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Bad Timing!!

Its 5:15 AM right now.

We just had our Seher (food before the fast begins) which was a solemn affair. I got a call at 2:10 AM that one of GMIL’s sister in Navsari had expired. A part of me thought of waking up FIL and informing him about it. The other part said that he would get up in the next 90 minutes anyway, so I should wait till then.

I got up to prepare Seher around 3:45 AM. The GMIL came into the kitchen around 4. MIL was with her. Being all grave and serious, I gave her the news.

The GMIL was very annoyed with me for holding back the news. She said they could have started off for Navsari if I’d given them the news earlier (it was impractical, but I guess, at that time, she couldn’t be expected to be cool and rational). She was so upset, she didn’t touch her food. Like BIL rightly pointed out, I should have given the news after she had her seher. And I could kick myself for not thinking about it 😦

Now poor granny is going to be fasting today with no food in her tummy. All because of me 😦

I realize I’m rotten at conveying bad news. Really, really rotten. Somehow, even when I hear of it, I think of something funny or something stupid. If I do the BIG mistake of expressing it, I’m termed heartless!! Like at 2 am this morning. The person who called up to give the news, conversationally asked me what the FIL was doing at that time!! “What does a person do at 2 am??”, I wanted to shoot back, but given the gravity of the situation, I controlled myself. But after I gave the sad news to GMIL in the morning, I immediately started recounting the conversation with the said relative. The MIL signaled me to close my trap because by then, the GMIL had started sobbing quietly.

Gosh!! I felt like a jerk. An overgrown jerk with a brain smaller than a peanut!!

Is it just me, or are there other people too, who have a case of seriously bad timing?!!

And oh, it seems to be the season of bad news. My aunt suffered a severely violent reaction to TamiFlu pills and is now admitted to the ICU. Her skin is peeling off her body in the most hideous manner ever. The agony she’s going through is equivalent to a 90% burn victim. To top it, her mother passed away last night. Aunt hasn’t been told yet, since she’s under heavy sedation and observation.

Do send in your prayers for her and her family.

And also for GMIL. She’s very heart-broken right now and there’s not much I can do about it 😦

Prayers help. Big time!!

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