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I’m awfully rushed for time today, folks.

The kid’s nanny took an off. The Back-up nanny demanded a humongous amount for less than half-the-time. MIL has run-out of her leaves. Ditto BF. BIL has just started with his new job and I have a production release on 9th. Whew.

So who’s available to look after the kids (assist big-dadi) today??

It took me the better part of the morning (can 12:00 be termed as part of morning?? ) to find someone willing to come over for the day. Luckily, cousin L (God bless you girl!!) agreed to spend a few hours with the twins. Mom agreed to replace her at 3 pm. MIL would return by 5 pm. So today is taken care of . Sort of. I finally made it to office at 1:30 pm 😦

But it was a nerve-racking exercise, calling up people, getting rejected, calling up more, planning, then cancellations, and then calling up some more people!! And like the many times I’ve felt before, I wondered if all this unnecessary worry was worth it!! Sometimes, I feel I’m just a hair’s breadth away from ditching my job and taking up full-time custody of the twins. Which, frankly, I’d love to…..but there are a load of other factors which favour my working  currently and I’m going with them for now.

Anyhow, things are settled . I came in late, so need to cover up in the evening (loooong evening ahead 😦 ). Cousin L, other than minding the kids , is also sending me on a huuuuge guilt-trip. She’s tidying up my room 😐 .

(Aaarghhh!! I hate it when your little baby sisters prove what a sloth you’ve been.   )

I’m so grateful to her that I gave her a choice of two new dress-materials I’d bought recently. The poor girl is still wondering which one she likes more 😀

Hopefully, by evening, she’s finalize her decision 😀

Till then, I’ll have a little stress free evening at work. Once mom comes over, I’ll breathe even more easier 🙂

After all, that’s what families are for 🙂

(Makes me wonder, what ‘punya’ I ever did to get such love and support from all quarters!!)

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