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Bad Timing!!

Its 5:15 AM right now.

We just had our Seher (food before the fast begins) which was a solemn affair. I got a call at 2:10 AM that one of GMIL’s sister in Navsari had expired. A part of me thought of waking up FIL and informing him about it. The other part said that he would get up in the next 90 minutes anyway, so I should wait till then.

I got up to prepare Seher around 3:45 AM. The GMIL came into the kitchen around 4. MIL was with her. Being all grave and serious, I gave her the news.

The GMIL was very annoyed with me for holding back the news. She said they could have started off for Navsari if I’d given them the news earlier (it was impractical, but I guess, at that time, she couldn’t be expected to be cool and rational). She was so upset, she didn’t touch her food. Like BIL rightly pointed out, I should have given the news after she had her seher. And I could kick myself for not thinking about it 😦

Now poor granny is going to be fasting today with no food in her tummy. All because of me 😦

I realize I’m rotten at conveying bad news. Really, really rotten. Somehow, even when I hear of it, I think of something funny or something stupid. If I do the BIG mistake of expressing it, I’m termed heartless!! Like at 2 am this morning. The person who called up to give the news, conversationally asked me what the FIL was doing at that time!! “What does a person do at 2 am??”, I wanted to shoot back, but given the gravity of the situation, I controlled myself. But after I gave the sad news to GMIL in the morning, I immediately started recounting the conversation with the said relative. The MIL signaled me to close my trap because by then, the GMIL had started sobbing quietly.

Gosh!! I felt like a jerk. An overgrown jerk with a brain smaller than a peanut!!

Is it just me, or are there other people too, who have a case of seriously bad timing?!!

And oh, it seems to be the season of bad news. My aunt suffered a severely violent reaction to TamiFlu pills and is now admitted to the ICU. Her skin is peeling off her body in the most hideous manner ever. The agony she’s going through is equivalent to a 90% burn victim. To top it, her mother passed away last night. Aunt hasn’t been told yet, since she’s under heavy sedation and observation.

Do send in your prayers for her and her family.

And also for GMIL. She’s very heart-broken right now and there’s not much I can do about it 😦

Prayers help. Big time!!

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Synopsis : This novel begins on a winter night in 1964, when a blizzard forces Dr. David Henry to deliver his own twins.
His son, born first, is perfectly healthy, but the doctor immediately recognizes that his daughter has Down syndrome. For motives he tells himself are good, he makes a split-second decision that will haunt all their lives forever. He asks his nurse, Caroline, to take the baby away to an institution. Instead, she disappears into another city to raise the child as her own.

What a lovely premise. I must confess, I was hooked just reading the synopsis. The story started off well enough and I was deeply engrossed in it for a while.

But halfway through, there began the first uneasy sensation that maybe what I was expecting/hoping, may not be fulfilled. That maybe, the end is not what it seems.

Once I completed the book, I had to put it down and reflect on where exactly it went wrong.  I still can’t put my finger on it.

[ Spoiler alert ]

First, we have a doctor, who, given his unhappy past, takes a decision which affects all their lives. He grieves his wisdom later on, but still, doesn’t confess or repent, or even make an attempt to undo the damage.

His wife, Norah, who earlier appeared to be a sensitive woman, suddenly turns into this most selfish person ever!! The only thing she is bothered about, are her own needs. Ok, so she didn’t know about the loss of her daughter, but she did have her son, right? What about him? She was no longer interested in her husband, but if she considered her son the bond which made her stay, how about giving that son his due?

Paul, we learn , has his own issues with his warring parents. Both don’t have time for him. One flaunts her affairs, the other locks himself up in his darkroom. What’s a poor guy to do? Is it any wonder then, that he takes a few faltering steps in the wrong direction?

Caroline gill may be a nurse with a conscience, but then, why didn’t her conscience allow her to disclose the truth about Phoebe to Norah? Why did she stay quiet all those years.And just when she did finally need to enjoy life with her husband, she turns to Norah and ‘hands over’ her daughter. At this point, I couldn’t figure out who was more selfish, Norah or Caroline?!

The worst part was the sudden exit of David.No reason, no excuses. Just a simple exit.

Phoebe never knew what she had missed out. Somehow, I feel her story was left unsaid. She was just the object on whom everyone had an opinion. None of her opinion were emphasized on. What did she feel when she met her real brother? Her mother?

