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A Letter to the Twins

Dear Twins,

If you’ve been reading my posts lately, you’d feel that the only thing I ever do is to rant about you two.
I realized this while going through a few recent posts and I’m sorry to say, I paint a rather sorry picture of you two. My heartfelt apologies. The only reason why I’ve been slack in updating this blog on your achievements is that you two have learnt so much in the last few weeks, it’s almost difficult to keep track.Everyday is a revelation. Everyday, we are subjected to some new hilarity . Or sometimes, we just marvel at how you figured out that one particular activity!!
The last few weeks have been a roller-coaster ride of sorts, with you two keeping everyone at home on their toes, making sure we all lost a few inches and a few pounds in the bargain 😀 . It doesn’t help that each day, you grow a little more taller and can reach out for stuff which we thought was beyond your reach. Your insane curiosity doesn’t help matters much!! So it’s a regular activity at home to leap and rescue a vessel of milk which you tug at, leap and wrench the scissors from your hand which you stood on your toes and reached for, to lunge and tackle you before you take that mug of water and pour it over the sofa set. We’ve been busy these days darling, thanks to you both!!

But what never ceases to amaze me , is how quickly you two are grasping everything you see and hear. You now understand EVERYTHING we say, responding correctly to our commands and rebukes.I just have to say,”get up” and you immediately stand in attention 😀 . Gives me a power high, I must confess, though I dare say we order you about on a whim!! You guys are far too clever for that. You listen to us, only when you feel like it. Rest of the time, we can cry ourselves hoarse and you guys wouldn’t so much as look at us 😀 !!

Anyhow, I just want to list a few new things that make me fall head-over-heels in love with you everyday :-

1) The way you, RS call out “Mamma”. Full of authority and love. Seems like a weird combination, but you have to hear it to believe it.

2) The way you, SS call me “Mamma”. Full of pleas and requests. Don’t know why your tone is like that, but it’s very sweet to hear 🙂

3) The way, you, RS mimic each and every action of mine, including the part about scolding and raising your hand threateningly. You even glare at me, all the while trying your best not to giggle. Adorable 🙂 !!

4) The way, you SS pick up any new word and repeat it clearly . And when we beg you to say it again, you clam up! No amount of coaxing is enough for you to oblige us!!

5) The way you, RS snatch anything and everything from your brother, and then lovingly try to hand it back to him. Even scolding him when we do and trying to feed him when we do the same 🙂

6) The way, you SS give the biggest smile ,wave your little hands frantically and yell out “Byeeeee” when you get a chance to step out of the door.

7) The way you, RS ,tug at your knickers when you want to visit the loo, sometimes, just fibbing, because the only thing you really want to do is to play with water!!

8 ) The way you SS mutter something in gobbledegook and when we repeat it, say,”haaaan??” with your held tilted to one side, eyes and mouth wide open, as though questioning us on it !!

9) The way you two have now learnt to communicate your hunger or thirst, the way you two run the house down, the way you jump over the sofa-sets, the way you clamber over your parents (playing horse), the way you two laugh, with unbridled joy, the sound coming from somewhere deep in your belly :D.

10) The way you both have defined your preference of bikes!! SS, my boy, you LOVE sitting on your Abba’s bike (on the petrol tank), holding on for dear life and refuse to get down once the destination is reached. And you, RS , love to stand in front on my bike, holding on to the headlamp and still as a mouse. On your father’s bike, its tough to make you sit still, what with you squirming one way or the other. SS is yet a little short to travel on my bike. But I’m hoping the day is not too far 🙂

11) The way you two care for your loved ones!! I just have to hold up a finger and say I got hurt and both of you will rush over to hold the finger and blow on it (yes, thats the ONLY cure you know and guess what ? It works 😀 ). You , RS, love to pat everyone to sleep, sometimes insisting that we lay down SS on your tiny lap or maybe put our heads on  your chubby thighs. Then you proceed to pat us (not so gently) to sleep!! And you, SS, love being rocked to sleep, by anyone/everyone at home. You willingly go to everyone, even sleeping with your dada while your sister throws tantrums on being separated from her mom 😐 . You tone down your cries if you hear your sister crying, at times, even giving up your toys/goodies just so that she calms down!!

12) The last, but not the least, the way your faces light up when I come back home 🙂 . Or the way, you peek out of your bed covers and grin when your Abba returns in the night. We two helpless parents have no other choice, but to smother you two with kisses and hugs (with you two trying your best to escape 🙂 )

I wish I could put up snaps of you two at your bratty best, but the last few weeks have been a little hectic at work as well as home. But I promise to post some soon. Just so that you can see how well you have smeared mashed banana on the sofa or how cute your palm prints look on the wall (where you stamped after dipping your hands in Robin liquid blue)!

I still worry about you two though. When I see that SS still can’t inform us when he wants to pee or poop, or when you both are yet to let go of your milk bottles, I fret. I worry that maybe I’m not doing enough to toilet train you, or maybe I’m not feeding you enough to keep your tummies full. But at other times, when you come out of your illness with flying colours, battling your fever bravely and continuing with your antics, I feel blessed that Allah has bestowed you with sturdy health. I hear instances of friend’s children being admitted to hospitals and I can only send a prayer of recovery for them one of thanks for you two.

You are both running your 22nd month now. How time flies!! Shortly, you’ll both be TWO years old!! How terrific is that for you ? (and terrible for me 😦  )

I’m so looking forward to the time you two are able to string a sentence together, or maybe, make a trip to the loo on your own 😀

But for now, we are content to hear you gurgling with happiness. Glad that you bring in so many good vibes, making sure we laugh along with you! Your family loves you munchkins, and it fills the heart with joy to see that you love them all right back.

Here’s to good health and an eventful year ahead 🙂


(of milk glasses, of course 😀 )

Your Mom.

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