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The bug is in the air

It’s the season of illness. Of malaria , dengue and swine flu. And the omnipresent flu-for-no-reason-and-all-seasons.

The BF is severely ill. So are the twins. The FIL was ill last week. GMIL started coughing this morning. I’ve developed a mild itch in my throat (a precursor to cough, I guess).

I’m SICK of this depressing air.

I’m SICK of feeling down and low.

I’m SICK of being sleepless for a week now!!

Silver lining in my awfully black cloud is that, parents are in town. It was such a relief to see them!! Dad’s returning to B’lore today (:( ) , but mom will be around for some more time. She too, is under a black cloud, still shocked at the demise of her sister-in-law. She’s staying with her brother, but I hope she comes over and spends some time with me too.

Work is hectic these days, hoping for some reprieve in a couple of week’s time, after which, I’m taking a break and going to B’lore.

PS: So looking forward to happier, healthier times ahead 😐 !!!

PPS : Hoping for some happier blog-posts too. I wonder you guys aren’t sick yourself, reading my depressing and morose posts recently!!

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