I would say that in the end, I was one disappointed reader. The book didn’t give me the satisfaction of tying up loose ends. There were too many threads hanging around and no evident conclusion in sight.

The narration in the first half of the book is good, but after that, it tends to drag. Maybe because the author doesn’t add anything new to the story, other than adding a new character where none was required. We are introduced to Paul’s initial interest in this character, but after that, there is no follow-up on it. We have no idea why he doesn’t pursue her, or the reason why he isn’t pursuing her. Fickle guy indeed!!

Anyhow, I’m a tad unhappy with the final outcome.

Trying to get over it by reading another book, The Zoya Factor currently 🙂

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 The company which pays me has a rather positive attitude towards the environment and greenery. In keeping up with this spirit, all the balconies, work-halls and cafeterias in the office are lined with potted plants. Lots and lots of plants. It pleases the eyes to see those bright shiny leaves. The housekeeping staff even sprays and wipes the leaves of these plants on weekends 😀

But the company where I work (client side) is a little more reserved on this front. I’m yet to see a potted plant anywhere in our premises 😦 .

So, bringing in the values (instilled by the paying company), I decided to add my dash of green to my cubicle (or two-bicle, as is the case 😀 ).

A Money Plant 🙂

As the rule for money plants specifies, this stem was stolen from GMIL’s most prized pot 😀 . I was sneaky enough to slice off this stem when the GMIL was out for her daily walk .Sneaky me *wink wink* .

The last leaf you see up there was born in this office, sustaining only on tap water and much love 🙂



Do ignore the scene in the background. I swear I spent most of my time working in office (do not, I repeat, DO NOT go by circumstantial evidence, as witnessed above!!) .

Another Angle

 Awww….this one totally makes me see green. Every morning, when I come in and see those glossy green leaves, I feel my heart swelling with love and pride. Here’s this nature’s miracle, living on its own, not demanding a thing (except, maybe water ) and yet generous enough to share its beauty :). How wonderful is that?!!

The goodie-tray

The pic above is the goodie-tray that sits on my desk. There are two little jars, one containing confectionary and the other usually has those sweet wafers . I don’t eat either. But I like it when people drop by to grab a bite or pick a toffee. There’s a big yellow mug that sits behind them. It belongs to the BF and has his company name on it. Since he uses a back-pack which has my company name on it, I think it is justified that I use his company mug 🙂 . Anyhow, the green bottle (Lemon extract bottle by Spencer’s Daily) is the perfect vase to hold my plant. I cut out a part of the yellow top to insert the stem. I could have gotten rid of the cap, but the yellow-green combo is in keeping with the colours of the client company 😀 .

 Good friend from work, CG was smitten by the money plant herself and requested for a leaf. The leaf was handed over to her , which she promptly placed in this nice, tall glass vase. I LOVE the contrast of the yellow-green leaves with the sky-blue shade of the vase. Very , very pretty 🙂 . By the way, the leaf is two months old now. Two months since it was snipped off. Currently, it is growing roots and we are hoping for a new shoot shortly 😀 .

CG's Leaf 🙂

That’s all for the green tales now. Will let you all know when my plant here sprouts new leaves 🙂

Ciao till then 🙂

Edited to add :-

Good friend Srividya has sent across a pic of her glass bottle with cherry print and her money-plant. It was too pretty a pic to lie gathering dust in my inbox. Posting it here for all to see :-

Sri's snap of her money-plant !!

Good job Sri. Now you know why I’m hankering after you to come and click my kids 😀

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Ramzan Mubarak

Ramzan : Barkaton aur Rehmaton ka Mah-e-Mubarak


This is why we observe fasting in the holy month of Ramzan :-

“(It was) the month of Ramadan in which was revealed the Qur’aan, a guidance for mankind and clear proofs for the guidance and the criterion (between right and wrong). So whoever of you sights (the crescent on the first night of) the month (of Ramadan i.e. is present at his home), he must observe Sawm (fasts) that month…”

~ [al-Baqarah 2:185]


“O ye who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you, that ye may (learn) self-restraint.”

~ [al-Baqarah, 2:183]


“Allah is with those who restrain themselves.”

~ [Quran 16: 128]


“He is the One GOD; the Creator, the Initiator, the Designer. To Him belong the most beautiful names. Glorifying Him is everything in the heavens and the earth. He is the Almighty, Most Wise.”

