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Most of you know about the recent flat-tyre I suffered. It was nothing less than a catastrophe (at least for me!!). When I went back and narrated the incident to the BF, he expressed, but little sympathy .

“Now you know how it feels like when you get a flat tyre”, he said.

“Yeah….it doesn’t feel good at all 😦 “, I replied demurely.

“Thank God. At least you realize it now……and be glad that someone else didn’t make you get a flat-tyre, unlike a specific person I know”, at this point he glared at me with all his might.

I just cowered in a corner and whimpered, “It wasn’t MY fault. It was fate”.

“Oh Yeah?!! Fate?? Didn’t you puncture , like FOUR tyres in one week?? ”

“Err….yes…but then, there’s no need to bring it up now 😦 “.


Dear readers, let me go back in history to enlighten you on what exactly happened that week. For sure, it was the week of the jinx. The week of black-magic and evil influence. And I swear to God I had no role to play here. It was just the conspiracy of the universe against one little soul, that was mine 😦 .

Hear me out please.

The year was 2001. I was living in mom’s flat with Bro and Bags. Bro had our faithful Bajaj Chetak for conveyance. Me and bags used to travel by bus. Those days , I was in my first year of post-graduation (same as the BF, but in a different college). Once in a while, the BF used to drop me till my bus-stop from college (my college being on the way to his home ).

Anyhow, one such day, he dropped by my college to give me a lift ( those being the days of landline-phones-only, there was no way for him to communicate his intention. He used to simply stop outside the gates and wait for me to come out 🙂 ). I came out, hopped on the bike and off we went. We had hardly covered a 100 yards when the BF slowed  down the bike and asked to me to get off.

Me: What happened?

BF : Don’t know, but I guess it’s a flat tyre.

Me : What now??

BF : Umm..I guess you’ll have to walk till the bus-stop yourself. I have to drag this bike to a repair shop and that is in another direction.

Me : Oh well, ok. Goodbye then.

BF : Good bye.

And so I took , my leave.

The next day, Bro informed me that he’ll be in the vicinity of my college around late afternoon and he could pick me up from there. I was obviously happy over the thought of a free lift home 🙂 .

Bro reached the college on time and off we headed towards home. Just when we were a kilometre away from home, Bro brought the scooter to a halt.

Me: What happened??

Bro : Looks like a flat tyre.

Me : Really?? What an amazing co-incidence?!! The BF’s bike tyre went kaput yesterday.

Bro : (not paying much attention) why don’t you take a rick and go home. Getting this fixed might take some time.

Me : Oh sure. Ta-ta.

And off I went.

Two days later, a friend from college (lets call her SP) who stayed close to my place, offered me a lift on her bike. Once again, I agreed. Off we went. Just about halfway there, she slowed down the bike.

SP : Err…Noor, please don’t mind, but it looks as though I have a flat tyre. Do you mind getting off??

Me : Really? Haha!! Thats Funny!!

SP : Why?? What’s wrong??

Me : I was just wondering at the coincidence of it all. Three days back, the BF’s bike tyre got a flat and then day before yesterday, Bro had a flat one. And now its you. Haha!! It’s almost as if whichever bike I sit on, gets a flat tyre.

SP : (One looong baleful look) I see…..

Me : (sheepish now) Hey!! It’s just a measly co-incidence. Nothing to it. You get your bike fixed. Don’t worry about me. I’ll take the bus back home. Thanks for the ride anyway.

And I scooted from there as fast as my feet could take me. I swear I could feel her eyes boring a hole on my back 😐

Two days after that was a Saturday. We had practicals that day and I stayed back a little longer in college. When I came out, I saw the BF strolling impatiently in front of the gates. He came over quickly when he saw me.

BF : (grabbing my hand and walking fast) Where were you?? I’ve been waiting since ages!!

Me: Hey!! Hold it. Where’s the fire?!

BF : I’ve got something to show you.

Me:Really?? Is it a gift?? For me??

BF : Huh? Of course not dumbo. It’s for me.

Me: Err…and you expect me to be happy about it??

BF : Shut up will you.

We came to a halt at the parking lot and he pulled out his bike. Correction. His NEW bike 🙂 . It was all sparkly and clean (it had to be. The BF was loving wiping down a smudge with his handkerchief!)

BF : So, what do you think??

Me: Its beautiful!! Lets go for a ride.

BF : No no, not now. I just bought it today. Don’t want to put too many miles on it so soon…..

Me : (glaring angrily at him) Hmmm..

BF : ……but how about if I drop you home??

Me: Oh well. It’s the least you can do.

So saying I hopped on his bike and off we went.

Only to stop about a kilometre from my college.

BF: Please get off.

Me: Why?? What happened??

BF : (with a wildly incredulous look on his face) I can’t believe this!! It’s a new bike!!

Me: What happened?? Will you tell me??

BF : (still in a shock) A flat tyre. I can’t believe it….I just brought it from the showroom…haven’t even taken it home yet!!

Me : Hehe!! Looks like a week of flat-tyres ….just your bad luck dear!!

BF : (exploding) NO!!! Not me!! Its YOU who’s the bad luck!!

Me : (taken aback)  Huh??

BF : Yes. YOU. You’ve been the one going around handing out flat-tyres.

Me: Hey!! Don’t blame me if your bike is defective.

BF : (raving like a mad-man) My NEW bike!! It’s NOT defective. You are the curse!! Every bike you sit on, gets a flat tyre. C’mon accept it. It’s the truth , isn’t it.

Me: It s a co-incidence!! Don’t dump the blame on me!!

BF : Co-incidence??Really?? Like how many times a week?? One ? Two? Three??  And when its the fourth time, it’s still a co-incidecnce??

Me: Oh well, blaming me is not going to solve your purpose. There’s nothing that I can do about it.

BF : Oh yes, you can!! How about shedding some weight?!!

Me : (my turn to explode now) Don’t you dare comment on my weight. I’m just fine, ok?? It’s not my weight which is causing these flat tyres.

BF: Really?? Then what is??

Me : I have no idea.

BF : Ask your brother. He’ll tell you that its your weight that’s the issue here!!

At this point, I couldn’t take it any longer and hurled a few choice gaalis at the BF and walked off.  His parting words were, “……I’ll make sure you never sit behind me again!!” or something to that effect 🙂 .


Obviously, the BF did not stick to his resolve for much longer. Bro sold off the scooter soon after. Friend SP never offered me a lift again.Oh well….you can’t win them all…..as long as I had the BF, things were moving just fine.

And for the record, those days, I used to weigh at least 25kgs less than what I weigh today.

So I guess they make tougher tyres these days 😀

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