making their choice of clothes clear when we are going out, or calling out to the pigeons which sit at the window sill, or loudly exclaiming bow-wow when they see a dog , or being smitten by kids younger than them…..and many more!!

Its amazing to see them grow and develop as individuals. To see them behave so alike and yet so different from each other. To see them grow each day and marvel at the miracle of human life. To feel my heart being tugged in two different directions at the same time. To feel the rush of love, so heady, so satisfying, I wonder why people ever need drinks or drugs 😐 !!

Or maybe, its just me talking, a madly-in-love-with-her-babies momma 😀

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