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Now that I’m back (to fond welcomes and hugs and kisses 🙂 ) I can’t help but feel that the last week went by just too fast!! We had loads of plans to meet people, roam around, visit Mysore and many more. But we didn’t do anything. ANYTHING!! 

Thanks to the super brats and of course, the “who-will-get-Babri” verdict (aren’t I glad that at least for now, its out of the way!!). We were at home, in the loving company of parents, Bro(with family) and Bags(with family) , all of whom had leave from work because of the verdict(am glad again 😀 ) .The only pin striking our balloon was the curfew-like situation in the city. With strict orders from every quarter, we had no option but to stay at home. It didn’t help that the verdict kept getting postponed. It ruined most of our plans and how!! 

Instead of going through the week day by day, I’ll quickly wrap up the events in one go (as there was hardly any difference between one day and the next 😐 ) 

The first two days (saturday and Sunday), we stayed at home. Saturday, because the BF wanted to sleep. He had come back around 2 am the previous night and had woken up at 4 again to catch our early morning flight. Not surprisingly, as soon as we reached home, he crashed out. Big time 🙂 . 

Dad had come to pick us up from the airport and after that, he had to leave for Pune (where Mom had stayed back to attend the 40th day ceremony of my departed aunt). They would return by 28th evening and till then, the house was handed over to us 🙂 . 

Bro and Bags had come with their spouses and kids and I had a good time making certain the twins get acquainted with their cousins. As expected, there were mini gang-wars, but no casualties were reported 🙂 . Eventually, the kids got used to seeing each other and peace was restored. Bro and Bags left in the evening and we had my parent’s house all to myself (which , under other circumstances would have been a VERY romantic occurance….BUT….the twins!!) and I realized what a whopping gigantic task it is to prevent your children from demolishing someone else’s house! 

For the record, my house is kid-proof. Apart from the furniture, every other thing is placed at least more than 3 feet away from the floor.Which isn’t the case with mom’s house. Her house has a hundred different artifacts/statuettes/mementos/centre-pieces which are arranged in pane-less showcases/side tables and centre-tables. To say that I hyper-ventillated when SS took two crystal ash-trays and banged them together(since they sound so pretty) is putting it mildly. I had a cardiac arrest. And after that, things got just worse!! Me and the BF spent an entire evening leaping to rescue one item or the other. And if we weren’t running rescuing things, we were running rescuing the twins from falling off the marble staircase leading up to the first floor. The twins on their part, were super-gleed to see temptation staring them in the face. How could they resist!! They had a ball. That first day saw some major and minor damages (which we couldn’t prevent in time). In the night, when the kids slept, we realized just how difficult the entire week was going to be. The BF already regretted the leave, the scars of the Delhi trip still fresh in his mind. But I was stronger. I told him that come what may, I’ll return to Pune only on the date mentioned in my return ticket. Not a minute before that!! 

Anyhow, Saturday night passed uneventfully. The BF woke up late on Sunday. I didn’t have the liberty to, since SS has a nasty habit of getting up early and then slapping me to “uthh-Ohhh”.If I don’t respond to his request, he tries to nudge and shove me off the bed. Hah!! little does the midget know that it wasn’t all that easy to move this mama out of her bed. I give random threats of scary-monsters and furious grand-parents, but it doesn’t cut any ice with him. When he says “uthh-Ohh”, a mom has no option, but to get up. Even if it is 6:30 AM on a Sunday *Sigh* . 

Sunday afternoon was lunch at Bro’s place, where RS bullied poor Baby M to no end. The little girl was in tears throughout and no one would belive that she’s 8 months older to RS (and OH!! She’s a damn smart kid. She knows all her poems by heart and even enacts them! And here I am, still struggling to make the twins join two coherent words together 😦 . I must be doing something wrong…..or maybe not doing something right!!)!! Post lunch, came back home and tried to grab 40 winks. No luck 😦 . Luckily, Bhabhi had handed over parcelled dinner, so there were no worries over cooking food. The BF and I, after a very long time, sat down to watch TV.Correction here. HE sat down to watch TV. I made a million trips up and down the stairs, trying my best to make sure the twins didn’t tumble and have a great fall 😦 . We had a nice cosy dinner where RS vehemently insisted that she would have dinner by herself and then proceeded to royally mess up the whole room. My appeals to her to stop her attempts at feeding the chair, the blanket and the table, fell on deaf ears. Post dinner, the BF grabbed the twins and went downstairs, while I spent the better part of an hour sweeping and mopping the room, cleaning up the mess!! I didn’t want Mom to have a brutal shock when she returned home. 

Monday morning was spent similarly lazing around at home. I had a pile of washing to do, apart from the regular operation clean-up. Luckily, the maid turned up on time and I could spend time feeding the twins and playing with them. Later that evening, we made a trip to Cubbon Park near MG road. I have fond memories of visiting Cubbon park as a kid and wanted the twins to have fun there as I’d done ages ago. Alas, after reaching there, we found out that the children’s play area is closed on Mondays (of all days in a week!!). Anyhow, we strolled along the pathways, amidst lovely greenery and age-old trees. The twins had a blast running about the place 🙂 

Love overload 🙂

SS.....learning to pose for snaps 🙂

RS....running for all she's worth 🙂

Cubbon park is a lovely place. The bamboos are still standing strong and look just as mysterious now as they looked then 🙂 . At one point, the BF was walking in front of me with the twins. The late afternoon sun filtering through the trees gave off a lovely halo over their heads :- 

