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This is a totally random post on some observations made over the weekend.

But first…….

Confession 1 : I really can’t think up of a single decent topic to talk on today ūüė¶

Confession 2 : I was too lazy to upload the latest snaps of the twins ūüė¶

Okie, so back to randomness……….

Shopping on Sundays is a complete no-no. And I mean it . So the next time the BF suggests we do the monthly grocery shopping on a Sunday, I’m going to biff him on the head. Which would be less painful than entering a store brimming with chattering women, ill-tempered men and badly behaved children!!

On that note, let me tell you what happened yesterday. We went grocery shopping to a mart near our place. It took us a few minutes to¬†get hold of¬†a trolley because every family AND their¬†kid wanted a trolley of their own! Once inside, it was total chaos. The kids were racing their trolleys down the aisles, couples were discussing the pros and cons of Tide over Wheel while blocking the access to the shelves for others!! I must have muttered a hundred “excuse-me”s while trying to grab my stuff. And is it a surprise that I was the only one with a list in my hand (which made my shopping much quicker!!). Everywhere we went, couples, parents, youngsters kept discussing what to buy. For the love of God, couldn’t they perform¬†this activity at home?? Why does the decision making have to happen at the nth minute, making life miserable for others??

And oh, the kids!! When the BF suggested we take the twins along, I said NO. We were going shopping and the kids had no business coming to the store. Alas, some parents think otherwise. They bring their entire brood along (in some cases, as in nuclear families, this is unavoidable. My sympathies). But what gets my goat is that these same parents forget they have brought their children along as soon as they enter the store. So while the mama and papa are busy fighting over which toilet cleaner is better, little munna is busy kicking a ball at other customers and little munni is busy picking fistfuls of grains from the large containers and throwing them all around. The staff, already harried because of the crowd , tries to admonish the kids, but since they cant figure out who the parents of the brats are, the kids have their own run of the place!!

Somehow, I can’t blame the kids much. They learn from example. Like the lady¬†who insisted on shoving her trolley at people’s posterior, since she was in a hurry. No ‘excuse-me’, no sorry. After all, shoving people¬†around is her birthright. And oh, lest we blame women, let me clarify that men are no better. Specially the men who think they have the sole authority over the billing counter. So they stand guard while their brats and wife run around the store, bringing one item at a time to get billed. Obviously, the clerk at the counter is none to happy about it. But on Sundays, they generally don’t¬†bother arguing with such pests. It’s not worth the trouble. And people like us (the list-bearing and shopping-sans-kids types) have to bear the brunt!!

Okay, so that was a rant. Now that I’ve vented some steam, I feel better ūüôā

Thanks for lending me an ear ūüôā (or an eye ūüėČ )


RS is in a new phase these days. She loves clicking snaps. Sometime, with an imaginary camera ūüėź

So don’t be surprised if you meet her next and she goes, “potuuuuu….smiiiiiiile”. She not only gives a BIG smile herself, she also bends down at the waist to get a better angle. And this, coming from a midget like her!!

Her regular ‘camera’ is her toy cell-phone. But when that’s¬†not at hand, she simply brings her thumbs and forefingers together and goes, “smiiiile”.

Cute. Very cute ūüôā


SS :  (from the bedroom) Mamma.

Me : (from the kitchen) Haan betu??


Me : Bolo!!

SS : Aaavo.

Me : Kahan??

SS : Maamma aataa??

Me : Yeah, coming.

SS : Mamma…..Lui (RS) shee shee (big job).

Me : OHH!! And I wonder why RS couldn’t have called out herself!!

SS :  (going upto RS and patting her head) Lui shee shee !

He’s quite his sister’s keeper, my boy.


We had a lunch party at work a few weeks back. Since the regular employees of the company have to account for every second (unlike the contract employees like us ūüėČ ) , we decided to order lunch to office instead of going out. My manager sent me a mail for arranging the lunch at 10:15 AM. The official mail for the lunch said 12pm. So I had enough time on my hands to go to the eatery and place my order. The boss had also asked me to buy farewell cards for the three people for whom we were having this lunch party.

So me and another friend from work rushed to the eatery and placed our order. We had to make the payment there itself so I used my card. Surprisingly, the card got rejected. Then I called another friend at work to come with his card. He arrived promptly enough. And his card got rejected too. Apparently, there was a problem with the card reader. So then I rushed to the nearest ATM to withdraw money. On the way back, I also bought the cards. The total expense from my side was 1580/- for the food and 120/- for the cards, which made a total of 1700/- (not a big amount).

