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The last few days have been awful. No, make that a capital ‘A-W-F-U-L’.

The BF was ill since the entire last week. By last Wednesday, the twins had developed a mild cold and cough. We started home remedies for them, and by thursday morning, it looked a little better. Thursday night, after coming back from work, I was exhausted beyond words. I put it down to the hectic work at office and the less than required sleep I was getting (2 hours at a stretch , out of 24 hrs).

Friday morning, since the kids were still coughing, we decided to take them to their pediatrician. While waiting there for her, I started feeling more than exhausted. There was a slight burning sensation in the eyes and I felt a bone deep ache all over. Without a doubt I was coming down with a fever!! It was getting difficult waiting for the doctor to come (she was held up in some emergency) and the twins were becoming irritable. Luckily, just when I was about to call it quits and go home, she arrived. A quick check up of the kids confirmed that they had throat infection. We quickly bought the medicines and headed home. I’d earlier called up my colleagues to tell them that I’ll be coming in late. But by the time we reached home, I felt so faint with fever that I simply collapsed on the bed. The BF administered the medicine to the twins and handed them over to the GMIL.

The whole of Saturday was spent in the same way,with me lying feverish on the bed and the family looking after the twins. Since by Saturday night, their cough wasn’t much better, we decided to take them to the doctor on Sunday. Once again, it was a long wait. There were plenty of other patients before us and it was close to 3 hrs before the doctor could attend to us. By then, I was once again under the throes of a high fever and could barely handle the twins who were getting irritable, cooped up in the waiting room. The BF had gone to get some blood tests done for his continuous throat problem. Once we got back, I immediately crawled into bed and shivered under the covers. The BF was kind enough to make sure I had my medicine before I went off to sleep.

From Friday, till Sunday night, I’ve been having fever on and off. The MIL and GMIL were annoyed with me for not visiting a doctor and getting some medicines. And I didn’t have the energy to tell them that this particular fever is a result of exhaustion and sleep-deprivation and nothing else. I just needed sleep desperately and nature took it into its hands to make sure I slept as much as possible 🙂

Luckily, I feel much better today. I’ve even come in to office, though I’m not sure I’ll be able to last through the day!

One thing I’ve learnt in this last week, is the importance of family. Of living with a support group so strong, you needn’t give a thought about your children’s wellbeing while being bedridden yourself!

The GMIL and MIL made sure the twins were fed and looked after while I tried my best to recover. They had a tough time keeping the twins away from me, since in their illness, they were crankier than usual and howled for their mamma all the time!! And it bewildered them to see that their mom was home, but wasn’t spending time with them, wasn’t carrying them around, wasn’t fussing over them 😦

I don’t know what I would have done if I was living alone with the BF and the kids. Most probably, we could have called in a full-time nurse to tend to the twins, but then, would it have given me the satisfaction of knowing that the kids are being cared for by loving hands? I doubt it 😐

 The twins, who are extra irritable these days, shy away from strangers. Only members of the family are able to handle them, specially the BIL. He’s very good with them,entertaining them and making sure they stop whining and crying. The FIL is always ready to take up responsibility of the kids when required.

If it wasn’t for the gentle support of this family, I’m sure I’d have been bed-ridden much longer. But I’m up and about, I’ve had my rest and am raring to go.

We are all much better now, the BF and me are back to work, the twins no longer have a fever and things are slowly coming back to normal.

All I can say is that, whatever little regret I ever had, of not having a chance to stay alone with the BF post marriage, was wiped out with this one instance. I didn’t realize how much dependent I was on them these last few days. And they came out toppers!! All of them 🙂

Thanks Everyone back home!!

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