In front of me

And when I turned around, the scene was entirely different :- 

Behind me

The sun’s rays struck just one part of the bamboo cluster whereas the rest of the area was engulfed in darkness!! It was amazing to notice the difference from the point where I was standing 🙂 . Somehow, I have a thing for Bamboos…I find them other-wordly……..just think….grass that grows so high it makes you feel like the kids in “Honey I Shrunk The Kids” 🙂 

High on grass 😀

We spent Tuesday at home, mostly because Mom was returning that night and I wanted the house to have some semblance of its original state before she entered the front door!! Operation Frantic-Clean-Up ensued and by evening, we were ready to declare the house almost as good as before 🙂 . Around 7pm, we took the car, bundled the kids and headed to the airport to pick up parents (Bro was struck in heavy traffic on his way back from work and couldn’t make the trip himself). It was a fun drive, with us missing the route a couple of times, but getting back on the highway in time to reach the airport. Parents were obviously super-happy to see the twins, who on their part, were super happy to have another chance at riding the trolleys 🙂 

Wednesday morning, I fed the kids, fed the BF ,cleaned up the house and by noon we  all headed to Bag’s place. She had invited us over to her place (which is in the diagonally opposite direction to our home and takes an hour to reach!!) for dinner. Once there, Baby SA took some time adjusting to the intruders in his play-room, but being the gentle child that he is, was willing to share his toys with minimum fuss! I totally ADORE baby SA. He’s such a munchkin, all golden ringlets for hair and big green eyes. We (the BF, me and the twins) just couldn’t get enough of hugging him and kissing his cheeks off. The poor baby never squirmed or tried to run away. Gosh!! Its so bad when you have to stay away from such lovely kids 😦 

On the bean bag

RS was gifted a kitchen set by Bags and my girl promptly cooked a meal and fed Baby SA 😀 

RS : Eat baby Eat

Baby SA : As if I have a choice 😦


On Thursday, we all stayed put at home. Bro got an off from work.So did Bro-in-law and bhabhi. We got together at home, had lunch, gossipped, laughed,ran after the kids and generally had a ball. We switched on the television much later in the evening, after the verdict was out. But frankly, by then, no one was really interested in the verdict. We just wanted life to go on smoothly, at least for our children’s sake!! We had planned to visit Mysore on Friday, but then Dad advised against it. So we all stayed put at home. On Friday evening, we made a trip to UB City on Vitthal Mallya Road (Bangloreans might be aware of this new landmark) . The twins and the cousins had a blast playing with the water fountain in the atrium. 

Baby M,SS,Baby SA, RS

Too engrossed with the fountain to bother posing!!

It was a fun evening. After roaming around UB City for a while , we ordered Chinese takeaway for dinner and headed home. There’s something awfully heartwarming about sitting at home and having meals with loved ones. Aapa was sorely missed as were her two kids. If only she could come, our happiness would have been complete :). 

Here’s a pic of the four-cousins sitting like angels for a snap :- 


As usual, RS wanted to wear her brother’s shirt, with the hood put up!! Good decision, at least it helps to hide her bald head for a while 😀 

Saturday was a blur of activity. I had a load of packing to do, with strict (naah, stern is the word) instructions from the BF that we are to return with the same number of bags we arrived with. No extra luggage would be taken to kindly. He needn’t have worried. Since we didn’t get to shop even once, there was no threat of extra baggage 😀 . Cousin H from Chennai had come over in the morning to meet us. He used to stay with us earlier and it was good to see him again. The poor lad is facing an awful divorce proceeding within the first year (for the record, his bride asked for a divorce right after the wedding. Go figure 😐 . I really need to do a post on this, will probably write it up by this weekend ) . While with us, he was cheerful and happy and I was glad that at least for some time, he could throw his worries away 🙂 

Once the packing was done, we headed for lunch to bhabhi’s sister’s place. The twins had fun bullying J Aapa’s son Av, who is close to being 4-years old. SS even made the poor boy cry!! Either my son is turning into a bully like his sister, or little Av is more sensitive than we know!! 

Baby M, Av and Baby SA under the table discussion with Dad 🙂

After we got back home, it was another round of frantic packing, last minute searching for stuff, two irritable kids and two heart-broken parents. Mom and Dad were already in the moping mood since they felt we were going back too soon!! Dad gifted the BF a lot of golfing paraphernalia and as always tried convincing the BF to take up the sport (Hah!! Fat chance that he will!!) . The BF, on his part, assured Dad that maybe sometime in future, he will. I don’t believe him. Neither does Dad, but he keeps his hopes high 😀 !! And oh, for those who wonder what the BF looks like, here’s a shot – 


There he is, being his regular shy persona!! Not to be clicked since he hadn’t shaved! And then he says we women are finicky over our looks! Hmmphh. The double standards, I tell you…..!!
Anyhow, Bro and Mom accompanied us till the airport, we bid fond good-byes,piled the twins on the trolley and went in. After that, it was just mayhem as the twins freaked out at the airport, running helter-skelter with me and the BF running after them! Even inside the plane, they resembled super-charged Energiser bunnies. Luckily, since it was a flight, our agony was shortlived. We arrived in Pune late at night and from then on, it was back to work, back to routine.
And I miss my mommy and daddy 😦
1) This is the 400th post on this blog.
2) This blog completed 1 year on 9th of Sep 2010.
3) There is no excuse for not doing a Blog-B’day-Post.
4) I hang my head in shame…….and sorrow 😦

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