~ [Quran 59:24]


“(Fasting) for a fixed number of days; but if any of you is ill, or on a journey, the prescribed number (Should be made up) from days later. For those who can do it (With hardship), is a ransom, the feeding of one that is indigent. But he that will give more, of his own free will,- it is better for him. And it is better for you that ye fast, if ye only knew”

~ [al-Baqarah, 2:184]


“When My servants ask you about Me, I am always near. I answer their prayers when they pray to Me. The people shall respond to Me and believe in Me, in order to be guided.”

~ [al-Baqarah, 2:186]


And the Rules :-

Walk humbly
Talk politely
Dress neatly
Treat kindly
Pray attentively
Donate generously

The last rule is the essence of Ramzan, where we stay hungry and feed the poor. This is also the time for zakaat, or religious tax, where we donate 2.5% of all assets (income, jewellery,property,etc) to the needy.

Its time to bring out our zakaat calculators and set aside the amount to be given away 🙂 .



Aap sab ko Ramzan Mubarak.

Dua mein yaad rakhna 🙂


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Going to the dogs


From ibnlive :-

Maggie, a Jack Russell terrier, models a hand-strung necklace with genuine natural diamonds and 18 carat white gold at the Platinum dog boutique in Milan. The firm specialises in luxury products for dogs, with prices for their jewellery starting at 30,000 euros ($ 36,000). Their clients include Arab princes and British royalty.

Oh well!!

A ‘dog’s life’ is no longer a derogatory term!

On the other hand, do ya think I should forward this to the BF? You know, throw around a hint, doggone that I am 😀 !!

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Now this is a VERY late entry in response to Shail’s Three Word Wednesday, but seeing that the next Wednesday is still a few hours away, I’m penning a few lines using the words drink, feeble and  predict.

Disclaimer : The idea for this story is not mine. A very long time back, when I was a kid, I’d read a story on the same lines. At that time, I didn’t understand it, maybe that’s why it stuck with me all these years 😀 . This is my attempt to write my own story on the same premise. If anyone remembers/recollects the original, do let me know. Thanks 🙂  .

Here goes :-


He looked at her once again. Was this the same girl he had known all along? Loved all this time?

 He was showing her his palm and trying to explain all the intricate lines on it and she all but mocked him and turned her head away! Gone were the days when she would look at him with those limpid eyes and simply absorb all that he expressed.

Her skin was so fair, so delicate, he could make out the tiny intricate pattern of veins under it. A porcelain doll, he thought, but then, he didn’t really know what a porcelain doll looked like. At least, not then.

He made another feeble attempt to attract her attention, but she just yawned and turned her back on him.

The cheek!!

He turned a bit and looked at her. She was sleeping. So peaceful, so angelic.

Why did she have that effect on him?? Why did he feel so possessive of her?  So protective?!

He tried to think back to the first time he’d seen her, but it seemed a distant memory. It seemed as though they knew each other forever. But he knew exactly when he had fallen for her. The time she had done those flips, her body graceful and light, like a butterfly!! He didn’t know anyone who could move like that. Her laughter accompanied her moves and he was smitten. Who could resist that tinkling sound?!

Who could predict that after all this time, she would finally get bored of him. No, not bored. Indifferent was more like it. Yes. She was indifferent towards him. And that hurt. Hurt real bad in a sense he couldn’t explain, even to himself.

She woke up shortly and he asked her if she’d like her drink. She just shook her head and said no. She didn’t look all that well and he felt the first stirrings of panic. She had a stricken look on her face. He tried to hold her hand, to console her, but her hand lay limp in his. He could see that she was far more afraid than he was.

All of a sudden, there was a rush of water in their room. It hit them hard and before he could think, flood, she was pulled away from him. He saw her scream, the mouth wide open, her voice silenced by all that water.  He tried in vain to grab her, to hold her before she was so rudely torn away from him, but it was futile. The current was strong and within seconds he was caught up too, screaming and kicking and trying to escape the force but totally helpless and exhausted by the time he was thrown out of the door.

He blinked hard, it was so bright outside, it hurt his eyes. Why was everything dry here. Where was She?? Who were all these people?!!

“Congrats Mrs. S. Here is the other one. It’s a boy this time . Your twins look healthy. Enjoy them 🙂 ” , said the nurse handing the woman her second baby.


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What a weekend!!

There was celebration, there was mourning, there was work, and yet more work.

There was fun, there was laughter, lots of reading and much shopping.

