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It’s the season of bad news.

Too many deaths in too short a time. I don’t know why this sudden wave of bad news has hit me recently. It’s not just relatives, but even people I know, some personally, the others virtually.

I don’t know whether to regret the loss of youth when I hear about a youngster passing away, or rue the loss of wisdom and blessings when it is an elder.

I don’t know whether to mourn the loss or be glad that they touched our lives.

Right now, my aunt is battling for her life. A simple toxic reaction to Tamilfu is threatening to snuff out her life. She’s been fighting it valiantly, but the doctors say she is too weak now. We aren’t allowed anywhere near her since she’s in isolation. He skin has peeled off entirely and she is under the risk of septicaemia.

Please pray for her. And for my mamu, who hasn’t left the hospital for the last few days. For my cousins who are too young to lose their mom, but old enough to understand the loss. For everyone in the family, who waits with bated breath, hoping for that one miracle which will turn the tables. It is the month of Ramzan. We are hoping for a miracle. Please make it happen. Please pray for her.


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