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Farewell, dear Aunt

This obituary appeared in the TOI Sunday edition.

It broke my heart when I found out that my cousins themselves went to the newspaper offices to place the ad. And once again, I strongly felt that no child should ever be deprived of their mother. We may be able to live without our fathers, but not mothers.

My uncle’s still struggling with the loss, not giving in to emotions and trying to keep a cool facade. But since the time mom has come, he has addressed her only with his wife’s name. Almost as if no other name matters to him now 😦

And when I looked at this snap, even I found it difficult to believe she is no more….I guess it happens with people of strong personalities. Even when they are gone, they leave the air charged up with their presence.

May Allah bless her soul and give her family strength to deal with the loss. Ameen.

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