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There’s so much to say and so little time to put my thoughts together ūüė¶ .I’ll just simply dump them here. Please get back with solutions(to the ones where I beg for them)¬†, if you have any.¬†

1) I’ve been plagued by a worry for a long time now. My daughter, the apple of my eye, the one for whom I dream a thousand dreams, the one for whom I’ve bought a multitude of hair-clips , hair-bands , beads and other hair accessories, refuses to grow hair. By which, I mean, after the last buzz on her head in April, her hair is still barely an inch long. And thin like water !! SS is growing hair thick and fast and my heart fills with fear and dread at the thought of my daughter being hair-deprived.¬†

Oh, a fate worse than obesity!! I hope my daughter doesn’t have to face it ūüė¶¬†

For the record, when we first shaved off her head (in Feb2009), her hair grew beautifully, all silky curls and tendrils. See this :- 

Curly mop


But after the FIL¬†got her a haircut in Dec 2009, her hair-growth diminished. Even by April 2010 (when we went o Delhi for BFC’s wedding) , she had not grown her hair long enough. This is how she looked in April this year :-¬†

Getting her finger bitten


Once we got back from Delhi, the GMIL¬†insisted that in order to¬†help her hair grow, we needed to shave her head once again ( ūüôĄ ). I did object, but was over-ruled (as usual ūüė¶ ). The FIL¬†took the kids to the barber, who chickened¬†out at the last minute¬†and said he wasn’t confident using the knife on the twin’s head. So he used the buzz machine once again!! The result is that, after April, till today, RS’s hair is shorter than what you can see in the above picture. It is also very scanty, you can see her scalp throughout. The GMIL¬†insisted that we take her to a proper barber and ask him to shave her head. This time, I’ve put my foot down. No more , I said. For once, I’d like to see my child with hair on her head. As usual, I’m over-ruled, but the FIL¬†was kind enough and said he’ll just take the kids for trim (since SS’s hair is long enough to get some proper shape now). I conceded, but I cannot really say if the FIL will stick to just a trim for RS. Must warn him once again before he leaves on sunday!!¬†

Point is,I’ve used coconut oil by litres, fed her protein rich diet, massaged her head and did everything I could to make sure she has nice,long,lustrous hair. But my poor daughter is seriously lacking in that department.¬†

Does anyone have any home-remedies to help grow hair?? I really want to see my daughter in those hair-clips and bands ūüôā¬†

2) For Pune readers, does anyone know of a good library I can take a membership of? I tried Librarywala.com for a month.¬† For 600/- a month, plus registration fees, I had a chance¬†to read just two books. This doesn’t look feasible in the long run ūüė¶ .¬†

And please don’t suggest British Council Library. Don’t have too many fond memories of it!!¬†

3) Now most of you know I was recently ill. But what most of you don’t know , is that I’m still in the throes of a very bad cold. Sniff.¬†

I did the mammoth mistake of consuming antibiotics for it (on being goaded by the in-laws) which I would never have done under any other circumstance. And as expected, the body repelled at the medication and since then, I’m sprouting pimples the size of strawberries (and equally red) on my face and other unmentionable areas. I’m also¬†sporting a headache which has made itself comfortable in my head. Heck, it’s actually living up there, complete with its own bathroom,bedroom and pantry!! I can hear it banging pots and plates when its in a mood to cook up a storm ūüė¶¬†

I’ve pulled my nose an inch from its previous length and now the tip is somewhere close to my upper lip. It is also a fiery shade of red , with peeling skin (courtesy, the BF, who insists steaming is the BEST treatment for cold, ever. No matter if it makes his wife look like a momo with out its soup!!)).¬†

So peeps, you good, good people out there, do you know of any remedy which will give me some respite and not cause me discomfort ? Is there anyway to fight this damn bug without looking like the battlefield of kurukshetra?? 

Only home remedies please. I’d rather die than pop another of those ‘quick-cold-pills-available-OTC’ !!!¬†

4) On a totally unrelated news, Mom’s gonna be here for Eid¬†ūüôā . In fact, that doesn’t make much of a difference, she isn’t going to be¬†celebrating it anyway!! But just that she’s here is such a comfort. I’m planning to steal time away from office and sneak up to her place. I so want to put my head on her lap and just snooooooooze¬†ūüėÄ . Aaahhh mothers!! What would we do without them??*¬†

Which makes me realize why the twins fight for my lap once I get back home ūüė¶ !!!¬†

*Guilt alert here. I’m already feeling bad for Cousin M&M ūüė¶¬†

5) Had an interesting conversation with a colleague yesterday, on the method of worship. I was away from my desk for Namaz¬†and he asked me where I’d disappeared to. When I told him I was away for prayers, he got interested and asked me what exactly we did when we prayed. After a brief narration from my side, he asked me about the mental state while praying namaz, like whether we go into a trance like state or something like that (this guy’s a lot into meditation and has experienced trance-like state himself). I replied in¬† the negative and told him that consciousness is the pre-requisite for prayers. We need to pray with awareness of what we are praying to/for. And that is why we pray in front of an empty wall or clear space, to remove the clutter and distraction and focus only on Allah and yourself.¬†

This guy immediately said that the same concept is in Hinduism too. Idol worship was never  part of Hinduism. It was used as a means to initiate children to the concept of God. The actual Sanatan Dharm preaches searching for God within oneself. 

He also said that Hindu scholars like Swami Vivekanand and Paramhans never worshipped any idols. They preached the theory of inner worship/discovery. For the very same reason, in mythological times, the saints used to go to mountain tops to worship (meditate). Praying in front of idols was never a part of the Hindu belief system. 

Which makes me think….when did man stop looking for God in his inner self and start searching for it in idols made by his own hands? By this logic, isn’t every child worthy of worship? Isn’t every meal one cooks worthy or worship?¬†

But then, children are slapped and abused, food trashed and thrown away. 

And idols…….? You just have to see the hundreds of pamphlets of images of Gods/Goddesses strewn on the road during Ganpati/Dussehra/Diwali to realize how much they are coveted.¬†

So tell me friends, what does your belief say? Do you look for God in yourself? Or you feel focussed only when facing a picture/idol of your favourite God? 


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