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………was myĀ Happy-wala Birthday!!

Yep folks. Yesterday, I turned a year older and none the wiser šŸ˜

Loads and loads of Thanks to friends who called/mailed/messaged/commented/walled/scrapped me. Come to think of it, in this day and ageĀ of networking, its hard to miss anyone’s birthday, unlike the times when we diligently wrote down our friend’s birth datesĀ in a worn out diary and swore to preserveĀ it till the end of time!! And woe betide anyone who forgets their friend’s birthday šŸ˜€ !!Life is much easier today and for that I’m grateful to technology. I have a means to remember everyone’s birthday. That is one responsibility off my shoulders šŸ˜€ .

Anyhow, back to what I did these last two days :-

1) Operation Shop & Pack : Since I’m leaving for B’loreĀ on Saturday, the one day that we got an off (for AnantĀ Chaturdashi) was utilizedĀ for shopping (for the things asked for by Bags) and packing (with two kids and a husband-who-never-packs-his-own-stuff, one has a LOT of work to do !!). The Sun was merciless, beating down with unwavering intensity and by the time I was doneĀ shopping, I as ready to drop. No such luck though. If I didn’t do the packing then, it would be a mad rush at the last minute (since the next two days were working days and I am leaving at 5 AM on Saturday morning!!). So I dragged my sorry a** to finish the packing as soon as possible.

2) Had a cold war with the BF on Wednesday night, since my innumerable queries on his plans for the next day (BIG, visible hints to the partner) went unanswered and un-noticed. I huffed and puffed by myself and then gave in to fate and bad mood and planned for the work at office the next day.

3) BF offered to drop me to office on Thursday, I prepared his and BIL’sĀ lunch boxes, fed the twins their breakfast and then we left. On the way to office, I bought sweets and namkeenĀ ( as is the ritual if its your birthday šŸ™‚ ). The BF looked a little grumpy, but I put it down to his bad mood wheneverĀ he has to get up early, which he did yesterday. Anyhow, he was also hungry, so we stopped at an eatery near office for some breakfast. And that’s when the dam broke. Or rather, his patience. The BF was annoyedĀ with me for opting for office. I told him, no, I reminded him that I’ve been after him since ages to check if he has any plans for my birthday. Since he hadn’t replied in the affirmative, I decided to complete my work in office (since I’ll be on leave the next week). He gave me a royal dressing down, saying that in all these years together, he has never planned any celebration just because he isn’t good at it. He had assumed that like always, I’ll do the planning and let him know. I blasted out that it was a sorry day when I’d have to plan for my own BirthdayĀ and then he retaliated that what was the big deal about it anyway.Whew!!

Anyhow, crux of the matter is that post breakfast, I reported to work (as I’d planned). Gave the sweets to friendsĀ and sat down to do my work. I get a call shortly from the BF, asking me to check if there is any movie playing in any of the theatres in the vicinity.

WTHell…I fumed. I don’t have time for all this, and I told him so. But he wouldn’t take no for an answer, saying that he was standing right outside the office building and wanted me to come out pronto.Oh God!! What’s a girl supposed to do then?? I had no choice but to pick my bag, bid adieu to friends and beat it to the gate šŸ™‚ . My manager did catch me running off with the BF, but he understood and was kind enough not to bring it up today :D.

The BF and me roamed around for a while, then booked tickets for Dabangg and whiles some time at a restaurant.

4) Dabangg: The Bang. All’s been said and done about Dabangg, but the only reason I could sit through it was that after a long time, Salman acted, if you know what I mean. After a spate of movies with him parroting memorized lines and sleep-walked through his role, it was good to see him interested in what he was doing!! Positive change, I say.

As for Ms.Sonakshi, she looked eerily similar to EshaĀ Deol (complete with the broad forehead look), only taller.She was good as long as she had to look glum. It’ll be some time before her dialogues sound convincing! But she’s pretty, one can grant her that šŸ™‚

And Oh, I finally, finally heard and saw the MunniĀ BadnamĀ number. Frankly, I’ve heard and seen stuff worse than this, so it wasn’t that big a deal. But seriously, why did zanduĀ balm feature in the song? Specially with the action of her rubbing it on her posterior?!! Butt painful , I sayĀ  šŸ˜

5) After the movie, we went for an ice-cream (I had kulfi, I guess after years!!). And post that, we went to meet my mom. She and uncles were super impressed that the BF had taken an off for me. Him, having the reputationĀ of NEVER being available from work, ever!! That he could take a day off for me surprised them to no end (andĀ me too *gulp*. Guilty šŸ˜¦ ). We came back home in the evening. The BF dropped me home and went to order dinner. The BIL left with him. I had a blast playing with the kids, but after a while I had the worst headache ever!! I guess I’m so unused to watching movies in theatres that if I do go once in a while, I end up with a throbbing headache and severe pain in my neck. A little Disprin helped solve the matter and the twins , for once , did not trouble with their dinner (my angels.mmmuuaah!!).

6) The BF returned around 9pm (after I called him a zillion times, rebuking him for taking two and a half hour just to get dinner!). He bought a cake, dinner and a gift. A new mobile phone for me. Because he was mighty upset on seeing my old cellphone being held up by cello tapes. In my defence, the tapes were put in place just day before yesterday becauseĀ the scratch cover was coming off. I didn’t want it to come off completely unless I had a chanceĀ to buy a new one. Anyhow, I’m now the owner of a new Nokia 2323 Classic. Easy and convenient to use (and if I have any reservations about it, they were easily squashed by the BF who said that I tend to beĀ careless about the phone and he didn’tĀ want to risk buying a high-endĀ phone when he knew my tendencyĀ to leave the phone around the twins. Sigh. How hateful is it when your loved one knows you too well šŸ˜¦ ) . The redeeming feature of the new phone is that it has Sudoku on it (Yay!! No more borrowing cell phones from friends during long, never-ending conference calls anymore šŸ˜€ ). So all’s well on this side!!

That’sĀ it folks. Lets not get into the details what happened next. becauseĀ obviously, nothing did (Hehe!!! You don’t believe that, do you?)

Anyhow šŸ˜

The neck pain came back again in the night and though I requested the BF to massage my shoulder and neck, we couldn’t find any ZanduĀ balm around šŸ˜ . He gave it a pass. And no, I couldn’t turn into a zandu balm for him, or for myself !!

Cheers šŸ™‚

PS : The next post might take some time coming. Most probably from B’lore. Take care till then, Ciao.

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Tractor Love..

What all I get in my mail in the name of humour!!



Greg is passing by Rickā€™s hay shed one day when through a gap in the door he sees Rick doing a slow and sensual striptease in front of an old red Massey Ferguson.

He performs a slow pirouette and gently slides off first the right welly, followed by the left.

He then hunches his shoulders forward and in a classic striptease move lets his braces fall down from his shoulders to dangle by his hips over his corduroy trousers .

Grabbing both sides of his checked shirt he rips it apart to reveal his tea stained vest underneath and with a final flourish he hurls his flat cap on to a pile of hay.

“What on earth are you doing Rick ?”, says Greg

“Jeez Greg, you frightened the livin bejesus out of me”,says an obviously embarrassed Rick, “but me and the Missus been having some trouble lately in the bedroom department, and the Therapist suggested I do something sexy to a tractor “.


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