Starting from Friday onwards, here’s the dope on the latest in the momofrs household 🙂

1) Friday night, reached home late, just to find that the front-door neighbours had an engagement ceremony at their place. Usually, their house is the central place where most family functions take place. The dinner arrangements are made in our parking lot. But since it was raining, they requested us to seat their guests in our drawing-room (which is quite spacious) . So we had people all over the place 😦

Now, we’ve started a little potty training to the kids and take them to the loo for the small jobs (the big jobs are still unpredictable 😐 ) . So each time a guest made a beeline for the washroom, the kids would trail behind them, point to the loo and say loudly, for all to hear, “Sheee” . The guest would smile apologetically and quickly bolt inside. RS would then bang on the door, yelling at them to open up until the FIL, thoroughly embarrassed by then, dragged her away 🙂 .

Later in the night, I asked the MIL about the nanny and MIL replied that she, FIL and GMIL had visited the girl’s house and she seemed to be in control. GMIL was in agony over the thought of the girl being all alone now and wanted us to keep her with us. But the FIL said that her relatives have the first right to decide her fate and if the girl is willing, we would surely take her over. And oh! I thought the girl was 20 year’s old. But apparently, she had just crossed 18 before she joined us and was now running her 19th year. Sometimes, I wonder why God had to deal this slip of a girl such a rotten blow, but then, HE knows best. I’m sure something good awaits her around the corner.Ameen 🙂 .

2) Saturday morning saw the same hustle-bustle of tea/breakfast/cooking/minding kids/their bath/my bath/ clean-up, etc.  Once the kids were asleep after their bath, I went to meet the nanny. I didn’t know her exact location, but asking around led me directly to her house. I was shocked to see her . She looked even thinner and frailer than usual, silent tears running down her cheeks, but mostly in her senses and coherent in her speech. I asked about how it all happened and she told me how she was running pillar to post with her mother and how, while rushing towards the government hospital, the mother took her last breath in her arms.

Poor girl. I felt a lump the size of a fist in my throat. How calmly was she narrating the incident! I guess she was still in shock.

I was also deeply angry and annoyed with the hospital where she first took her mom. The nurses on duty told her that she would have to pay up a deposit to admit her mother in the ICU and then shell out 15K per day. The poor girl, unsure of where to shell out the money from, decided to take her mother to the government hospital. But halfway there, the mother expired. Can’t help wondering if the mother could have been saved if only the first hospital’s staff had been more concerned about admitting her and starting treatment immediately, than asking for money.

But then, this seems to be the norm in all hospitals. They reserve treatment only for the wealthy. The poor are damned!! It never occured to the girl that the hospital is at fault. Being from that strata of society, they are used to being shunned and accept it meekly. More’s the pity 😦 .

Anyway, her uncles wanted her to leave her house (she and her mother owned the apartment), sell it and move in with them. She refused. She said she’d rather live alone than live with them. She blames them for her mother’s death (the story here being that one of the uncle had taken a bank loan using their flat as security. The mother had handed over the papers to her brother, trusting that they will repay the loan. Apparently, the uncle missed on a few payments and the bank officials dropped at the girl’s place on the 4th of August , asking them to pay up the loan instalments or vacate the house by the 10th of this month, which is today. The mother panicked and rushed to her brother’s place to plead with him on paying up. He told her that he would, but the lady was still too worried and tense about the whole thing. Two days later, on the 6th, she suffered a massive cardiac arrest and passed away. At the funeral, the neighbours of the girl asked her uncles to return the original papers of the house to the girl, but the uncles are now laying claim to it, saying that they had paid the property tax on it and have equal rights over it. The girl, though young, is not stupid. She knows her uncles are out to deprive her of her inheritance, which is the house and refuses to budge from there. She was also very upset when one of her aunts asked her to hand over all the cash and jewellery for ‘safekeeping’. Obviously, they think she’s daft!!).

I extended my complete support to the girl and told her that if there is any help required, she just has to give us a call. Even her neighbours were very loving and supportive. That was some consolation 🙂

3) Came back home, had lunch and then spent time with the twins. I have now realized one thing. The twins give a damn about my anger. They were climbing on the table, which was next to the bed and I reprimanded them severely and told them NOT to do it . But they wouldn’t listen. So I scolded them louder, which just made them burst out laughing and repeat the antic. One sound slap on the butt didn’t do the trick either. They just made faces at me and couldn’t stop laughing. I tried real hard to stay angry and let them understand that I mean business. But it was futile. They just looked and each other and burst into peals of laughter again !!

