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When Dad is left all alone….

…………..he is at his witty best!!

I’ve been pestering him to start his own blog, since he writes so well, but he wouldn’t listen 😦 . He still sends his write-ups to only a select few. What a waste I say.

Anyhow, since Mom’s here in Pune, Dad is left all alone in B’lore (technically, not ALL ALONE, since Bro and Bags are there in B’lore and drop in to visit him regularly). But it doesn’t stop him from venting his woes on staying alone.

Recently, he sent us a mail, which reads something as follows :-


“…Coming to the month of Ramzan, I gather that most of you
were worried about Dad’s seclusion at xxx, xth Cross, xxnd Block,
xxx Layout, B’lore. Besides other issues, food was the most and
inevitable concerns. No fears, friends…..I wish you had seen the
hand-written board pasted on our gate. It reads :-
Ramzan Mubarak. May Allah Bless You All.
Old, Poor and Hungry Man inside. Will work for food.
Donate food generously. All types of Iftar food welcome.
Preferably Non – Veg. May Allah bless you.

Ink finished. Writing in Pencil. No money for refill.”

Last line is in pencil…ran out of ink / refill….!!! Lo Behold,
food started arriving in tons from neighbours. Excess food
given to fellow-Poor….!!!! So no worry…!!! 🙂



If only dad takes up my request and starts his own blog!!

What fun it would be to read 😀

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