The boss asked me to hand over the bills so that he could get them reimbursed, which I promptly did. And then I waited. I waited for more than three weeks after which I finally dropped him a mail as a gentle reminder. He replied back that the actual¬†reimbursement would be coming later that week, but if I ‘wanted’, he could pay me earlier. I was rather bothered by the tone of this mail and so¬† didn’t bother to reply.

Two days back, he came to my desk and handed over 1500/- saying that the accounts team will not be reimbursing the amount spent for cards. He said I could collect the money for the cards from my colleagues who had attended the lunch.

I didn’t bother.¬†Because I was livid. And realized that qualification alone doesn’t make a good manager. People-management is also required.

Firstly, he paid me less for the lunch than what I’d spent.

Secondly, as he was¬†the manager, he could have absorbed the expense for the cards and returned me the entire amount. He didn’t.

Thirdly, as a parting shot, he said that he’ll be pursuing the accounts team more diligently now, as it was now him at the receiving end!! So as long as its my money, he needn’t have bothered!!

I feel bad writing about him like this, because¬†till then I looked up to him somehow. He’s a gentle guy and prone to being over-ridden in most team discussions. But what he has in his favour¬† is his perseverance. He’s like that stream that can carve rocks, not by force, but just by its continuous¬†flow. He must have reached his current position on some merit and I’d like to give him the benefit of doubt.

Except in this case. Where he was totally petty.

Lesson learnt : The day I reach his post, I’ll be careful never to use up a single penny of my subordinates!!


The BF played a NASTY trick on me yesterday.

On Saturday night, we’d gone visiting his relatives. We returned late in the night.¬†On Sunday morning,¬†when the maid still hadn’t turned up, I reached into my purse for my phone. It wasn’t there.

A few words regarding¬†my phone. It’s a¬†brand new Nokia 2700 gifted by the BF because he thought that the older Nokia 3230 was ancient (and I think otherwise). I’m one of those people who gets very few calls. No surprises there, since I’m considered a threat on the phone. Once I get talking, its difficult for the other person to hang up!! So fearing extensive mobile bills, people steer clear of calling me. There was an episode when I’d forgotten the phone in my office locker over the weekend. When I rushed to get my phone the next Monday morning, there wasn’t one missed call on it. Get it?? NOT ONE DRATTED MISSED CALL!!!! Apparently, NO ONE missed me!! How sad is my life??

Anyhow, so I didn’t really miss my phone till Sunday morning when I was fishing for it in my purse. I couldn’t find it. I was sure that I’d misplaced it somewhere, or lost it somewhere on the way the previous night. But I distinctly remembered calling up a friend from work while I was seated in the car. So, the first place to look for it would be in the car itself.

When I first mentioned to the BF about the lost phone, he looked disappointed. “Can’t really keep a gift, can you”, he mourned. And then he gave me hell over the entire morning. about how I’ve been careless, and have always been, dragging instances from past, present and *gasp* future. All this while, I was making frantic calls to my phone, in the hope that a kind soul would answer it and return it to me!! Hah!!

No one answered the phone. But at one time I did get an engaged message. I fretted further. the BF was going out for some work and I asked him to look for my phone in the car. He did and called back at the BIL’s phone to tell me he couldn’t find it . My woes deepened. Worse was when I tried calling and the call didn’t get through. Memories of my first phone came crashing on me. It was a gift from dad after I got my first job. I lost it hardly a few months later. When I tried calling on it, the person who’d taken it had removed the SIM card and switched off the mobile.

The same was happening now.

By afternoon, I was in literal tears. The phone was a gift, a latest one at that, not even a month old. The BF didn’t let up his jibes and ¬†taunts. And once more, in front of the MIL, he asked, “You really can’t keep a gift, can you?”. That was it. I lost it completely and broke down sobbing saying that I never wanted a new phone in the first place and he never asked me if I ever wanted one and it wasn’t only me who’s lost stuff before, he had lost stuff too, even those gifted by me and blah, blah blah….Halfway through my rants and tears, I saw RS holding out my phone to me.


I should have stuck to my guns and insisted that the phone would have been in the car itself. My lack of confidence gave him the fodder to trouble me.

I’m not going to take this lying down. Friends, folks, blog-dosts, help me out. Help me devise¬†a method to take my badla¬†and cool down my bhadakta¬†hua¬†gussa!!


Thats all for today people.

Have a great week ahead ūüôā

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