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The Planning….!!

Once again, the hapless mother tucks her babies in for the night, handing them their last bottle for the night (or so she hopes. Little does she know….!!)

Shortly after, she crashes for the night. The father-figure is already serenading the room with his snores. The mother hops into her bed and frantically tries to capture her forty winks.

The twins, as usual, when left alone like that, tend to plan. Like this time. And this.


RS : (slurp slurp) You know brother, we’re growing up.

SS : (slurp slurp ) Hunh?

RS : (slurp slurp )Uff, dumbo!! We’re growing up!! Getting bigger by the day.

SS : (slurp slurp )Talk for yourself. I don’t see myself growing at all. Heck I’m still the same height I was last year. You, however have become taller by inches.

RS  : (smugly) Hehe, I got the good genes, I guess.

SS : (slurp slurp) No comments!!

RS : (slurp slurp ) Anyhow, what I was saying is, since we are growing older, we need to set ourselves different benchmarks.

SS : (slurp slurp ) You mean, we need to make different kinds of scratches on the chairs and sofas??

RS:  (slurp slurp )Grrr. Of course not!! Though that wouldn’t be a bad idea….hmmm….come to think of it…..there’s a new sofa set in the drawing-room. Looks too clean and pretty, doesn’t it? Not good I say.

SS :  (slurp slurp )Hehe, don’t worry. It aint all that new now. I peed over it yesterday. The cushions got soaked through and through!

RS : (slurp slurp ) LOL!! Thats a good job brother. But didn’t anyone spank you?

SS : (slurp slurp ) Well…..ummm…no one saw me doing it. The granny thought someone had dropped water on the sofa. She asked me about it and I …errr… I said you’d done it.

RS : (Throwing the bottle) you WHAT?!!

SS : (slurp slurp ) Hey chill. They’re used to your water spilling habit by now. At least I didn’t say you’d peed.

RS : And you expect me to be thankful for that?!!

SS : (slurp slurp ) Just chill sis. The sofa is long dry. Don’t fret your pretty brow over it. We have other issues to discuss.

RS : Oh yeah. Right. Actually, I’ve been thinking. We’ve been pretty goody-goody of late. And I have a niggling feeling that I don’t like it one bit. Its time to spice up the place a bit.

SS : (shuddering) Uh Oh sis. You sure?? The last time I followed your plans , I got the spanking of my life.

RS : I wonder when you’ll develop that spine?? Maybe there’s a reason for your not growing tall, after all!!

SS : (in a hurt voice) Hey!! No need to get nasty, ok? You know I always follows your plans to the T. A guy has a right to protest once in a while.

RS : Okie. I take it back. Now coming back to the plan, don’t you think its time we put our artistic talents to use.

SS : (slurp slurp ) Uh-huh! And what exactly are those talents?

RS : Painting!! What else?? You see these walls?? They are our canvas. These fingers are our brushes.

SS : (slurp slurp ) And what about colours?

RS : Do I have to do ALL the planning?? Can’t you chip in for once??

SS : (slurp slurp ) uh-oh. Okie. I’ll manage the colours. I know of at least three different things I can use.

RS : Like what??

SS :  (slurp slurp )Ummm…that bottle of colouring blue which the maid uses. She tends to leave it on the floor every time  😀  . Then, there is our daal which we have with rice. Nice and yellow. And oh, you know, that banana can be squished and applied over the walls…it turns into a pretty dark shade after some time. Will go well with our walls.

RS : (one eye brow raised) Hmmm…quite the surprise package , aren’t we?!! I’d no idea you had these things up your sleeve.

SS :  (slurp slurp ) Hehe, sis. You are so busy keeping riveted everyone with your tantrums, no one worries that I might not be the saintly kid that they think I am. Works for me 😉

RS : Hey there!! I don’t throw tantrums. I just demand what is my right!! Is it my fault that these people never listen to me at one go. The added acoustics just helps speed up matters.  And plus, I never had any ambitions to become the new-age Lata Mangeshkar, you know.

SS :  (slurp slurp )Easy for you to say. They never give in when I try the same trick 😦 .

RS : Hehe, little brother, you just don’t have the vocals for it. Your tinny voice is not your best friend, I say. With that whine of a cry, I doubt our mother even hears you to get up and feed you. If it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t get your mid-night feed.

SS :  (looking at his now-empty bottle) Hmm..you’re right. And you know what? All this talking has made me hungry again!! How about another round?

RS : Sure. My pleasure, little brother. Here goes… Scrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeechhh…WAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNHHHHHHHH!! DHOOOOOOOOOOODHOOOOOOOOOOOO……WAAAAANNHHHHHH……………DHOOOOOOOODHOOOOOOOO……

*The poor mother frantically leaps out of bed, all groggy-eyed and disoriented, picks up the two bottles, washes them, and prepares the new feed, all the while trying her best to console her kids and also worrying that the neighbours would come knocking to their door shortly. She shoves the bottles into her son’s mouth and when she turns to her daughter, finds that the daughter is fast asleep!!  The poor mother tries vainly to wake up her daughter and feed her, but the daughter keeps her eyes shut tight. The mother looks up at the clock and is shocked to find that it is hardly 30mins since the twin’s last feed. She groans inwards and dumps herself on the bed, exhausted and bewildered, wondering when the nightly cravings would come down *

SS : Good one sis.

RS :  (smugly)  Hehe, the pleasure’s all mine bro. It’s all mine 🙂 .Goodnight for now 🙂

SS : Good night 🙂

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