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Visual Deception

I’m not a fan of film magazines (okay, maybe except those times when I love LOL on reading some headlines 😀 ) . But it doesn’t mean I don’t catch up on the little bit of gossip printed in our daily newspapers 😀

Its fun, its stupid and it gives me a reason to thank God for not making me suffer that fate.

But one thing always irked me. The fact that the starlets looked so good!! I mean, just look at them!! Some of them, though years older than me, could easily pass off as half my age. Flawless skin, tamed mane, curves to die for and looks to kill. Jeez. How I burn with envy when I see them and then see my pockmarked face, wayward hair, cellulite deposits and pregnancy scars (although, since these scars aren’t on display, they are less of a worry 😀 ).

And then,I found reprieve from my agony. I found a site that exposes the truth behind the beauty. I say guys, I wept with joy to see Mariah Carey bearing the cellulite at par with me. I gushed over snaps of Lindsay Lohan with bad, bad skin. I gloated over the fat calves of Rachel Weisz.

I tell you, what these photoshopping guys achieve , is pure genius. I can only marvel at the deft way they make the aged Madonna look stunning, or make a flat-chested Keira Knightly look busty !! Installing photoshop on my laptop is a high priority task right now. Let me just set a reminder for it .

*setting reminder*

*aaaaand, am back*

And oh, if you think those photoshopped images were excellent, see what happens when the geeks behind the comps get too serious about their job. I’m surprised the editors even allowed these snaps to be published. That too, as a front cover 😀 .

I’ve been hunting for photoshopped images of our Indian celebrities, but no luck so far. Except for this one of Rekha’s, which is so obviously touched up and not too favourably at that!! Poor Madam Re. Wonder how she felt on seeing that teeny-weeny waist 😀 !!

Anyhow, I’ve had my share of laughs this morning. Time to share it with you guys 🙂 .

*Hitting publish*

Edited to Add :

I'm bad at proof-reading. The eager-beaver in me wants to hit the publish button as soon as I type out the last letter.

But once in a while, the post is proof-read , and then posted.

Even then, bloopers happen. Like today.

I wrote "celluloid" instead of "cellulite" and yet, not one of you pointed it out.Wordpress, of course , trusted my judgement on that word!! (Thanks WP. You make me edge closer to finally buying that space. But, wait. Not yet :D . We have people to take care of first)

*wagging finger*

Bad, bad readers. All of you get a minus score on the reader front!!

Makes me almost want to insert bloopers, just to see if you guys really do read my posts :D (hmm....come to think of it, not a bad idea...hmmm)

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