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"You see my pout?? That's all I can do!! Can't I look pretty like RS too?"


"Don't worry Bro, your Sis is here. A little bit of Talcum, here and there. Soon you'll be fair, just like me, and if Mamma gets angry, so mote it be!!"

"You think she's angry" "I'm not so sure" , "How long do we stand here?" "Until she finds a cure". "For what? pray tell", "For being finicky, and angry as hell".

So my girl has taken a HUGE liking for the talcum powder. She LOVES dusting her hands with it and spreading it on every conceivable part of her body, the favourite being her knees!!  And not only herself, she loves dousing others with the talc too 😦 (SS being her willing assistant every time)

Yesterday, she rubbed some talc on the FIL’s cheek. The FIL didn’t pay much attention then. He had some urgent work and left after some time. When he returned, we were shocked to see the streak of white still sitting pretty on his cheek. The poor man was awfully abashed!! Apparently, he’d gone to meet some high-up people and now it was funny to wonder what they must have thought about the slash of white cutting across his face 😀  .Surprisingly, people were polite and no one pointed it out to him!! We had a good laugh over it 🙂

The snaps above were lying in the drafts for quite some time. They were taken two months back. RS was busy ‘donating’ some talc to SS and while doing so, she also dropped a lot of it on the floor. The GMIL had a near-slip and that’s what made me angry enough to punish the two. I made them stand in the balcony and threatened them to not come inside until I cleaned up the floor.

Like always, my punishments go waste 😦 . My kids are least afraid of me and nothing I do or say makes them mend their ways. Sigh.

PS : The pyjamas that SS is wearing are from his cousin M. Now where little M looked like a munchkin in that outfit, my boy looks like an escaped convict from Tihar 😦

PPS : We’ve hidden most of the talc bottles at home. But somehow, RS got her hands on this little Emami talc (I guess it came free with something!)

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