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Hiya folks. I’m back.


*looking around and finding no one *

Err…ummm…I guess you guys left while I was away. But fret not . I’ll wait. I’ll wait right here, tapping my fingers till you guys come back. You see, I have loads of news to share (he he, not much actually) about the B’lore trip and how I managed to retain a few hair on the head in spite of the twins doing their best to make me yank them off myself. Whew. It sure was eventful, I say.

Anyhow, a lot has happened in my absence. The Babri verdict was out, Commonwealth Games took a leap after loads of hiccups and Busty Heart did a lot of damage to innocent tiles and beer cans!! SO MUCH to write about!! But then, I’ve decided to let these news items go for now. I’d rather post about the loads of fun I had with the kids, loads of bonding – between the twins and their cousins, and obviously, the snaps 🙂 .

So keep tuned.

I’ll be around. I promise 🙂

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