What’s a poor mom to do when her kids give her no bhaav ?!!

*Sigh* Am such a loser 😦

4) Saturday evening was b-o-r-i-n-g!! The BF wasn’t at home (in fact, he was away the whole day!), the MIL wasn’t back yet, the BIL and FIL were also away. The twins were driving me nuts , I craved some shut-eye, but as usual, no luck in that department!!

By 6:30, the BF came back home and declared that he and I had to leave asap. I asked a hundred questions and obviously received a reply for none. The BIL was also back by then and the BF asked him to assist GMIL in minding the kids. I got dressed in a hurry and we left.

If only I’d known!!

We had to attend a session on Country Vacations for their holiday packages. Now seriously, we are veterans at attending such spiels. First there was the one by Royal Palms (too royal, way out of budget) and then Club Mahindra (who cheated us) and now Country Club. I told the BF that we were just wasting time there, but he was interested in knowing what they had to offer.

So from 7pm to 10:30 PM, we were stuck in that tiny office, being patao-ed and manao-ed into buying one of their schemes!!

Apparently, the recent weekend trip that we had, costed us quite a bit for just 1 day. In the same rate , the CV guys were offering us a week’s stay for the entire family . We fell for that bait, hook, line and sinker. The BF signed the dotted line and we became members.

Oh well, if it doesn’t work out, we can always cancel our membership!!

5) Sunday morning was once again hectic. I have to make the breakfast as soon as possible, because the men-folk have to be fed. Never mind that I’ve stayed up most of the night for the twins 😦

So I get up from the bed and hit the kitchen as soon as possible. Made some thalipeeth for everyone and then had some myself. The biggest daunting task of any morning is feeding the twins their breakfast. So I spent the better part of the morning running around the kids, making sure they had their fill. After that the MIL took them in for their bath.

I made lunch, wrapped up my work in the kitchen and got dressed to go grocery shopping. The MIL had prepared a BIG list of stuff we might need in the coming month of Ramazan (when it’s usually quite hectic to go shopping. So we stock up earlier). The BIL accompanied me and I gave him the trolley to maneuver while I piled in the stuff. An hour later, we returned. I had lunch and then went shopping for clothes for Eid.

As a rule, I prefer shopping for clothes all by myself. Somehow, I hate the opinions offered by others (of which I’m guilty myself!! But then, they asked me out, didn’t they? So they better hear my opinions too 😀 ). The agenda was to shop for the family, kids and self.

I bought dress materials for the MIL, SIL and self. Bought a sari for the MIL and GMIL. Bought clothes for the twins and the SIL’s two boys. Bought new shoes for the twins (and here I goofed up again!! I should have bought the same pair in twos, but I went ahead and bought sneakers for SS and mary-janes for RS. The sneakers had those lights in the heel. Obviously then, the twins threw tantrums because both wanted to wear the shoes!!)

Note to self : MUST go and buy another pair of sneakers for RS now 😦 . The bother!! .

By now, my arms were loaded with shopping bags. But the shopping bug was still biting me hard. Unable to control myself, I went into a shop called “Silk Museum” which stocks really expensive designer stuff. While there, I learnt a lesson on human behavior.

I entered the store, handed over my numerous bags to the security guard and took my token. Now , I was dressed normally, nothing fancy, regular shalwar kameez and a pair of flat sandals. As usual, I was devoid of jewellery. After handing over my stuff, I walked all around the store, but no one paid me any heed. At a couple of racks , I turned around to ask about certain pieces, but the sales guys just ignored my looks and walked around as though really busy. I guess it must be the late  afternoon lethargy setting in. So I thought of going back home. I was standing at the end of the store and could see a sales guy enquiring the security guard about something. The guard pointed towards me. The next thing I know, this sales guy walks up to me, all polite smiles and bows. He asks me if I’m interested in anything, pulls down half the clothes from the racks, asks me to try out a few, guides me to the changing rooms, pulls out some more clothes and finally convinces me to shell out some 5K for two pairs of shalwar-kameez. He treated me like royalty, took my measurements and convinced me that he’ll get them altered at the earliest.  He also asked me to take a look at the sari section which was on the floor above and escorted me till the lifts.

