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 The company which pays me has a rather positive attitude towards the environment and greenery. In keeping up with this spirit, all the balconies, work-halls and cafeterias in the office are lined with potted plants. Lots and lots of plants. It pleases the eyes to see those bright shiny leaves. The housekeeping staff even sprays and wipes the leaves of these plants on weekends 😀

But the company where I work (client side) is a little more reserved on this front. I’m yet to see a potted plant anywhere in our premises 😦 .

So, bringing in the values (instilled by the paying company), I decided to add my dash of green to my cubicle (or two-bicle, as is the case 😀 ).

A Money Plant 🙂

As the rule for money plants specifies, this stem was stolen from GMIL’s most prized pot 😀 . I was sneaky enough to slice off this stem when the GMIL was out for her daily walk .Sneaky me *wink wink* .

The last leaf you see up there was born in this office, sustaining only on tap water and much love 🙂



Do ignore the scene in the background. I swear I spent most of my time working in office (do not, I repeat, DO NOT go by circumstantial evidence, as witnessed above!!) .

Another Angle

 Awww….this one totally makes me see green. Every morning, when I come in and see those glossy green leaves, I feel my heart swelling with love and pride. Here’s this nature’s miracle, living on its own, not demanding a thing (except, maybe water ) and yet generous enough to share its beauty :). How wonderful is that?!!

The goodie-tray

The pic above is the goodie-tray that sits on my desk. There are two little jars, one containing confectionary and the other usually has those sweet wafers . I don’t eat either. But I like it when people drop by to grab a bite or pick a toffee. There’s a big yellow mug that sits behind them. It belongs to the BF and has his company name on it. Since he uses a back-pack which has my company name on it, I think it is justified that I use his company mug 🙂 . Anyhow, the green bottle (Lemon extract bottle by Spencer’s Daily) is the perfect vase to hold my plant. I cut out a part of the yellow top to insert the stem. I could have gotten rid of the cap, but the yellow-green combo is in keeping with the colours of the client company 😀 .

 Good friend from work, CG was smitten by the money plant herself and requested for a leaf. The leaf was handed over to her , which she promptly placed in this nice, tall glass vase. I LOVE the contrast of the yellow-green leaves with the sky-blue shade of the vase. Very , very pretty 🙂 . By the way, the leaf is two months old now. Two months since it was snipped off. Currently, it is growing roots and we are hoping for a new shoot shortly 😀 .

CG's Leaf 🙂

That’s all for the green tales now. Will let you all know when my plant here sprouts new leaves 🙂

Ciao till then 🙂

Edited to add :-

Good friend Srividya has sent across a pic of her glass bottle with cherry print and her money-plant. It was too pretty a pic to lie gathering dust in my inbox. Posting it here for all to see :-

Sri's snap of her money-plant !!

Good job Sri. Now you know why I’m hankering after you to come and click my kids 😀

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Ramzan Mubarak

Ramzan : Barkaton aur Rehmaton ka Mah-e-Mubarak


This is why we observe fasting in the holy month of Ramzan :-

“(It was) the month of Ramadan in which was revealed the Qur’aan, a guidance for mankind and clear proofs for the guidance and the criterion (between right and wrong). So whoever of you sights (the crescent on the first night of) the month (of Ramadan i.e. is present at his home), he must observe Sawm (fasts) that month…”

~ [al-Baqarah 2:185]


“O ye who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you, that ye may (learn) self-restraint.”

~ [al-Baqarah, 2:183]


“Allah is with those who restrain themselves.”

~ [Quran 16: 128]


“He is the One GOD; the Creator, the Initiator, the Designer. To Him belong the most beautiful names. Glorifying Him is everything in the heavens and the earth. He is the Almighty, Most Wise.”

~ [Quran 59:24]


“(Fasting) for a fixed number of days; but if any of you is ill, or on a journey, the prescribed number (Should be made up) from days later. For those who can do it (With hardship), is a ransom, the feeding of one that is indigent. But he that will give more, of his own free will,- it is better for him. And it is better for you that ye fast, if ye only knew”

~ [al-Baqarah, 2:184]


“When My servants ask you about Me, I am always near. I answer their prayers when they pray to Me. The people shall respond to Me and believe in Me, in order to be guided.”

~ [al-Baqarah, 2:186]


And the Rules :-

Walk humbly
Talk politely
Dress neatly
Treat kindly
Pray attentively
Donate generously

The last rule is the essence of Ramzan, where we stay hungry and feed the poor. This is also the time for zakaat, or religious tax, where we donate 2.5% of all assets (income, jewellery,property,etc) to the needy.

Its time to bring out our zakaat calculators and set aside the amount to be given away 🙂 .



Aap sab ko Ramzan Mubarak.

Dua mein yaad rakhna 🙂


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