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On being Lovestruck :)

It’s the season of love (and upcoming marriages) and I can practically feel the air charged up with the gentle vibes floating all around 🙂 . There are friends who are just floating around, moony-eyed 🙂  (AB, I wish I could see you now dear…..but I can just imagine how positively glow-y you must be looking right now 😀 ). So many friends are getting married that I’m having a tough time keeping track. And oh, most of these are friends who’ve chosen their own partners. Oooooohh!! The thrill of taking that plunge, knowing that come what may, you alone are responsible for the outcome 😀 !! If that thought doesn’t tickle your tummy, then I don’t know if this post is for you 🙂 .

Anyhow, coming back to being lovestruck, you know which couple looks the least lovestruck to me?? Its this one (there’s something too cold and calculated about these two . Or is it just me who thinks so 😦  ?):-

Call me blind, but I don't the lovestruck-ness here 😦

But these two here (specially that drool-worthy groom) look oh-so-much-in-love, I’m sniffy every time I look at them (never mind their multiple marriages. Its the NOW that matters!! ) :-

Awww....see them ginning...Mushy indeed 🙂

I can almost imagine Shashi tharoor singing this song for Sunanda :-

Can you??

On an aside, who says that only couples having a love marriage are mushy?? Here’s a post by good friend KA , who writes a beautiful courtship post (for his fiancée) . It was so mushy, it made me realize that we attach too much importance to love marriages and don’t understand the charm of an arranged one. This post was an eye-opener, because it was just so sweet. Do have a look 🙂

(Now if only I could make BFC do a post on her wedding!! )

(Sweetie, if you are reading this, is there any hope of me receiving a guest post from you?? Pretty please, since it’s the season of love and all ……. 🙂 )



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