I went up to the next level, entered the store and while waiting for someone to show me a few pieces, mulled over the change in attitude. And then it stuck me!! My appearance hadn’t evoked that response. My expenditure did. Since I had some 5 shopping bags from other big stores, the sales guy was impressed enough to give me his time and attention!! So much for my spending!!

So while the initial 10 minutes in the store made me feel like a loser, unworthy of the salespeople’s time and attention, the rest of the time , I was made to feel special. The guy even asked me if I’d like tea/coffee/water/whatever!! I politely declined, paid my bills and headed home.

In all, I burnt a nice big hole in my account. And feel the least guilty about it 😀

Back home, showed the stuff to everyone. All happy 🙂 . The twins fought over the shoes, with RS ultimately wearing them and SS had to console himself wearing the mary-janes. I LOVE this boy!! He looks so damn cute in anything 😀 !!

6) Post dinner, I had a tough time putting the kids to sleep. They simply refused to hit the sack 😦 . I was sorely tired after the long day (belive me , lugging around 7 loaded shopping bags does no one any good!!) . I just wanted to sleep, for God’s sake!! And then, the BF pulls out a DVD of “Rajneeti” that I wanted to see, but couldn’t (because of the kids). So we pulled out my laptop and sat watching the movie till 1AM (sleep be damned 😀 ).  For the record, I wrapped up by 1 AM. The BF was out like a lark around 12 itself. And because he was sleeping, I had to switch to headphones (which I HATE when used for more than 15 minutes at a time 😦 ) . The sacrifices one makes for a loved one, I tell you *nodding head sagely * !!

It could have been a good movie, if it didn’t have so many flaws. For instance, how envious should I be when I see women getting pregnant after ONE night of mating?!! Seriously?! For someone who’s had a tough time in that department, this easy access route was totally jale-pe-namak!!

Also, will someone PLEASE (note the Caps) stop taking Ms.KK  in lead roles. Give her roles where she’s best left to preen and prance. But, NOT TALK. That speech towards the end was grating, insincere and highly anglicized!! Made me laugh and almost wake up the twins!!

I’ve always liked Arjun Rampal and feel he’s just about OK. Nothing to write home about (liked him best in “Dil hai Tumhara“. A love story so sappy, you could pour it over pancakes and have it for breakfast 😀 !!) . Even here, though he had the scope, he was just about fine !! Nothing more!

Ranbir Kapoor is not someone I would root for, though he was good. But the premise under which he was introduced, his sudden conversion into a scheming, cold-blooded murderer and then the statement that he has to go abroad to look after his single MIL-to-be, just didn’t ring true. Look after MIL?? Really?? What about your own mother who lost everyone?!! And now her last living son abandons her for another woman!! Sheesh!!

Anyhow, the movie was okie-dokie and it strengthened my hatred for politics. That decided, I bade good night to the owls and caught the most needed 40 winks meself !!

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While on weddings…

……came across this on the net . Fankly, its a much-effort gown, by which I mean that the designer (is it that lady on the left who stands so proudly in polka dots?) and the bride must have put in enormous effort for it. Can you imagine the bride standing there in her inners while the designer blew those tiny balloons all around ?

The gown I don’ t mind so much, but seriously, what’s with the peacock tail behind? That too, multicoloured!

Blown out of proportion 🙂

PS: Can you imagine the amount of fun the Groom must have had on his wedding night?!! Just imagine his glee while he pops his way through those million baloons 😀 . The girl sure knew what she was doing 😉

PPS : What’s your take on this gown?!!

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A young girl.

20 years old.

Single child.

No father. No siblings.

Just a mother. Who brought her up single-handed since the girl was 6 years old.

And this morning, even the mother passed away. A massive heart-attack, the doctors said.

The young girl is the nanny who comes to look after my kids.

I have no idea how to console her. I can never comprehend her loss, which at most, can be termed as total.

I dread to even think of being in her shoes, of standing at this threshold of her life, all alone.

I’m wrapping up early and leaving shortly.

Do send in your prayers for the departed soul.

And for the young girl, who has a long way to go, a lot of sorrow to shoulder.

“Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilahi Raji’oon”.

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For those who Love a good read

Hop over to Unmana’s blog and catch her instalments on this lovely story she wrote , called “The Voices In My Head“.

The story by now is quite captivating and I’m personally looking forward to the rest of it.

I’m sure you’ll love the narration too (the ONE thing that matters to me in a good book 🙂 )

Happy Reading 🙂

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