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Frozen Proposal!!

Its been ages since I got married, I guess. No wonder videos like this get me all teary eyed and sniffy 😀 .

It’s a bit long, but the end is totally worth it.

I’m still sniffy at the sappiness of it all.

Have a look, while a hunt for a tissue to blow my nose on!



Dont you just LOVE the way he snaps his fingers both times?! I’m sure they’d feel a rush of love everytime they see this vid. Ohh..well….I think its time I forwarded this link to the BF.

I wouldn’t mind a mushy proposal myself 😀

(For the record, me and the BF made a concious decision to tie the knot after careful consideration and discussion. Yup, we ARE the boring-couple-of-the-milleium. Yaaawwwn)

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