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A young girl.

20 years old.

Single child.

No father. No siblings.

Just a mother. Who brought her up single-handed since the girl was 6 years old.

And this morning, even the mother passed away. A massive heart-attack, the doctors said.

The young girl is the nanny who comes to look after my kids.

I have no idea how to console her. I can never comprehend her loss, which at most, can be termed as total.

I dread to even think of being in her shoes, of standing at this threshold of her life, all alone.

I’m wrapping up early and leaving shortly.

Do send in your prayers for the departed soul.

And for the young girl, who has a long way to go, a lot of sorrow to shoulder.

“Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilahi Raji’oon”.

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For those who Love a good read

Hop over to Unmana’s blog and catch her instalments on this lovely story she wrote , called “The Voices In My Head“.

The story by now is quite captivating and I’m personally looking forward to the rest of it.

I’m sure you’ll love the narration too (the ONE thing that matters to me in a good book 🙂 )

Happy Reading 🙂

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Between the BF and me while we were at the resort.


Me: Let me take one snap of you with the green background.

BF : No

Me : Please. Whay are you so grumpy?

BF : I’m not!! I just don’t want any snaps taken.

Me : Pretty please.

BF : No way. I hate posing for snaps. And you know that!!

Me : C’mon! I promise I won’t put it up on the blog.

BF : Well, okay then 🙂

Me : Wha..?!!! 😐



Between my high-end tailor,HT  (the one to whom I give expensive stuff for stitching) and a customer at his shop, G ( a young girl, about 21 years old and definitely educated. The conversation took place in English )


G : I want to give these two pieces for stitching.

HT : (looking at a cloth piece in green colour) You want a shalwar of this?

G : NO!!! It is SILK!! I want a nice oopar-wala[sic] of it .

HT : You mean kurta?

G : Yeah yeah. You stiched that dress for Michelle, no? The yellow one with that side design? I want same design.

HT : But that Kurta  was a different material. I can change the pattern a little for this one, add a little lace to the hem…

G : NO! I want it exactly like Michelle’s dress. Her oopar-wala did not have lace. Actually, I don’t like lace.

HT: Ummm…

G : I’ll ask Michelle to lend the dress. You can see and make this oopar-wala like that only.

HT : Huh?! No need. I know how that dress was. I’ll try making this same way.

G : It should be exactly like Michelle’s dress. I like that dress very much. I wanted that for myself 🙂

HT : 😐 Huh! Ok.


LOL!! That part about the “lace on the oopar-wala” had me struggling so hard to control my laughter, I snorted a couple of times. The girl was oblivious to it 😀 !!


Between my low-end tailor LT (the one who stiches regular everyday clothes) and a well-endowded woman (about 35+ in age) ,WE , at his shop


WE : Bhaiyaa…mujhe yeh do dress stitch karane hain. Yeh white cotton wala dress mujhe urgent chahiye.

LT : Jaldi nahin hoga. Time lagega. Agle hafte aa jao.

WE : Achcha theek hai. Lekin mujhe yeh dress mein na, aaj kal fashion chal raha hai na, puff-sleeve ka, waisa chahiye. Uske neeche elastic lagana. Frill achcha aana chahiye.

LT : (Blank look. Probably mentally visializing those biceps in puff sleeves) Errmmm..actually, kapda utna nahin hai. Normal sleeves banega.

WE : Nahin Mujhe waisa hi chahiye. Aur kurte ko side mein cut mat dena.

LT : Kya?!!

WE : Haan. Mujhe woh cut nahin chahiye. One piece mein stich karna.

LT : (Folding the kurta piece length-wise and holding it up to the woman to see) Dekho madam, iska gher zyada nahin hai.

WE : (petulantly) Lekin mujhe waisa hi chahiye.

(All this while, I’m grinning behind the woman’s back. The tailor’s having a tough time keeping a straight face while talking to the lady 🙂 )

LT : (finally gathering courage) Madam, yeh style aapko suit nahin karega.


LT : (now resigned) Theek hai. Banata hoon.

WE : (Grins in victory)

(And I go home laughing all the way. I’d SO like to see the lady wearing that dres!! )


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Amazing Art!!

Got this in the mail yesterday, but was too busy to post it then.

Have a look. I was zapped at the amount of time and concentration this must have taken. 

Creativity on Pencil Lead




Wonderful, isn’t it?!!

My favourite was the one with the entwined hearts. So intricate, so pretty 🙂

What’s yours?

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